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    Yeah all the eyes were on Pietrini, Lubian and Enweonwu (the black girl you meant, OPP.. Egonu's cousin). Fahr is really really young, I think it is too early to judge her..

    Italy is playing with a very young team, anyone knows who the new blonde MB is and where she is playing?

    She is Sarah Luisa Fahr, she plays in Club Italia. She won the U18 WC last year with Pietrini, Lubian ecc. She is 17 if I'm not mistaken.

    I agree with you about Maruotti: this year he is playing a concrete game, doing his part without mistakes (which is not being the top scorer). He finally deserves to make the cut after so many years he didn't make it at the end.

    Too many mistakes for Turkey, that costed the match. I liked Bongaerts (I think it was her) as second setter. Belien played well in the second part of the match, while SLoetjes has been great in attack most of the times.. she is playing good this summer. I wasn't missing Ozbay's wild screams !

    Italy won 25-20 and ended the match 3-1. I'm quite happy for the match, there are nearly two months before WCH so I think it is too early to see a perfect game. Judging by this match, I can say they are on the right track :super:

    Both Russian setters already scored a point with a dig going straight back over :rolll:

    But poor Startseva did it with her face and has to leave the court :|

    Yeah that should have hurt!

    Russia justn stopped playing , they were up 19-14 but lost 25-22

    I found the live stream of Russia-Italy on a facebook page called VoleybalNL.

    Italy won the first 25-17, Russia had difficulties in reception. They started with Startseva-Goncharova, Voronkova-Krotkova, Efimova-Zaryazkho.

    Italy with Malinov (who didn't do her usual jump serve)- Egonu, Sylla-Bosetti Danesi-Chirichella and De Gennaro. I hope to see the MBs more envolved in the game.

    Thank you YavorD for the clarifications.. now it endeed has more sense at my eyes!!

    I'm so surprised by the new young norwegian couple, Mol-Sorum. After taking the european crown, they also won in Vienna. Chapeau :obey:

    Sorry, maybe it is a stupid question and I have to update my knowledge..:gone:

    But why during the pool stage the four teams do not match all against each other? They face only two team, did thet change rules?

    Now they are back together and they won the two stars tournament in Agadir! I thought too that Marta was a great prospect, but these last two years have been basically wasted. She was with Perry last year, but it didn't work, nor with Giombini in this first part of the seaso. I hope they can come back, it would be important also for the whole sport in Italy.