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    Brazil already have Camila Brait as libero why call Fabi? Brazilian NT doesn't need her anymore. With Sheilla back Tandara won't be in the starting six this year. Unless of course Ze puts Sheilla on the bench the entire game / competition which i highly doubt. We all know Ze Roberto. He is going to stick with the old lneup and make use of the old players even on not so important competitions instead of giving the younger ones experience and handle the pressure of winning games all by themselves without the presence of the veterans, this i think would be beneficial for the young players' mindset in playing for future international competitions. just look at the Cuban team of the early 2000's, after the so called Dream Team players of the 90's retired, they make use of younger players which in turn didn't give them good results for the first three years but come 2004, they made a huge comback and won the bronze medal in the Athens Olympics. Even defeating veteran led teams like Russia and Brazil. Only if those players did not leave Cuba, they would have been i believe the biggest threat for Brazil in London 2012.

    If Mari and Paula did not suffer from injuries, i believe they would still be in the starting six and the younger Fe Garay won't even be given full time on court. Get my point? I kinda agree with the others here and i don't understand Ze Roberto's way of thinking...Using one of your top players (Fe Garay) in not so important competitions like Montreux and Alassio Cup is very risky. What if she gets injured? Considering that you are just up against an experimental / reserve players of other countries, why worry about losing the competition? In 2010, he lost Mari and Paula prior to the World Championship and up to now he still haven't learned his lesson. Well then again, this is just my opinion.

    According to this article Calderon could get russian citizienship in November -

    If i were Rosir Calderon, i would not play for the National Team of Russia. She should adopt the same mentality as Mirka Francia when she declined to play for Italy. Another reason was that her father was a former coach of the Cuban NT. I would not mind if Russia gets players from countries like Ukraine, Belarus, etc. beacuse those countries were former parts of the USSR. It would be a sore in the eyes for me to see a traditional powerhouse country like Russia having naturalized players outside the Soviets on their team. I mean its not their tradition. Karpol for so many years was able to develop players like Estes, Godina, Sokolova, Tischenko, Gamova, Batutina, Menchova, Belikova, Potachova, etc. without having the need for this naturalization B*. This would also mean that one of the younger Russian OHs of this generation would have to give up their starting positions for her. But then again, this would still be up to Rosir Calderon if she wants to play for the Russian NT or just continue playing volleyball on a club level.

    I wonder why Ze Roberto is not using Tandara in this tournament. This is the perfect time for her to show what she can do as the main opposite hitter while Sheilla is not around. If Ze wants to try new players, he should put Fernanda Garay on the bench and not overuse her for this tournament. I also noticed that he brought in some veterans like Adenizia and Fabiola, i mean really? he could have called the setter of the Junior NT instead. For the World Grand Prix, the only players that i wanted to see coming back are Thaisa, Fabiana, and Natalia. No Sheilla, Jaque, and Fabi this year for me simply because in my opinion they are not needed. Not unless Brazil also consider these minor tournaments as important tournaments. But it seems to be like that. Fabi is too old and should already pave the way for Camila Brait. Jaque too can be replaced by a lot of young but good OHs who only needed exposure and experience in international competitions. Sheilla though, i have to admit, is still important and can be called back to help Brazil in their 2014 WCH campaign. That is, if she can maintain her level even if she decided to start a family. I am not against them playing but these old players won't be around to play for Brazil forever (Brazil Men's NT e.g. Dante, Giba, etc.). They should give the starting positions to younger players slowly so that when the time comes when these players cannot play at their best they already have decent replacements who can play at the same level.

    Had they won the 2006 and 2010 World Championship, I believe Sheilla and Jacqueline would retire from NT for good. I mean its the only major title that Brazil and these good players still don't have. Fabiana would surely return and play for the next Olympic cycle with or without a WC title since she is not that old enough to retire. Its high time for Brazil to let the younger generation to take over. Never mind the results of the WGP, Grand Champions Cup, etc. what's more important is to develop these young talents for experience and focus on winning the 2014 WC and 2016 RIO OYMPICS. Please no more Paula and Fabi, let CAMILA BRAIT play as the main libero. Fernandinha and Fabiola are also not that young and should not be called anymore, they should probably call a young setter as substitute for Dani Lins (I DUNNO, BUT THE SETTER OF THE JUNIOR NT PERHAPS?) in order for her to also gain more experience as a setter at an early stage (like Fernanda Venturni and Fofao). But knowing Ze Roberto, the possibility of Fernandinha returning is a big possibility...

    Bases on the London 2012 selection, i believe the following will be the starting players for Brazil in the years to come:

    Setter: DANI LINS
    Libero: CAMILA BRAIT

    After this Olympics, Brazil should start to train and develop younger players to play for the national team. They could not rely on their veterans forever. This early they should already find a young setter/s who could be a decent substitute for Dani Lins or else they will be having the same problems after Fofao's retirement. I also want Jacqueline, Paula, Sheilla and Fabi out mainly because of their age. Although Sheilla can be called back to play in major competitions (2014 WCH?), it is important that they also find a young opposite hitter who can step up and replace her when she retires. There is no need for Brazil to exhaust all their main players in minor competitions. Honestly, they should have learned their lesson long ago when they lost two of their star players (Mari and Paula) prior to the 2010 World Championship. Let the younger ones take over until the time comes when there will be no longer a need for the veterans/old players to become starters. They just have to take the risk similar to what China and Cuba did after the 2000 Sydney Olympics. For a country with so much volleyball talent, in no time i believe Brazil will deliver.

    Stupid new rule by the FIVB. just plain stupid. why are set wins / points are considered first than the Win-Loss card? I find no logic in here at all. what's the purpose of winning a game if they're gonna look first on how many sets or how many points you earned? Win-Loss card should be given priority first and if in case there is a tie, then set points ratio will be the basis.I think this new rule would highly favor teams who can easily win against weak opponents but has the capability to extend the match into five sets against very strong opponents (JAPAN?).

    Pool A


    Algeria - Japan 0 - 3
    Great Britain - Russia 0 - 3
    Italy - Dominican Republic 3 - 0


    Dominican Republic - Russia 0 - 3
    Italy - Japan 3-1
    Great Britain - Algeria 3 - 0


    Dominican Republic - Japan 0 - 3
    Algeria - Russia 0 - 3
    Great Britain - Italy 0 - 3


    Japan - Russia 0-3
    Great Britain - Dominican Republic 0 - 3
    Algeria - Italy 0 - 3


    Algeria - Dominican Republic 0 - 3
    Great Britain - Japan 0 - 3
    Italy - Russia 2 - 3

    Pool B


    China - Serbia 3 - 0
    United States - South Korea 3 - 0
    Brazil - Turkey 3-0


    China - Turkey 3-2
    Serbia - South Korea 3-1
    United States - Brazil 1-3


    Serbia - Turkey 0 - 3
    United States - China 3 - 0
    Brazil - South Korea 3 - 0


    Brazil - China 3 - 1
    Turkey - South Korea 3 - 2
    United States - Serbia 3 - 0


    China - South Korea 3 - 0
    United States - Turkey 3 - 0
    Brazil - Serbia 3 - 0

    IMO, Fernandinha should be the starting setter for Brazil. She indeed has a lot of potential but then again, she is no longer that young and i do not know if she wants to play until 2016. Too bad she was called to the Brazilian NT only now. I wonder, did Brazil ever consider calling her to the national team as early as 2002 or 2005? Same with Fabiola and Dani Lins, i believe if both of them have played with the national team in minor and major competitions (WC and Olympics) at a very young age, their skills i believe would have been a lot better right now. Fernanda Venturini and Fofao played with the national team in major tournaments at a very young age right? why they cannot do it with the current generation of Brazilian players? especially the setters. This has been the problem with Brazil, too much reliance with age, playing years and experience rather than developing and grooming the younger ones to take over the positions formerly filled by the veterans. I believe Italy and Russia will also be having the same problems when players like Piccinini, Del Core, Gioli and Gamova retire.

    There is no doubt that Jacqueline is a very good player. However, i still think that she will not be that effective if ever Brazil went up against RUSSIA. I would prefer Sassa over her if that happens. I remember in 2010, i have lost count on how many times the Russians blocked her, and if only Mari played back then, i believe Brazil could have easily beaten Russia.

    Another problem with Brazil is their setters. After 2008, their style of play have become slower and a bit predictable, especially their middle attacks (i remember in Beijing, they were really fast and precise, thanks to Fofao). I think this setter problem with Brazil was caused by their too much reliance on the experience of Fernanda Venturni and Fofao, that's why they did not develop that much over the years. I do not consider the age of Fabiola and Dani Lins that young (If i am not mistaken, Fabiola is the same age as Sheilla). IMHO, they should have been called to the National team as early as 2003 and train with the veterans at a very young age. In 2004, i am really wondering why Ze Roberto preferred aging players like Arlene and Bia over young players like Fabi and Sheilla. Almost half of the Brazilian players back then were over their 30's. A great player like Sheilla should have played for two Olympics already considering her age.

    Nevertheless, i still think that Brazil will always be a top contender in the Olympics. If they can bring back Mari and Paula on their top forms, it would be very hard to defeat them. I wish them back-to-back Olympic titles to make up for the two World Championship titles (2006 & 2010) which they could have won.

    IMO, Cuba really doesn't need to bring back old players like Yumilka Ruiz and Zoila Barros in the team. If they want to bring some experience, they should bring back the other veterans like Rosir Calderon, Daimi Ramirez, Nancy Carillo, and Yaima Ortiz.

    Best Opposites

    Taismary Aguero - "Cuba" - she can play any position from setter to OH to opposite

    Sheilla Castro - Brazil - can spike anywhere on court.

    Ekaterina Gamova - Russia - it is really impossible to stop her from scoring

    Suhong Zhou - China - the middle blocker opposite, love her running spikes. how i miss her combination plays with Liu Yanan.

    Elisa Togut - Italy

    Manon Flier - Netherlands

    Best OHs from the 90's up to present:

    Mireya Luis - Cuba

    Regla Bell - Cuba

    Yumilka Ruiz - Cuba

    Rosir Calderon - Cuba

    Evgenia Estes - Russia

    Lioubov Sokolova - Russia

    Elena Godina - Russia

    Ekaterina Gamova - Russia

    Tatiana Kosheleva - Russia

    Ana Moser - Brazil

    Virna Dias - Brazil

    Marcia Cunha Fu - Brazil (sometimes OH)

    Mari Steinbrecher - Brazil

    Paula Pequeno - Brazil

    Sheilla Castro - brazil (sometimes OH)

    Sun Yue - China

    Hao Yang - China

    Yimei Wang - China

    Logan Tom - USA

    Francesca Piccinini - Italy

    Barbara Jelic Ruzic - Croatia

    Angelina Grun - Germany

    Brazil has two main weaknesses:


    2) RUSSIA

    ugh i can't stand it anymore, three very important competitions and they lose to the same opponent in similar fashion. Come London 2012, they need to work with a psychologist again to overcome their weaknesses. The presence of Mari could have made a big difference during the match, coz she can rally hit the ball hard against the big Russian block. just how many times did the Russians block Jacqueline? and oh my, during the 4th set, they simply stopped fighting and gave too many points to Russia. 21-10? that's very unusual especially if you are playing against a strong team like Brazil. As expected, Sassa is Ze Roberto's main otion to substitute Jacqueline. I also noticed that Fabiana Claudino's game was so off during the final, she only started scoring during the third set, or was it because Fabiola didn't utilize her a lot? Anyway, congratulations to the Russian team...but I do hope that Brazil will win the 2012 London Olympics, in order to make up for this yet another disappointing loss.

    Brazilians are indeed the underdogs this time but I'm still crossing my fingers that they will win against Russia tomorrow (i hope they don't again become so NERVOUS this time), good thing Fabiola utilized her middle blockers a lot against Japan, coz she will be needing more of that against the big tall Russians...Good luck Brazil!!!

    Brazil is a strong team, in terms of talent, they really are the favorites to win the title. Im not worried about their match against the US, because I know they are capable of beating them in 3 to 4 sets though its not going to be that easy since the Americans are also playing very well in this competition. I am more worried when Brazil meets Russia either in the semis or in the finals (OH PLEASE, I DO NOT WANT A REPEAT OF THE 2006 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS, WHEREIN BRAZIL COULD'VE WON), because I think that would be the time where they would really feel the absence of Mari and Paula, Sheilla and Natalia can go head to head with Gamova-Sokolova-Kosheleva in terms of offense, but how about Jacqueline? well she's a good and experienced player but sometimes she's having problems with tall blockers. In case that happens, who will be Ze Roberto's option to substitute Jacqueline? Sassa? Fernanda Garay? I do hope also that Fabiola play at her full potential and use her middle blockers often to penetrate the big Russian block...Again, i am not downing Brazil's chances against Russia, just wishin' them the best of luck in this competition. :D Hopefully, they could bag their first ever World Championship title. :D

    i still can't believe that Brazil lost to Italy that way...( w/o Lo Bianco, Gioli and Cardullo? wtf!) to think that most of their players are part of the 2008 Olympic Champions! even up to now setting is the main problem of Brazil, and what happened to their reception? Brazil used to be one of the best receiving teams in the world...if they continue to play like this i just wonder how they would fare against Italy and Russia (now that Sokolova is back, i believe they will once again surprise us all) in this coming World Championship.