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    You should generalize this to Turkish teams, GS is unique with their transfer policy. Some turkish clubs did great job with transfers this season such as thy, Yeşilyurt, nilüfer and teams for next season Kuzeyboru, PTT etc. So it is not fair to generalize as if this is a turkish club issue

    Kuzeyboru just signed 4 decent/good middles. A little bit too much. :teach:

    I'm actually more worried about Thompson: she can't swing yet.

    I want both Thompson and Plummer in the team. They bring power, which is something different than the pure passing and fast game system. Whenever the team struggles at passing or setting, it's a complete meltdown, bacause all the players on court have the same style. Thompson and Plummer are different.

    I really don't get why so many people want to see Robinson as libero. During WCH 2018 she was the libero and USA failed big time that tournament:gone: She just isn't a libero IMO, same as Courtney who isn't a real libero either. I would take Wong-Orantes as starting libero to the Olympics. She now has experience of playing 2 seasons overseas, so I believe her reception skills improved. Next to that team USA has 4 good/decent receiving outside hitters, so it will take some of the pressure away from the libero in serve reception. Main job for the libero would be defense and setting. Wong-Orantes clearly the best in these aspects! ^^

    Simple as that. :win:

    It would be good seing one criticizing carlini

    It doesn't exist..

    I'm still waiting an answer on Wolosz big moments far from Imoco.

    Complaining about some teams or players - Eczacibasi for example - is okay, it's like a trend on here, you get a lot of likes, but doing the same on others - like Wolosz - isn't allowed. I got it now. :lol:

    What are you talking about? No one says that she doesn't deserve criticism after a bad game. I critisisized her many times in the past, the same as others, when she was not playing good. It's all about that you can't be objective at all. You love to tear one player down to gloryfiy your fave and you will use every excuse to defend them. You are biasd and that's all. :win:

    Please, find me multiple posts of mine where I'm tearing down Wolosz. I talked about her or the first time in years. :whistle:

    I would have understood it if they were indeed successful with those players at that time but they werent. They should get Leys as well and recipe for disaster is ready!

    If they really want to go with old players, they should sign with Sinead, Ruseva or Jackson

    Why would you sign a strong back up libero when you are weak in other positions filled by local players?

    I will never understand turkish clubs... :lol:

    Lol comparing polands NT players to Conegliano's? Seriously?! Poland is number 13 world ranking. I don't think maja or even carlini can lead the team with only 1 or 2 top players compare to usa and serbia.

    In fact, I was comparing their one dimention volleyball when both are playing with Egonu.

    And asking why it's okay for Wolosz to play like that and it wasn't for Carlini, people started their office defence for the polish setter, so I just made notice Wolosz's elite player career starts and ends in Conegliano.

    And please, when you say the other 2 don't lead teams with only 1 or 2 top players, take a look at THY and their standard performance around 20% perfect passing, while Imoco, at its worst game of the season, according to few users here, has 44%. :gone:

    I can't believe 15 years ago we could complain about real phenomenons like Kung Feng, Fofao, Berg or Lo Bianco when they had weak games, but now we can't say anything about Wolosz. I wasn't even complaining, actually, just asking why she is allowed to play only with Egonu, while other setters aren't. :lol: I had to read countless times how much Eczacibasi sucks for setting 60 balls in a game to Boskovic... :whistle:

    A lot of off topic from one setter that didn't even play in this league so STOP

    Her fans are crazy and will never accept something bad about that players as with moscow so..

    Is something i hate,they want to criticize others but when they talk about their fav,they can deal with truth

    Instead of calling people crazy, put some facts on the table.

    Please, tell me about a great season or moment in Wolosz's career far from Imoco. So we can go back to topic.

    Maja was awful.

    When a setter has the magic and plays basic, then she played awful. I could hardly recognize her when they played CL, as boring as the rest of the team, stuck in the russian 1960s volleyball. :lol:

    I wonder what I said so bad against Wolosz. :lol: I just pointed out she has the same kind of game of Carlini in Novara, but back then it was something to blame, now it's okay. We can't really compare a team like this Imoco, which plays on system most of the time, with that AGIL team, where many things didn't work, depending by the day.

    It's not that Imoco sucked yesterday, they had a very strong passing performance, which makes it weird to me their one dimention game. And, once more, I'm not blaming Wolosz, but she has done nothing outside Conegliano and it's a fact. Poland had its biggest chance to win a medal in 2019 ECH, she was there on a very high hype and still nothing happened: her game was basic and Poland ended the tournament 4th. Was it her fault? No. But this is a fact.

    And please, don't put Dinamo Moscow on the table, every foreign player has her career worst season there, including Ognjenovic. :lol:

    I think Wolosz works very, very well in Imoco's system. When she plays well she can make it look very easy and leave her hitters 1 vs 1 with great speed time and time again. I don't think Carlini or anyone else (with the possible exception of Ognjenovic) could do her job to that level.

    But then I also agree with you. I've not seen anything from her at Busto, Chemik or the NT to suggest she's anything more than a solid setter. So for me she's a great choice for Imoco and has been a big part of the great team they've had over the past few years but looking more generally I'm not sure she's a great setter overall. On the other hand, who is a truly great setter these days?

    I think Wolosz has more creativity than Carlini. That's for sure. But she's also very dependent of the quality of the passing. She's a good system setter.

    Carlini is more that kind of setter you tell her what you want her to do and she gets the job done (same as Poulter, that's something many USA setters have, including Glass). She has also amazing defensive skills and a physical power very uncommon (she can run the whole game to set the ball, which is what happened all season long in THY, and never get tired; and she has the strength to jump and save the overpass at eight other setters can't reach). And I just noticed Scandicci had its best season when she was their setter (2nd place in RS and play-off SFs). They have always been 4/5th with Malinov. AGIL won CL title with her. THY with the historic upset over Eczacibasi + win against Vakifbank...

    Anyway, I agree. Right now I think the best setters in the world are quite basic players compared to Venturini, Fofao, Lo Bianco, Kun Feng, Takeshita, Kirillova... Even the marvelous Ognjenovic had a nightmare season when she first came to Italy about 15 years ago, compared to other setters in the league at the time...

    Hill is well known for choking in all the finals, unless Alisha Glass sets and leaves her free from the blockers (2014 WCH).

    Imoco had crazy good passing tonight, according to the stats: 60% positive and 44% perfect.

    Hill and Adams both over 50% perfect, De Gennaro almost there with 47%.

    AGIL was even better, but raised by Chirichella's 100% perfect on 2 attempts.

    It's weird, you know. We keep reading the exact opposite of what you just wrote every damn day, in every damn topic. By reading your post, I think your nickname really suits you. :thumbup:

    I only disagree on something: is Wolosz actually better than Carlini? I remember her first season in Busto very well and she sucked. I remember on another forum people used to think she belonged to A2 at best and she couldn't be Lloyd's heir, because she was too weak (her second season was definitely better, but nothing unforgettable). Not to mention her NT performance are nothing more than average. She has never played as good as she does in Imoco. In Chemik Police she was often benched for Belcik, probably the most criticized setter in the history of polish women's volleyball... She proved nothing far from Conegliano, literally. :/