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    I was looking for some history, since at least 83/84 Italy has one representing team in top 4! :white: Quite impressive! 30 years almost!

    :super::super::super::super: anyway I think that Italian teams are getting weaker and weaker and we must really thank CEV if this year Villa is in final four...I believe that if they had had to play against Cannes or VGSTT or Rabita they wouldn't have made it!!

    I'm happy too for Piacenza!! It is the biggest surprise of this season...the girls managed to keep their good shape until the end of the season, it wasn't easy as they aren't so young! but they are great fighters and so experienced!!

    I'm sorry for Pesaro but it was hard to win against Villa...they showed a lot of improvements and if the team had been more careful on some details the match would have ended up differently tonight! let's see what this group will be able to do next year...

    and now semis! Villa-Bergamo (again...) and Busto-Piacenza

    Now the situation has turned up side down...Vila won the second set 25-17 andis leading 8-2 in the third...and now so many block for Villa!! :cheesy:

    also Piacenza-Modena are playing...1-1 in the sets and Piacenza leading 8-6

    Barbolini is a real voleyball expert i think.He makes a big diffrence for Italy NT.His team won World Cup with 3 short spikers (I think it's not a very easy job) so imo Italy NT will miss him but Italian coaches are generally good trainers apart from some exception (Chiappini :D)

    I completely agree with a matter of fact I hope they will find a new agreement and sincerely it's not a great problem if he trains a club during the season!!

    Elitsa Vasivela top scorer with 23 pts, 60% in attack, 91%/55% reception , no errors on reception and serve, MVP, so congratulations, Eli :obey:

    she read what we have written about her and she decided to play perfectly!!! joking!!!
    Go Eli and go Foppa!!!!!! :heart::super::super::super::super:

    I am sorry too then. About Vasileva, she is product of the infamous Bulgarian volleyball school known for the practical absence of ball control, which is not fatal for the men, who are very powerful, but in women's volleyball ball control is at least as important as power.

    no problems..!! :drink: I hope Vasileva decides to stay in Bergamo also in the future (I mean not only next season as she has a 2 year contract) in order to improve her weakest you said one is without a doubt the ball control..

    which competition? Challenger cup? if you look on that, don't ! no serious team takes that competition serious.

    ok thanks...I knew it wasn't so important but I didn't think that much :lol:

    It happens differently... He's a very solid point of reception in Resovia. Also on serve. What can I say... He's just solid. Not outstanding. Last time it seems that he's losing a place in a starting six with Bojic. But Kowal, I mean the coach of Resovia, is weird and I don't get his "tactic".

    thank you very much bella...I was wondering on how he was playing because sometimes I see that he plays and scores some points, some others he does not even play or he's not in the starting six!! thank you!! :drink::lol:

    I'm sorry for Urbino but on the same time I'm happy for Busto!! :)
    great game by Meijners :heart:
    just one question...without any polemics! Why the two Italian teams had to face in the semifinal (they could have both reached the final IMO) while in other competiotions the final will be between two teams of the same country?? I mean, are there any differences in the regulations of the different competiotions??

    summing up, it says Kasia will stay in Evergrande along with Costagrande. Kasia is happy with the circumstances and is sure she will have no more problems because she is used to and knows the city

    ok thank you very much...!! :obey::obey::rose::rose:
    but I wanted to see them back in Europe!!!:(