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    Grises de Humacao announced Gerardo Batista as head coach and Magdiel Rivera as assistent coach.

    Batista is a young coach, first experience as head coach in LVSF. Rivera is an experienced one, he was head coach for few teams in the past years.

    Grises de Humacao and Leonas de Ponce made a trade with their reserved players:

    Viongellie Pimentel from Grises de Humacao to Leonas de Ponce.

    Jennifer Quesada from Leonas de Ponce to Grises de Humacao.

    You can't call VCO "pro volleyball". It's preparation for pro volleyball but I think Stanford's level is much higher than VCO level...

    VCO plays pro volleyball leagues (1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga), which makes it a "pro federal club".

    How can you compare playing against MTV Stuttgart, Schweriner or Dresdner with playing teams from universities?

    And still, if you cut off VCO, Kastner has been around since 2017. It's pretty obvious she's more experienced and consistent than Gray, which is just playing her first pro season.

    Is the a full dataproject website for Superliga? I mean, what's the point having this dataproject with half of its standard functions? I wanna check games played, sets played... All I find is points (does it means total points or just kills), blocks and aces. :what:

    My God, she's so damn beautiful. She doesn't even look a woman who just had baby... :heart:

    Serbian genes are insane: you can't have both Ana Ivanovic and Ivana Nesovic under your flag. :lol:

    Congratz anyway. <3

    Zehra was far better than Eda this season.

    Haak MVP? :gone:

    Vargas best Opposite? :gone:

    No outside hitter has the same impact Robinson had on Fener. MBH is goos, Kelsey was better IMHO.

    And how could this be a dream team, when it misses a middle and a wing spiker? :lol:

    Ok, so it was just simple than what I expected. Yes sure, we all know Bata could make great kills for the 7th, 14th or 20th point, but in the clutch moments, he tends to choke (similar to Anderson).

    As you pointed out, Perugia main OPP is an OH, while in the bench there are three!

    Muzaj is good. He's spiking reach is amazing, but he's left handed and quite more difficult to set.

    Vernon-Evans is a big question mark. He has ridiculous athletic and physical power, but he's a nightmare every single time he's on court.

    I don't see how Anderson will improve Perugia: he's a very elegant and technically gifted version of Bata. :lol:

    I would try to buy-out Spirito from Verona or Sbertoli from Powervolley Milano, but Travica will stay for sure next season. :gone:

    Which is the drama between Heynen and Bata? We all know that after his last injury, Bata has dicreased his level, as well as he isnt the same killer as before (well, we shouldnt forget he wasnt THE killer either); nevertheless, the treatment he has been receiving from the Belgian coach in the last weeks I find it a bit impolite. Moreover cuz Bata has been so much in Perugia and he means a lot to the club.

    Heynen doesn't like him. That's all. Benching Atanasijevic is the best thing happened to Perugia lately: he always chokes, while ter Horst usually doesn't, despite the fact he's an outside hitter and not a pure opposite.

    Hope the Anderson rumor is true, that would make me stan Perugia even more:box::box:

    I hope Plotnytskyi leaves, he's just not suitable for this level, you don't need two liberos on the court.

    What are you talking about? Plutonio is a great WS. The problem is the setter. Travica is able to kill Leon's spiking efficiency, how can you expect him to be accurate while setting for a left handed player? :lol:

    Draft orden updated with the new teams.

    • The turn of Amazonas de Trujillo Alto disappared, like the franchise.
    • The turn of Orientales de Humacao now belongs to "nickname" de Gurabo.
    • The turn of Polluelas de Aibonito now belongs to Grises de Humacao.
    • The turn of Indias de Mayaguez now belongs to Leonas de Ponce.
    • The turn of Llaneras de Toa Baja now belongs to Sanjuaneras de la Capital.

    Valencianas de Juncos announced their reserved players!

    5 of my perceptions were right.

    S: Wilmarie Rivera

    OP: Paulina Prieto - Jocelyn Kuilan

    OH: Aurea Cruz - Vanessa Velez

    MB: Alba Hernandez - Ivonessa Garcia

    I expected them to sign a younger pure OH like Keila Rodriguez instead of an experienced OH/OP like Vanessa Velez and I thought they could reserve a NT libero like Adriana Vinas, but they chosed Ivonessa Garcia, which could make sense, considering there are a lot of strong liberos in PR and many of them are free agents.

    I think they'll complete this dream team with a foreign OH and MB.