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    I also think that Neslihan would play till Rio at least. About Esra, we don't have any back-up player who is as solid as Esra at receiving, it is really hard to talk about the rosters 4 years later though :whistle:

    I think Guldeniz Onal could replace Esra. The biggest problem is that she is a bench player in VakifBank. She should go in a team where she can be in starting 6. In Turk Telekom she was really young and good player. She needs a team who trasted her, because I think she can be a good player for NT. :teach:

    I guess she will be on bench in the coming season with Polen, another good talented player that should be playing as starter. :down: .

    1. Marcos Kwiek didn't give her chance for play much
    2. She had offert from few clubs, but for her was too less money and she decided to open business (hairdresser :D).

    The second thing is Dominican Republic federation, because is drama federation... the president of this is Cristobal Marte Hoffiz (the vice-president FIVB) and he is stupid person and he wants to take lot of money for him and he is very heavy partner to talk... and inter alia that's why Dominican Republic players have problems to play in clubs (in particular european clubs, because there they didn't pay so much like in Asia Japan, Korea etc... and they don't close like Puerto Rican league and btw he had problems with lot of european clubs, because they aren't stupid and they don't want to pay him funny provision, so he doesn't want to talk with them... :down: )

    I found on Wikipedia some info about Dominican championship. There are teams like Los Cachorros, San Cristobal... is there a league site where I can find teams info and results? Watching players careers, it looks like these teams work like chinese ones. Players stays always in the same team, they change only if they go playing abroad... Could you tell me something about. How does this league work?

    The best in our team ;) 20 points, 78% in the attack and one beautiful ace.

    OMG! :white: I guess he was a beast as always! :heart: He is spiking very well from the beginning of the games. He may be Best spiker of the tournment. But I'd love to see him taking MVP award. If he keeps playing this way, he deserves it so much. He seems to be the soul of the team. :box: :super:

    BTW I hate London schedule, it makes me miss many matches. :mad:

    I don't understand why Theo Lopes is not in the olimpic roster. I like him a lot. I think he's better than Vissotto. In the 2011 World League he played really well. Sometimes I watched RJX matches and he was most importan spiker beside to Dante. It's very strange he's not playing in NT.

    Terzic destroyed his team. He did the same in the recent past, but this time there's really nothing to save in a whole team.

    Mihajlovic it the most useless naturalized player I have ever seen. Serbia needs a strong receiver playing as OH. He has Blagojevic, but she's always on bench. He has Malesevic, but she was cut before the games. Serbia can't play with 2 opposite (one of them as OH, as receiver) and a weak receiver OH. They have really strong setter and MBs, who can't spike because of reception.

    Well done USA team. Very nice job.

    On the other side what I can say? It seems like these olimpic games are really unlike for brazilian volleyball. Even the male NT looks so far from their best times... I'm really sad for Dante, I hope he will win an olimpic medal again.

    You should be proud of your hero. He did very well today - attack efficiency 63.64

    Thank you for the answer.

    I've always thought he was so loved by people (expecially girls) because he's a goodlooking/beautiful guy, but I had to change my mind about by watching his games during World League and Olimpic games first matches. He is a fighter, he is a beast. Most of all I love the way he stays on court: the aggressiveness and the big impact he has on the match, as I said previosly he's a BEAST! What a LEADER! :super: :heart:

    Mari should be smiling on her sofa. How could Zè take Paula instead of her? :wall:

    Garay tried to lead the team, but she has not a lot of international experiece and we saw it very well when she was blocked 3 times in a row. Just Sheilla and Jaque did not give up 'till the end. Fabiana better than last matches, but not enough to help the team to win a single set.