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    Karch managed to archive the worst olimpic result and the worst world championships result after Lang Ping rebuild this NT from its ashes. :teach::whistle:

    But please, USA Volleyball, renew his contract till 2024. Keep wasting tons of players.

    Lonneke. :obey:

    Morrison doing a very good job. He's in the same position of Kiraly with Netherlands: Guidetti rebuild the team and he has to manage the good work Giovanni left behind, but he keeps taking out the best from his players (missing de Kruijf).

    Kiraly keeps wasting players and tournaments. He can't pick the best players. He can't read the match. He has no idea of what a coach has to do. He just talks about breathing and craps like that. Once more he proved me right. SHAME.

    Trentino is going to be a loose cannon in this season. I think they can surprise both Lube and Modena. Uros + Russell is the best OHs diagonal of the tournament. Both of them are just 25. They just have to bench Vettori for Nelli.

    Francesca Piccinini announced her retirement at the end of the season. Legend!:obey:

    Piccinini and Cacciatori made women's volleyball popular in Italy.

    Best italian volleyball player ever and living LEGEND. :obey::cup::rose:

    I hope she won't stay on volleyball as coach. She can do way more on TV as ambassador: her, Cacciatori, Cisolla and now Zaytsev are the only volleyball players by everybody in this country, even by people that don't follow this sport. She has been in different TV spots already. :love:

    Serbia plays the ugliest women's volleyball i've ever seen. It's more like men's volley, they should played in tournament in Italy-Bulgaria a month ago... Terrible

    I find it a little bit rude, but somehow I agree. Their game is really boring: they rely way too much on Boskovic and Mihajlovic, which is very normal because they kill the ball regularly. And Brankica is ugly to see: she reminds me Petra Kvitova from tennis, they have no grace in their moves, but they can be effective.

    I hate Karch as most people do and I wish them the worst as well. Taking Lowe just shows how he lives in his own head. You cannot take a girl who stopped volleyball and didn’t play in a pro league for the last two years. Lowe said she still practice volleyball in her school but this is WCH, you cannot take her. It is just disrespectful to other girls who worked so hard all year and then just because this precious girl decides to be back with NT, he takes her to Japan. This is just so another stupid of him. You cannot build up a team out of friendship. This is a big BS, dude. He took Cortney Thompson to OG in 2016 just because she was a good friend and everyone loved her in that team who was going to retire after OG. He should go back to his son’s high school where he started choaching and make this stupid calls.

    You talk about the same person that dismissed Logan Tom with an email. :down::down:

    Btw Lowe is doing a decent job, better than Murphy, which tells averything about Kelly's current level. :whistle:

    this summer all the fans from Perugia told me I was crazy when I said we build an hopeless team. All at once I'm right now. :lol:

    They destroyed a winner team to keep the useless Atanachoker, when we had Zaytsev. Not to mention there was Parodi on the market and they signed the most overrated player on Earth in a trade with our strongest spiker. :wall:

    Smile, the worst is yet to come. :gone: