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    My e-mail tender 'Lycos' ( ) has come up with a nice idea of providing full-length movies to watch streaming online: 'Lycos Cinema'. The movies offered are of course not the blockbusting hits of the moment, but rather a bunch of less-known ones. This is a free service. Don't know if you have to have an e-mail account first, but if so, then that's arranged for within a couple of minutes <-- and you'll get a mailbox of 3 GB in size. Yes, boyz'n'girlz: that's 3 Gigs of space!. Now you can even swap your volleyball matches privately thru e-mail!!

    But I'm not doing any plugging for 'Lycos Cinema' without a reason, you know 8). I have found there one seriously cuckoo movie: 'Day of the Wacko' ('Dzien Swira'). It's a Polish movie. Unfortunately I've found there no English subs being available :( . But if you speak/understand/want-to-give-a-try Polish language, then I recommend you this totally mental flick about this even more flipped individual :lol:!
    You think of yourself that you are a weirdo? Well, then check out this fruitcake :D !!


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    ahahah :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    damn why do YOU always find such things?! :mrgreen:

    Well... As I am on a look-out for a (Russian?) girlfriend with very little inhibitions :wink:, my eyes were drawn automatically to that advert :D. And since those ads help to support your forum (<- hint, hint - other members :wink2:) I just had to click!!

    Man! Are those girls for real??? The section 'Bodacious Brunettes' alone is going to give me sleepless nights :roll:...


    From the European Champions League 2006-07:



    It doesn't happen very often, so if you want to see Scavolini getting spanked 3:0, then here's your chance!
    Great performance by Eczacibasi featuring Serbian girls Djerisilo and Citakovic and the Canadian Stacey Gordon.


    I wouldn't be so romantic about this if I were you ! I mean, of course, after spending some time in a certain country, one gets to terms with the language, but as far as the 'freshies' go... I'm not so sure. Still, I have absolutely no doubt all these girls are also talented linguistically, but ones like Sorokaite or Barun who (to my knowledge) never played in Italy before, will need some more time to be able to have an in-depth-conversation with you :wink2:.

    I give you here the story of one of my hero's: Jelena Nikolic, whom I consider a 'girl with balls' :aggress::

    "I went to play abroad when I was 17, which was a little crazy at the time. I was completely alone. I realized that when my dad, who drove me to Italy, showed me the flat and said good-bye. In the beginning it was a nightmare, especially because of the language bareer. I was nostalgic. On one hand it was good, because I matured and learned to take care of myself. On the other hand, my best years of friendship with girls from Belgrade, remained only a dream", tells Jelena sadly.

    Ingeniousness, perspicacity and determination, being her features on the court, helped her in her first years in Reggio Emilia, to find new friends:

    "I tried to find someone from Yugoslavia. I asked the people in kiosques whether someone else buys newspaper from my country. I left my phone number there and soon enough a woman called who became my second mother. I remember so well the Sunday lunches and all the fun we had in Reggio Emilia. That is what I missed the most", said sincerely Jelena Nikolic.



    Thanks for these, mazia!

    I liked the one with Kamila Fratczak the best. If it wasn't for the hair, she could pass for Mortitia Adams :D.
    But it's a big shame, though :?, the guys from 'Polska siatkowka' felt the need to spray their logo all over the pics :evil:... Gonna try to erase the one from Kamila in 'Photoshop' :).


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    I watched the video using Real Player and actually it stopped it the middle of the third set...... more or less in the 36min (of a total of 1h18m shown).
    When I opened it with a Media player classic it only read a total of 36min....

    I believe 36 min. is all the material there is in that video :wink2:. My ZoomPlayer also displays 1 h 18 min. of total running time, but stops at 36 min. Something wrong must have happened when the clip was compiled (probably from 2 parts). Part 2 wasn't added to the whole video, but the information about the running time of it was.


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    I contacted TV Canaria and it seems that the match is broadcasted on the terrestrial channel, they told me that for the satellite signal I should look at the international listing and there is rarely any volleyball broadcasted there.

    I think we gonna have to set-up an international network of women-volleyball maniacs and start our own satellite-channel :D!
    I volunteer to become that network's president. Yeah :good:


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    could you please explain me how does it work?, not familiar with these binaries, what i'm supposed to do to download them?

    At this moment I am giving on another forum a step-by-step explanation about downloading from binary groups. It starts there:…&postorder=asc&&start=540
    There's some talking going on between other users too, so you'll have to scroll thru it for the following steps :wink2:.


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    K, I think you are confusing... The match on newsgroup you're talking about is 1996_Atlanta_Olympic_Games_-_Cuba_x_Brazil_3rd_set, isn't it?

    Well, the thread's title is: "Brazil - Russia World Championship 1998", but at some point the guys are talking about:


    For me, the best brazilian team ever was the one at the 96 Olympics...//, what a team!
    Brazil-Cuba at the semis is one of the most tense matches I ever watched, and I'll never forget such a dramatic turn around for Cuba, including the fight at the end of the match.... I mean , this game became a classic No. one to me.
    Does anybody have this game?

    And that's the game in the group, right?


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    Thanks kaszanka,
    i'll enjoy this game! i'm a big fan of the serbian team and Anja Spasojevic :wink2:

    I'm sure you will enjoy this game! And a great one it was! At the time it was played, the girls didn't know it yet... It would take another 2 weeks before they'd realize they are going for a medal!
    I like Anja the best too! Besides being a great player, she's a major 'fun-article' :wink2: :D.

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    hvala lepo za ova partija , that's what a serb would answer haha
    thank you very much for that game ;)

    I hope it's all the good stuff that Serb is answering :D!
    Yeah, Serbia was pure magic during that World Championships. Everything was just right. Look at these girls' faces: they are soooooo cool and undisturbed. Except maybe for the setter Maya Ognojevic, who from time to time can really look troublesome :wink2: :D.


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    today they showed Tecnomec Forlì vs Lines Ecocapitanata Altamura.... not a super class match, considering that perugia played against pesaro....

    Hmmm... I'm actually glad they did! And I wished they would do that more often too. Otherwise the only thing we'd get to see would be the first six teams playing against each other every time. Boring!! I'd even like to see some games from the A2 lega. There's so much more to Italian volley than just the top teams!
    And by the way, Forlì vs. Altamura was a very nice one :lol:! At a point the tension and emotions became too much to Voronina, as they came back from trailing 2:0, to 2:2 in sets (see Aldrich clowning around to cheer her up :D):