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    Should and had, hard to tell now, but are you telling me that Hill didn't had amazing performance at WCH ?

    He/She Is telling that Hill has great performance Just when She plays with great setters, which Is what everyone but you thinks about her. Took the perfect setting from her and she sucks at spiking, like in Sopot or when She plays out of system.

    And stop this "new italian" thing now. I've never hidden from where I write, despite I'm very ashamed of It.

    Litreally everyone are saying that Pietrini is already showing that She can become one of the best OHs in the World but NOOO you have SHAME(QueenOfPicciLover, new Italian) that She is nothing special, Pietrini who. My God but If She is from PUR NT She will be new Zhu already.

    I saw her once and She sucks at passing. Real bad actually.

    Pietrini Who compared to Bosetti at her age. You have zero knowledge. I feel sorry for you. You should Watch tons of mid-2000s matches or go even to the 1900s.

    I wonder what you would Say about Venturini, Kirillova, Fofao, Pachale, Sokolova, Godina, Artamonova, Kun Feng, Zhao Ruirui, Perez del Solar, Jelic, Phipps...

    I don’t want to be rude but when did Hill prove herself so much? She spent most of her career playing with world class setters like Glass, Wolosz or Naz who were giving her almost perfect sets on a single block but the truth is that when the ball is out of system she struggles a lot. She was not near the same player when she played in Sopot with Belcik or Novara with Signorile and she is not a great attacker by any means. I like her a lot and she is a world class OH but Robinson & Larson can actually kill the ball that is out of system...


    Did you watch Robinson at all this season ?? She had so bad season with her attacking, She couldn't score against Novara, simple TERRIBLE.

    Robinson started slowly (having played libero the whole summer) and grown along the way. Cansu can't set a decent ball to the outside hitter for her life! Even Zhu Ting struggled more than ever during the last season. Come on!

    Hill or Bosetti would have killed 0 balls each match with that ugly setting (I had to joke to Naz's haters all the season long for that; go read the Sultanlar Ligi topic). And still a single match says nothing. Remember Hill had the same problem in Sopot with Belcik and she was a nightmare, worst season of her life. But you just don't know and say random facts, not even related, in order to push for random Italy-related players or club over Turkey-related players or clubs.

    If you knew how good Bosetti was in Sassuolo, Villa Cortese or Bergamo, you probably wouldn't say a single word about her and her current level :!:Pietrini who? Go watch Bosetti at the age of 17-20...

    I don't care a bit about this Pietrini girl.

    Robinson is such a weak spiker that she was the best scorer of Imoco in the 2015-16 season (best scorer of the team in Serie A1 and overall + second best scorer of the team in Italy Cup).

    Bosetti better than Robinson. I could die between a laugh and the other... :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    I put numbers here. I don't push for a player just because she plays in a league instead of another. Guess what, Larson is all at one a world class player to prize every now and then just when she left Eczacibasi...

    She is like Bosetti, not good as her but same type, okey but does USA has Egonu in their team ? No they don't. They need stronger OHs attacker because of that. It would be the same story with Italy. On another hand Fener made great move by singing with Robinson. Defence player not attacking OH.


    When was it the last time Bosetti killed 10 balls? Lucia plays as second libero on court since her injury. She was a pretty good spiker in her prime, now, at the age of 30, she's just inconsistent as spiker, but, since there's no decent passer, despite you keep calling Pietrini the new Piccinini (she got aced 15 times the one and only time I saw her), she's needed. She used to rely on her high jumping, which is no longer the same after she got injured. Now she can provide high level passing and defence and that's what she does, nothing more. That's all.

    Lowe another all about good setting spiker Crovolley loves just because she's playing in Italy... :aww:

    Well, Hill is inconsistent as spiker since Glass retired. She can't do anything whenever the set isn't perfect. Her chockes are epic. Remember when she demolished every team in Novara during the regular season and chocked in a epic way with AGIL in 2014-15 play-offs. Remember the last CL finals. I could go on and on. :gone:

    People are too quick to jump to dramatic conclusions based on a competition that isn’t exactly the main focus of the NT season. It’s a good competition for coaches to try out new combinations of players and for players to get practice playing together but there’s not much point making major judgments about the future of players and teams.

    Yes, I know. But still... how is Larson doing? It's impossible to understang anything here... :aww:

    This forum is just 'amazing'. :lol:

    Crovolley keeps pushing and saying KYK sucks and Eczacibasi lost a world class player like Larson, just to have something bad to say about a turkish team.

    The rest of the forum keeps saying Larson should play as libero or retire once for all.

    Since I'm not watching any match, I find impossible to understard what the hell is going on! :sos:

    I officially passed away. :rolll:

    I can see beri would fight for the title as well. She has all it takes to be a winner 😜

    Nah! She's the classic bad girl with a good heart. She just doesn't show her best side 'cause she wants people to fear her. :lol:

    Tipical second classified character, the one that actually divides the people watching the show.

    Just having fun, beri. I'm joking. :*