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    I remember also the previous Conegliano (Spes, not Imoco) was doing it in the late 2000 with Brakocevic and Pavan. Trento also played with that formation this season while they had two injured MB, it's very interesting to see

    I wanted to write that too, but I felt quite old (and kinda nerd) to remember that.. But since you brought it up.. Yes Spes was playing with that line-up, Valentina Serena was the setter and Manzano the only MB on court. Their main task was to block when they were at the net. Marcon and Rossetto controlled the entire reception duties :super:

    Umu11 Juantorena has been injured for quite a while. He is doing rehab in Italy right now and should b be back soon. They were talking by the end of January as there was Coppa Italia, but it has been postponed so maybe they won't rush him.

    4 of 6 games of this round were postponed, we'll have just Maringa vs Brasilia tonight tomorrow night.. only Curitiba vs Barueri was rescheduled just yet (01/14).. the rest, who knows? Our league is as much organized as we're prepared to deal with this virus... I mean, it's 2019 all over again

    I agree with you. The same here in Italy: in the male Superlega there is just one match per day, the others are all postpones. And every time I am here waiting for some new covid cases among the teams that played.

    In the female championship, well.. You saw what happened woth Coppa Otalia: it was supposed to be a final four, but Chieri had to withdraw for posotove cases.

    Not to mention A2 and Pinerolo..

    I'm so tired of this situation and bad organization ;(

    Sorry for the OT

    My impression about last night is that after two great sets, Ebrar couldn't keep the level up. She did great, she was unstoppable but then nothing. So Hancock - btw she did great to me - started to rely on Bosetti more and more. They can't have pauses, not against Conegliano.

    Courtney was injured, she has problems with her elbow: you could see the big bandage she had on her arm. In the post match interview Santarelli said that she shoul have never been used, before starting her he asked her if she felt like it. Congrats to Megan, her stability, even if in not great condotions, helped to turn things around.

    Pinerolo had to play against Futura Busto Arsizio the quarter final for the Coppa Italia A2, but it was postponed due to coivd cases in the Busto team. Then, unfortunately also Pinerolo had covid cases, but the Lega Pallavolo decided not to pospone again the match, as the semifinals had to be played tonight. So Pinerolo lost its quarter final without even playing, Busto is in semifinal for the Lega's decision.

    Pinerolo players protested on the social media, as they were mocked by this situation.

    One way match. Kazan was superior in all elements, they basically didn't let Moscow play.

    On the other side the MBs were ghosts, so slow, clueless and not smart at all (I'm sorry for Vlasov's injury btw.. I hope it is nothing serious). If we add that Sokolov didn't play at his best, the result is more than expected.

    As far as I know they wanted to consider the actual standing for the QF, even though the first leg of the tournament isn't over yet. Now with all these cases and teams in quarantine, I don't really know what they are going to do.

    Seyma showed her class at the end of the 2nd set. I am really sick of seeing this girl:wall: I stoples watching. Good luck THY with Seyma on court

    I was thinking the same. She isn't a point machine in attack, but she is also a weak link in the back row.. Why is she still playing on this high level?