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    luiza ungerer was in calais since last year, so i dont understand your post. why did you say that you was affraid that she wouldn't play anymore?
    about your opinion of french league, i'm agree that the league improve (and not only because of the spanish players, elchicha). unfortunely we all know the future champion : Cannes! nobody can beat them in france, and thats a problem for the fans and medias. But soem other teams improve and do great job this summer to signed with good players. Béziers will be very consistant in every position and i think they will reach the final. Mulhouse look a little bit more weaker than in the past years, but still a balanced team, and they will be hunt by some clubs with good rosters : Hainaut (very international and experimented), Venelles (with a gang of good brasilian players), maybe Evreux or Cannet .
    So everybody here wish to see a good season, with big fights in between any teams even if it will be hard for Albi to stay in the league (will they do disaster season without victory as Nancy last year), and some stressfull season for Istres (without budget if we compare with last years)or Paris.
    Unfortunely for you, still no broadcasting for womens volleyball in france, so hard for you to see the games and made your own opinion. maybe daylimotion or bwin will broadcast the first journey, but nothing certain. hope so !

    I'm sorry, I didn't know that. I didn't follow the french league last year.

    Venelles will have many brazilian players...they signed with
    Ana Maria Gosling - Setter
    Luana de Paula - MB
    Clarisse Peixoto - OH
    Milca Lubieska da Silva - OH

    also the american MB Sarah Schermerhorn

    I'm also glad to see Luíza in Calais. I think she's a very good libero, and still young, can develop so much. I was afraid she wouldn't be playing anymore.

    Ingrid is the 4th OH in that list. By the way, last season she played as an opposite, but she was always working at the receive. About the setters, the coach Talmo was worried about Carol Albuquerque's shape, and then they prefer to keep Marcelinha. 6 MB is not necessary. I was surprised when they announced Fabiana, Marina, Nati, Fran and Bia, really surpised.

    Yes, about the Ingrid thing, I figured. I'm still a bit disappointed that Suelle signed with Sesi cause I wanted her to be a starter, even if it was in a smaller budget team. This year is in important, cause the possible new faces in the roster of the NT's will be based on how well they do in the clubs season.
    It's true that Sesi signed some players that can play in different positions, like Ingrid that you mentioned, as well as Tandara (OP/OH) and Roberta (OP/MB). I think I'd prefer a starter team with Sassá and Suelle as OH's and Tandara as OPP. I'm sure Lili can still do it, but I really don't like Tandara's reception and I think this could give more roster options for Sesi. They could rely more on their endless MB's, for instance. Don't think it'll happen but I reckon with this formation even Bia could be a starter, cause she's got such potential.
    The 6 MB's thing is bizarre, though. I was sure Natália would leave the team after last season and, also, it's such a waste having good young promising MB's like Francynne and Bia with no chance of playing. Also Juliana Paes as 3rd libero, seems also, such a waste. :| Sesi didn't need to sign so many players. I hope they can lend at least a couple of MB's.

    how about Zè he leaving or staying? ?(

    At this point, it's still unknown. All he said is that he'll talk with the president of the Confederation in a month time.
    There's people in Brazil that already sugested a trade between Bernardo and Zé Roberto, with Bernardo coming back to the female NT and Zé Roberto moving to the male one, since they both had successful times the other way around. I think Bernardo would be on board, cause time and again he states he'd like to leave the male NT to let Bruno work without the burden of people saying he's only there cause he's his son. But I don't think Zé Roberto would do it. Also he stated a couple of times he doesn't want to leave female volleyball.

    @ muse, who asked before, or anyone else interested

    So, I've read, after the match, that Rodrigão is considering moving to beach volleyball. :roll: I don't even want comment.

    You can find the answer some posts ago. Some users thought he was, but that's not his intention. He stated a couple of times he wants to play the 2016 Olympics. I just stressed that wether this will happen or not, it shall depend on his physical conditions, cause we've seen him suffering with injuries a lot. But I think it's safe to say we'll still see him playing in the NT.

    It'll be more ridiculous if it goes to Muserskiy. One match as opposite wins an MVP? :white:
    I suppose it should go to Mikhaylov, anyway he has already got the best scorer and spiker though.
    In my personal opinion, Mikhaylov had been stolen two MVPs, of the Eruo champions league and the Olympics.

    I hardly think it'd be ridiculous. The guy destroyed the most important match of the competition. You can argue consistency, regularity, but not relevance. I wouldn't be mad if Mikhaylov had won the MVP, but in the most important match of the competition, he was totally overshadowed.

    Youngster must come at once, Rezende or new coach can't wait with taking them to the national team. In my opinion they could do it even earlier. It will be really tough to build a team, which will be as strong as Brazil in last few years. I hope also, that Eder will come back, I think he should be in the national team instead of Rodrigao, who is completely unnecessary(hey, are there any rumors about where he's going to play next season?), or even any other middle blocker.
    Rezende had his favourite roster and he didn't change it, sometimes I was very angry because of that. I would like to see Lorena, Arjona, it's not too late for them.
    From young players I believe especially in Renan, Lucarelli(yeah, even, that his performance in the World League wasn't perfect) and Mauricio.
    We can't forget about Wallace Martins and Theo, absence of first was like a mistery for me, I guess he was injured...?

    And I hope again I will be able to watch Murilo as long as it's possible. He should be a captain of Brazil :obey:

    I was thinking about Éder, then I went checking and I got astonished: the guy's nearly 30 years old. He's actually turning 29 in october. I definitely prefered him over Rodrigão (I never really liked Rodrigão, I never really saw him being that good to be a NT player so I'm more than ready to say goodbye), but I'm not sure if he'll make to 2016. Éder is a good, consistent MB, but not amazing and I think the younger MB's can surpass him faster.
    I love William Arjona, he could've definitely helped the team this year. But I'm thinking he won't be called. :( The setters are probably gonna be Bruno and either Raphael or some other younger setter. I wanted Lorena to have been called in 2010. Now I think it might be a little late for him. We struggled with OPP's, yeah. Ever since André Nascimento, we couldn't keep one. I think Wallace can be our guy, he's full of potential. He played a great match against Russia in the final, and he's capable of much more. Wallace Martins wasn't injured, it was a technical choice by the staff. IMO, a right choice. I never really liked him that much. I think we have to develop new, younger OPP's. I'd very much like to have Renan in the roster, he's a beast. I think this is his time. (I keep reminding him, cause he started as MB and made the transition to OPP... :whistling: ).
    Haven't heard a thing about where Rodrigão will play next season. That's quite symptomatic, I think. He's definitely not gonna play in a top brazilian team. In Brazil I guess his chances left are either Florianópolis (former Cimed) or Vôlei Futuro, both teams having losing sponsors and probably not gonna be contenders this next season. I'm not sure, I think he'll move abroad.

    Maybe Logan can use the disappointment of this loss to take a sweet revenge against Sheila, Thaísa, Jaque and Garay on the next club season, in Brazil. I wouldn't mind that. :whistling:

    About the match, I think there's some interesting observations to make. After it, in the interviews, Zé said Brazil had a couple of surprises under their sleeves. Like, for instance, the whole serving on Davis. We had played USA a lot these last couple of years. He said we figured serving Davis could be a good move, but we didn't try to use it as much in the first match, on group rounds. Obviously, that can be quite tricky, cause after it we got tangled in our own bad playing, and we risked not even having the chance to face Russia in quarterfinals. But I think it's smart to have a couple of hidden tricks. Alekno showed that today, in the men's final, with his using Muserskyi as OPP and Mikhaylov as OH. That's also what I think it happened with our distribution. USA was ready to neutralize our biggest weapons, and we saw how much Sheila, Garay and Thaísa struggled to score in the 1st set. Jaque, on the other hand, who wasn't usually one of our biggest scorers, was able to take advantage of that as well, and kept maintaning the team ahead in the 2nd set, while Sheila and Garay were building confidence. That was definitely a key element. But we didn't expect Hooker to struggle so much with Brazil's defense. Jaque and Fabi were able to dig a lot. And also Hugh got stubborn, with his insistency on Hodge. She didn't add anything to the team and Davis was already very poor in reception. If it was another receiver, it might've worked, but the team needed Larson very much on court. Bad call, but it can happen to greatest.

    About the whole dream teams thing, I think people can think whatever they want, that's very subjective. But in my eyes, Cuba's 90's is the definite volleyball dream team ever. No one can touch it. There's been other great teams, but they're in a league on their own. I also think what makes their results even more impressive is their ability to beat Brazil's 90's, who were such a strong opponent. IMO, Brazil's team in 96 tops both the team from 08 and the team from 12. I'm not judging results, but playing technique. I recently rewatched the semifinal between Cuba and Brazil from 96 and that's just as good as it gets. :) But that's my opinion only, people can disagree about it. However, it'd be cool if Brazil was able to even things with the great cuban team, winning at home the golden olympic medal in 4 years. Let's see what happens, I believe we can do it.

    As to whether who's leaving, who's staying.. Giba and Sérgio are definitely leaving, they already stated that. Ricardo and Rodrigão didn't state anything, but they're probably leaving as well.

    That leaves us two of the more experienced guys, Murilo and Dante. They both want to make it to 2016. I think they can do it, but, in Dante's case, I think it's gonna depend on his physical conditions. He has expressed the desire to make it, already.

    Vissoto, I think it'll depend on his own technical consistency.

    And we'll remain with the youngsters, probably: Bruno, Sidão, Lucão, Wallace and Thiago.

    Bernado is still up in the air. He said he already decided that after next season he's gonna either leave the NT or his club in Brazil. I hope he doesn't leave the NT. But I also didn't wanna see him leaving Unilever. ;(

    So, yeap, it is definitely the end of an era. I feel a bit sad about it, but I'm not as pessimistic as Yavor were on one of his posts. It's true we haven't been as successful on our youth categories, like in the past, but I definitely see some good talents coming up to feed our NT. We have a good basis already, with Bruno, Wallace, the MB's and the OH's. It's a good balance between youth and experience, and there's also room for improvement. We definitely gonna struggle with our liberos, cause simply no one can replace Sérgio. I'd like a chance for Thiago Brendle. There's also Otávio, Tiago Barth, Isac (MB's), Renan (OPP), Lucarelli, Maurício (OH's), young guys who I think we can invest and can give us good results. We're probably not gonna be as successful as we were specially from 2001 to 2007, but that's way too hard. And though it was cool for us, it was pretty boring for everyone else. However, I definitely believe we're still gonna be among the very best, and gonna come back strong to try to win again this gold at home, in 4 years. I believe we can do it.

    I hope this is a sweet consolation for our russian friends who felt so sad about the girl's participation on the olympic tournament.

    I know I bet all along that our guys would grab the gold, instead of our girls. This was an interesting olympic tournament, lots of surprises.

    The finals were similar in a way, I think. Yesterday, USA crushed Brazil in the 1st set, and Brazil was kinda doing the same today, in the first two sets, against Russia. The other team came from behind, moving pieces in the chessboard and became just too strong for their opponent.

    Congratulations, мать Россия!

    I have to say that, yes, Alekno's move was genious. However, to me, the greatest strong point for Russia was their mental strenght. Physically, they're superior, cause our guys are not only shorter, but also aged, so having 2 injured guys at the final was tough. Tactically, they were superior too, cause this move with Muserskyi totally caught us by surprise. But the one edge Brazil still had over Russia was the mental one. Cause we're usually a very tough opponent for Russia, and they would always suffer when facing us in important matches. That's something they were able to cope with today. So, this was a very deserved win for these guys.

    I really don't think we have chance against Russia if we come back with Giba. Not having both Vissoto and Dante is too much of a setback for us.

    Brazilian narrator said, though, Dante is warming up to play the 5th. Let's see.