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    Hello Nati :lol: Thank you for your reply. Yes, I watched the last time match "Baki-Igtisadchi" on web site. I was so excited because I watched Visser's play after long time.....So, I would like to go to your city "BAKU" on Feb or Mar. Seems schedules are not announce yet on those days? I heard it will be announce on it all right? plz tell me if you like!

    Well, Yokoyama was good player in Japan. She'll leave? I'm sorry hear that.... :aww:

    Hello everyone! I'm from Japan. I would like to go to Azerbaijan league to watch team BAKI. But I couldn't find schedule of them.So, could you tell me their schedule on February and March 2012? I'm Visser fan :heart: Preferably I want to watch BAKI vs IGTISADCHI.

    I have a question about Woman's Spain League.
    I'm going to watch Team Murcia2005 HOME GAME, which held on 12th Feb.

    1, Is it possible to watch their practice before the Game day on 11th Feb?
    ( in Italy Serie-A, we can see all practice! How about in Spain? )

    2. what time will start their practice before the game day? and where?(same Game's gym?)

    3. Will they have a practice in a game day morning?
    ( is it possible to watch it? )