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    The league needs a good product to sell. And the essential element is competition. There will be no positive effect having 12-14 teams in the league and 8-10 have only semi amateur level. The top teams - who are the ones who control the league one the most part - need to acknowledge that they need healthy and competitive opponents to fill their venues.

    It's a really tough situation. The last thing the league needs is losing more teams, so in some way I understand we still haven't heard anything about punishments for Potsdam and Wiesbaden, but OTOH if they get a free pass it's not fair towards the other clubs.

    I'm afraid the level of the league might drop drastically in the next years if the American leagues turn out to be a success. A lot of decent players won't be available for European clubs anymore, teams have to sign mediocre players or rely on youngsters like Neuwied to even have a full roster, only the richer clubs might keep their level more or less by getting good European players.

    Would be a great moment to implement a salary cap. 😉

    You should be aware, that Suhl is a center of facism in Germany. So that comes as no surprise regarding this...

    This is a horrible quote. You are either ignorant or a liar.

    Suhl (Wahlkreis 21) is definitely not a center of facism in Germany. In fact it‘s one of the cities in the region where AfD is significantly weaker than in the region around it.

    Yes, there are some problematic fans and the club should be more strict to get rid of them. But from the time I worked for the club I know how hard it is to get them out of the hall. Especially when the soccer fans were joining the games. For the matches against Dresden regularly „fans“ of Rot-Weiß-Erfurt were coming to our games to agitate against Dresden. If they were obviously intoxicated we had some options to deny them entering but if not then there is little you can do. As long as they’re only verbally aggressive it’s difficult to get reasons for a house ban.

    At this point the league can’t afford to lose any more teams, so there are limited options for penalties.
    But I hope they will not shy away from banning Potsdam from the playoffs. Anything less will have no penalty effect in the actual configuration of the league.

    The level of competitiveness isn’t of concern. In a league already this small every team will be missed, not only because of missing revenue from ticket sales. Especially the smaller teams need the games in general to have substantial media coverage.

    Regulations for the new 2nd league Pro were announced: Teams are obliged to accept promotion to 1st league after 3 years in 2nd league Pro, teams that got relegated from 1st league have to accept promotion already in the first year. If I understand this correctly this means Erfurt and Straubing would be forced to play 1st league next season if one of them becomes champion of 2nd league Pro :what:

    Besides there are regulations for German players: half of the team registered for a match has to consist of German players, two have to be under 23 and two German players always have to be on court. Clubs will receive financial rewards for letting U23 players actually play.

    I do like the second part, but coaches should have their passport knowledge ready when making substitutions. ;) I would have preferred limiting the licences regarding players not eligible for German-NT, so the coaches don’t have to consider passports when working on the best lineup of the team.

    I think the whole idea with creating this new 2nd league may start to backfire soon. It kind of cannibalised the 1st league and in the light of the financial troubles with Dresden, Wiesbaden and other teams and now the doom looming in Potsdam: If there is one more team folding in the Bundesliga the domino effect may be taking some other clubs down as well. And with maybe 6-7 teams left in the Bundesliga this „2nd Pro“ won’t make any sense…

    I hope none of this will happen, but the next step of the licensing process in September might be very thrilling.


    It's good to know that also the players were asked about their opinions of the candidates and were in favor of Pedulla.

    I see this a little bit different. The players own their fair share of the problems with Giovanni, and now the federation is giving them the little finger when it came to decide who will be the new head coach. So far so good. Be positive. But I don't know if that's a good situation the federation put themselves in right now. If the times will get rough again some day...will they ask the players again? :whistle: ;)

    The crowd in Dresden is usually very fair and shows quite good volleyball knowledge... But the larger the crowd, the large the chance of having some idiots among them. Statistically. Also boos are louder then cheers.
    But one problem in Dresden is that they tend to make quite bold statements prior to games, so they should not be surprised to have to deal with some frustrated fans after not living up to their own expectations.

    VolleyStars Thüringen - Schweriner SC 3:1 (20:25, 25:18, 25:22, 25:21)
    MVP: ?
    Thüringen once again played most of the time without Martina Utla, but looks like Natalia Cukseeva had a very good match yesterday.

    MVP (well deserved): Natalia Cukseeva / Ivana Isailovic

    VolleyStars were startig slow (like usual) and made a lot of errors in the first. On the other hand Schwerin was serving quite good and had some good defense from Lousie Ziegler. But End of 1st set Suhl could find the rythm, allthough it was too late for this set. Then the game was open, but now with some more errors on Schwerins side.

    The ball lying open in the bowl has been taken out BEFORE the DOL and was replaced by a sealed one. The open ball had therefore nothing to do with the DOL whatsoever.

    You're right in the first part: The first broken ball was repaired before the DOL (maybe too good, because they had problems opening one of the balls of the first lot ;) ...)

    Then the bowl was mixed for the second draw and again one ball opened in the bowl, but was drawn anyways.

    Good draw, there's no match between two big teams in QF yet, so we have the chance to get a very good final this time.

    Definetly not a good draw, because it was made in infraction to the rules of the Pokalspielordnung (cup play regulations) source (PDF, german) DOL for the next cup round have to be made publicly in connection with a cup match of the ongoing cup round (paragraph 3.1 and 3.2) and definetly not in the office of the DVL.

    Not to mention that a "cup" competition draws quite a lot of its attractiveness from the fact, that also smaller team have a chance to advance to the finals. So even if this DOL would have been made within the regulations I would not consider it as a good draw. If you want the top 4 teams in the semis, you can play a tournament and put aside the other rounds. ;)


    Cup match Wiesbaden - Dresden


    Felix is now coaching Dresden? :white: :whistle:

    This tragedy is sad and shocking enough if you only consider the facts, the loss of life and the grief that familiy and friends have to suffer now. :(

    But for me it's also sad, that the media - that sometimes fails to cover the sport Ingrid dedicated her life to in an adequate way - now seems to exploit every cruel detail of this horrible crime in a certain way. I wish they would not had revealed some of the details...