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    Brooke Seaman (i don't know, if it's her, you mean) played last season for VBC Biel in the NLA. But this club doesn't exist anymore. She's not playing in the NLA this season. And i don't know if she has found a club in a lower league in Switzerland or abroad.

    I did not play last season as Biel closed and I did not have a new team. I am with Lyngby Elite im Danish 1st division this season.

    Yes, they did. Düdingen made some good transfers and also have a new young coach. They had a very good start in the season (they even won against Köniz). But since then, they have been very unlucky (many injured players). It's really a pity for them.

    that is crazy! not that i cant believe of their success they just seemed to be a completely different level team. it makes sense tho if there was a coaching change. wonder if they are looking for any new players

    haha just found my intro thread. just wanted to let all of you who wished me good luck on my dream that it did finally come true. ive been playing pro in switzerland for a few months now. =] loving the country!

    Swedish is definitely not easy to learn for foreigners...but since you want to play in Sweden, I suppose It's necessary...I mean We speak english quite fluently, but you're gonna need your spoken swedish! so good luck ^^
    There are load of foreign students mostly from Estern europe in my class, most of them have difficulty learning swedish.
    anyhow, try your best then nothing is impossible :drink:

    i grew up in germany when i was younger. i think i have an ear for
    foreign languages. the accent might be hard to gain on certain words but
    i will deff try to understand it atleast!

    well my friend has been to sweden and told me he got around fine speaking english. i plan on learning some swedish out of respect. i am going to another country i can expect them to know my language. but im excited if i do go. my best friend is from estonia and is playing professional soccer right now. it will be great to see him!

    It looks like everything on these websites are in swedish. I don't know swedish at all :lol:
    Swedish people love handball I guess. And I really like your team :)

    I wish you good luck bklnthebeast!

    i used google translate to get some info. but my agent is swedish so he can translate for me. thanks tho! ill keep you guys updated! :]

    do a lot of swedish people speak english?

    Here's the website of Ljungby Volley.

    and, you can also find some information about the club over here.…=115466661822739&v=photos

    Starnight, There's one more swedish user in the forum :lol: but I'm quite surprised that you are interested in Ljungby Volley club. but unforunately Volleyball is completely unpopular here in Sweden, so even If I'm a huge fan of volleyball, It is indeed hard to watch matches and get some information unless thorugh the internet. ^^

    thanks! it's not so much that im interested in them per say. they needed a new middle and im trying to fill that spot. i just need somewhere to start my career and build some stats. if i can help make the club better that would be great! but im just looking to get used to the international game before i go somewhere bigger. maybe i can make it a little more entertaining for you to watch? haha. i wont know anyone if i go there, maybe we can meet up! :thumbsup:

    ok ill message him! thanks! im just curious because it may be the team i start my professional career with. my agent is talking with them right now on a contract. i have been waiting for this opportunity for over a year. im sure they are not the best team but i just need somewhere to start. i dont think im the best in the world, i just love volleyball and dont want to stop playing!


    Sorry, but I have some doubts on your graphic designer skills. I'm not sharing your enthusiasm at all. This logo looks extremely chaotic and the graphic design is quite poor. At first the ball itself looks like a very old one; the balls used nowadays are more colorful. The graphic lines on the right look like nothing. Are they evocative of speed? And these flags, what for? And the worst is the typeface. It's about impossible to read it in the middle of all these elements. And why are you repeating the logotype 3 times. It's just unnecessarily redundant.


    I didn't want to be rude, but i share the same opinion with quimporte. I could make the same "logo" within 10 minutes. Sorry, but i really can't think about you being a designer. If it is so, show me some of your real work, because that can't be a real designers work :) It looks to me like you've looked over 3 Photoshop Tutorials, threw some colors together and made this logo. Funny is, that you even did not adepted the colors to this page. For me, the actual Logo is the best..

    wow to both of you is all i can say. criticizing is one thing when you can do something better. but if you cant you really have no say. for the record yes i spent a short amount of time on it. i get paid to do things so i did what i could do for the the time i had for a free job. i dont know where you get extremely chaotic as it is a very simple design. im not going to defend my actions as it was something small i did for free. if you insist i looked over 3 tutorials then go look at a few and make one yourself since itll only take you about 10 minutes.

    besides, you are on a volleyball website. im sure you have something else to go talk about.