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    You're right, but after that Italy didn't take other appropriate measures.

    5 million people left Wuhan before lockdown...

    Actually, it all started when a german man came to Italy for a meeting. He had few days earlier another meeting where a chinese woman from Shanghai infected him. He had no symptoms at the time. There was no way to stop a man going by car from Germany to Italy. Italy made it possible for its citizens in China to come back. They stayed in quarantine.

    I can't blame the government for taking good measures the italians didn't respect, just like when they excaped in the night from the red zones spreading the virus all over the country.

    The rest of Europe, as long as it was just a concern within the italian territory, just turned around pretending nothing was happening. Now they are crying, 'cause they learned nothing and they're falling apart.

    I never thought she was this amazing setter. I think she won the MVP in Athens especially because she blocked a lot, just like Juma in the U23 championship (lol kidding)

    Her hands were magic. Like Fofao.

    But the brazilian was Amazing with both club and NT. The chinese struggled with her one and only european club.

    Kun Feng is one of the best setters ever. No doubt.

    How come this Novara was #8 in the lega? They were supposed to be a much better team than that.

    Eczacibasi way: lack of chemistry. The were also really unlucky: when they realized Kirillova couldn't do it anymore, they signed Kim Staelens and few weeks later she left the team, 'cause she found out to be pregnant. :lol:

    Yes i remember, even Logan was unsatble in Asystel that year. Asystel have Kozuch and Flier and tried to play with both but that wasn't that good, i remember schoking lose against Cannes for the bronce in CEV CL.

    I also enjoy volleyball today, at that time i was too young to enjoy volleyball like i do now (from that time i learn a lot of things about volleyball and still learning), but yes from nowdays perspective i can say that is better quality to me. One of your post excellently explain the difference.

    By the end of the season, Logan was reduced to a second libero on court (like Robinson in Fener) in order to make Kozuch a decent receiver. Kirillova made it difficult to all her spikers (including Logan): her biggest problem was being too slow to be under the ball for the second touch, she was late very often so the quality of her setting was really unstable, from magic to tragic.

    Anyway, Ferretti was the magic for Pesaro. She is the player who won more scudettos for a reason.

    Kirillova's setting was simply awful: it was the theme of the whole season (eventually the poor Sirressi was the one to blame in order to leave the legendary setter untouched :aww:). Logan saved her 3/4 times already, just because of her smart moves and technical skills.

    Logan anf Flier, too much beauty in one team. :rose::heart:

    Yeah, but the level dropped already that season: girls who couldn't pass like Saccomani and Barcellini, an inconsistent opposite like Flier (she always tourned into a weak link when she played for the italian top teams), Kirillova was too weak athletically, Marinkovic playing Serie A1 after years in Serie A2...

    On the other hand Ferretti was in her best shape ever: just look how easy Costagrande kills the ball freed from the block.

    Still nice volley comprared to what we see nowdays.

    While I do think he was joking when he said beri brought Coronavirus to his city (I mean he couldn’t seriously believe that) it’s not even the point anymore. It seems to me that he can’t be provocative about volleyball anymore so he’s trying to be provocative about a global pandemic which is understandably annoying a lot of users.

    Anyway, I certainly hope Matthias stays on because he’s been a brilliant poster since long before I joined (and still is) and has been moderating the forum almost single-handedly for years which has undoubtedly taken a lot of his time even if some disagree with his methods. I think his experience would also be helpful in the future and he could give a different but valuable perspective than the rest of us.

    He is provocative about everything since before I left the website for 3 months. He goes for personal provocations more and more.

    The few times he still goes for volleyball provocations, he thinks he's the smartest one, but he clearly isn't.

    Just watch THIS POST, out of the blue, when we were having some peace eventually. Just to start a new fight with me. The die hard follower of Seria A1 who pretends not to know where the game changer of the 2017 Supercup and the 2018 Italian Cup, who beaten his precious Fabris and Imoco, is now playing.

    Or would you like to talk about THIS POST? He wrote after he said the very same stuff about the turkish league (the topic once more was quiet when he started the provocation), in order to make it look a random comment on how bad the level is dropping generally everywhere, except the amazing Seria A1, of course. And just take a look at the comments of the other users: "leave our league alone". No one can take his nosense anymore. This is why, when everyone on this very same topic agrees he needs to be gone, he started pretending he wants more brazilians players in Seria A1, when we all know he didn't want one of the very best brazilian player, Mari Paraiba, coming to his precious Seria A1. Just like we know he never liked the brazilian players and their league (he now cares about it, out of the blue).

    He just goes around trying to provocate. And when he succeedes, then he starts pretending and putting some random reasons (we can always prove he never thought) just to justify his posts... :whistle:

    If you really don't see where and why crovolley goes beyong the boundaries of joking and cheering, ban me, because i love volleyball too much to voluntarily leave the forum and survive in that decision, since this is the only relevant volleyball forum, but i also can't stand to wacth how crovolley is characterized as a joker.

    Me too.