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    Thompson is dealing with a shoulder injury. She has been for a while by now...

    She shouldn't play at all IMHO. It could get worse.

    Aliyeva is awful at passing, it doesn't take too much time to notice (so some wife from Azerbaijan could be a bad pick in other players' opinion), but when she's in decent shape, she can add some offensive fire.

    Velez is the only libero who never played in NCAA. I think she could be always a last pick, just because the others have no idea how good she is when she reaches her top shape.

    Bethania completely messed the things up when she picked Nwanebu. As expected the others went for strong outside hitters and setter. She could pick Nwanebu in the second round.

    Rosanda just made my day. :lol:

    I see Pickrell and Holman.

    Who is leaving the league? :white:

    Valerie Nichol is out with a injury. Dixon isn't there anymore. What will happen if those 2 come back?

    And why they just activate Holman, when last week they were missing a middle?

    is O'Reilly her maiden name? Or is King? lol

    yea... she's like second or third in the league in digs/set so she's getting a ton of points there. I hope the other players watching have seen her location is bad

    Yep. She's Brie O'Reilly, married King.

    Her older sister is Lauren O'Reilly, a former Canada NT member.

    Poor Aury, she has just 120 wins points, but she's a top 10 player when it comes to stats points. :teach:

    Some of the results are entered wrong I think. It was showing Team Cruz won for a while, then I watched the match noticed Team Cruz lost second set 25-17 and third set 25-23. First set they won 25-23. With that, isnt it Team Sybeldon which won the game?

    There is also a problem with Team King and Team Clark result where they highlight Clark as winner, while they lost 2 sets and also by points. Am I wrong or are the people entering those results high? They keep changing them anyway.

    I have no clue. According to the result, Team Cruz should be the winner.

    First major upset: Team Orange beats Team Blue. No one would see it coming after their bad game yesterday and the astonishing performance of Team Blue! When Atkinson came in for Sheila, things got easier for Team Orange.

    Reception of the Orange team is really weak and it doesn't help to have Vélez as their libero... But I have to say, all libero's aren't to best receivers.

    King is really disappointing. She did a decent job in Dresden last year, but she has so much trouble finding the right rhythm in her sets. Bruns on the other is playing like I know her from Suhl. Nothing spectaculair, just doing her job.

    Most of these girls had a whole year without volleyball. The portoricans played their last games in the beginning of march 2020, for example.

    Vélez is used to cover more court than usual, since she played with Noami Santos, but this is just too much, with de la Cruz as the best passer among their outside hitter. :lol:

    This is a funny mess. :dance4: