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    real was a long struggle between the two teams and what a pity for Bergamo! i'm so sorry for them... ;( ;( ;( anyway i think that villa deserved F4 much more than us...they're in better shape! now will see what they'll do in baku..

    anyway great game for guiggi and wilson...she did something like 10 blocks!!

    on yhe other side i liked Quaranta and Arrighetti...i love her!! :rose: she is great and so positively aggressive.. :super: :box: she never i think that bergamo must find more stability with the wings...Piccinini must be recuped definitely, Vasileva must return back in good shape as she was until a month ago and Di Iulio must be ready to enter and do well...GO FOPPAAAAAA!!!

    WEll, congratulations Villa. That all I can say.

    For my part, Im very proud of Foppa! They never give up! Yes, we dont have the best team, yes we miss a setter and a oppositte in international level! (I REALLY MISS LEO AND ORTOLANI!) Tecnicly we are not the best team even in ITaly.....but these girls have heart!!!!! And for that spirit Im really proud....they have values that go beyong the four lines! Im honor to support Foppa always! :heart: !

    I completely agree!!! thta's why i think that now they'll work even harder to be in the best shape for the play-off.!! :super:

    according to me it is right that Kazan is stronger and it's game is better than Azerrail's..
    great match by Elisangela in the regular sets but in the golden one, the most important they did really silly mistakes...!!
    bad reception for russian team instead but they managed to fix everything in the end..
    Rahimova played really badly... and poor Anza!!! ;(

    according to me it is better that the team has to win both the matches..otherwise today Kazan would have won the first set and the match was over...

    Don't worry XD

    Today Schweriner-Busto and Mulhouse-Urbino. I think the first semifinal will be Busto-Urbino :roll:

    to me it is a pity..they are both strong teams and they could achieve both the final victory!!
    anyway the match i'm waiting the most is Krasnodar-Costanta...

    I totally agree with you, of course Serena is not one of the best but at least she is able to give some quality and variety to Bergamo's play. Signorile is not reliable at all, she lacks of precision and especially of self-confidence. Finally Mazzanti realized that she must sit on the bench.

    On the other side of the court, I don't understand why Urbino's coach doesn't let Faucette play instead of Tirozzi or Blagojevic ?( Especially now that he cannot count on his biggest spiker Djerisilo, I think he should let Faucette play since her attacks are much more powerful than Blago and Tirozzi's ones.

    maybe he trusts a lot Blagojevic and Tirozzi for their reception and he prefers to play with them rather then to risk Faucette...anyway i agree with you, yesterdat i think that Tirozzi should have been changed...she wasn't positive at all in spiking! the absence of Djerisilo is getting always heavier and heavier...

    on the other side i really liked Quaranta but i think that Bergamo should still gain more order and stability...too much confusion sometimes! we'll see against Villa what they'll do! :super: :super:

    great performance today by Gunes! i'd never thought that the game would have been so short nor that Cannes would have played so badly...i was very impressed by the Cannes' game during last matches but todat VTT has been simply perfect!!

    glinka and ozge :cheesy: :obey: :cheesy: :obey:

    villa played a very good match...bergamo after the first set started to play always worse and worser especially with seren...blocks disappeared!! great game by Caterina Bosetti my personal MVP

    great game in Macerata!! right the opposite than on sunday... monopoli and kovar played really well and they managed to change the entire match...

    i want to see what will happen next week!! it will be again another great match!

    oh god, that was a time when i listend to her songs, its such a pity she was only succesful in europe and not in the states, which maybe shows that europeans have musical taste :D anyway..... As far as I know she had breast cancer and cured it, maybe shes silent because she works for a new album ?

    let's hope... :lol:

    we'll be waiting...her voice is so great and powerful!

    To me Macerata had a lot of faults...they managed to put pression over Trento, especially over Kaziyski , until 18-13 in the third set. Then they just turned off the light and played no more basically...they let Juantorena, stokr and Kaziyski start to play better...and it was over!! Travica set very horrible balls in the tie break, but Idon't think it's his fault if the lost...they had to close the match 3-0, continuing to play as they started..

    Juantorena got the MVP and he deserved it all!!!! thanks to his spikes and his serves Trento started to play better...his pipes are amazing!! :cheesy: :cheesy:

    i didn't like Savani so much, Parodi played quite well but in the third set he had a big black out!! i liked Exiga...and also Stokr that is improving every time!!