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    santos has a good connection with neira ortiz... where does ortiz play? i never heard of her...

    DOM is playing without jineiry or eve, and it seems bethania is not playing either... maybe she's in the bench...

    Neira Ortiz played in Peru last season, because there was no LVSF in 2018 (the country is still devasteted from the 2 hurricanes).

    Previously she played for Capitalinas de San Juan, where in 2017 she was awarded as rising star and All-Star Team player.

    Like many PR players, she played in the NCAA Division I with Colorado.

    Melissa Vargas was banned from NT and cuban tournaments for 4 years. She got her shoulder injured in Czech Republic and had a surgery. It opened a diplomatic case with the federation ans she decided to play pro volleyball abroad.

    I don't really want to see Russel in Tokyo. He makes too many errors. He's just lucky that he got a good club team that gave him the experience to play in high level but still his errors are always almost rookie mistakes. Defalco and Jaeschke have higher ceiling for improvement and consistency given a good pro experience.

    I don't know what you guys are yapping about but the match was above average. Sure there are mistakes here and there but I though it was high level as both teams are grinding on the floor.

    We already had this talk months ago, when he was back from his injury. Everybody could see how much Perugia's level dropped during the play-offs when Russell was struggling with his shape. The team needed to play 3 matches in the QFs, 5 matches in SFs and the Finals, while in the regular season we were pretty unstoppable with full forces. It would happen the same to the USA team. We all know he's the crucial player of the team, just like N'Gapeth for France.

    BTW Aaron looks definitely better now than months ago, even though he's not at his best yet, of course.

    I don't know how I exact;y come of as and even though I still see clear provocations its up to us to not respond to them as that only feeds trolls.

    I apologize to everyone on my own behalf for my immature behavior also I respond negatively a lot to normal users lately bcs of this atmosphere which I apologize even more for! :( I'm truly sorry, I will try a different approach from now on.

    Don't be sad. Just relax and try a better approach. :win:

    And yes, ignore the provocations. Thanks you. ;)