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    I really hope World of Volley is partly wrong and actually it is likely.

    The difference between Santarelli and Akbas is simply huge.

    Santarelli would be like winning the lottery. ALmost all Italians are great coaches (except a few: Chiappini, Micelli, Barbolini) and among the younger generation Santarelli might be the best.

    When I think about Akbas'' famous moments, I only remember a cameraman zooming in all the time :aww::aww::aww:

    Being a former assistant of Guidetti is no guarantee for becoming a worldclass-headcoach...Morrisson is another example.

    If Dutch Federation really considers offering a contract to Akbas, than goodnight and goodbye to Dutch NT :wall::wall::wall:

    No surprises in Dutch roster for Catania:

    S: Dijkema, Bongaerts

    Opp: Sloetjes, Plak

    OH: Buijs, Balkestein-Grothues, Daalderop, Jasper

    MB: De Kruijf, Beliën, Lohuis, Koolhaas

    L: Schoot, Knip

    Dutch team needs a miracle to beat Italy, in my opinion. Italy has currently the potentially deepest/best roster worldwide (maybe together with China). Even winning only one set against them will be already really hard, also because of the home-advantage of Italy.

    But, Dutch team has a good chance to qualify for OG in January-tournament :) I'm quite confident they will !

    Morisson picked 18 players for OGQT-preparations:

    Setter: Bongaerts, Dijkema, Stoltenborg

    Opposite: Sloetjes, Plak

    Outside-hitter: Daalderop, Buijs, Grothues, Jasper, Oude Luttikhuis

    Middle-blocker: Beliën, De Kruijf, Timmerman, Lohuis, Polder, Koolhaas

    Libero: Knip, Schoot.

    My guess: Stoltenborg, Oude Luttikhuis, Polder and Timmerman will be cut.

    Yes today Buijs was bad, but last week she was the best player actually. Still Daalderop is the better option IMHO, both in attack as in reception.

    Buijs is almost always hesitating against physical strong team...she needs to dare hitting instead of tipping or soft shots... I prefer Nika.

    Today was comedy-capers in many moments unfortunately. Bongaerts had many connection-problems, especially with Plak at zone 4 and Koolhaas at zone 2. Nevertheless, I think she is overall a better setter than Laura. She plays faster, more versatile, is a better blocker and server. She just lacks experience.

    What worries me the most is NIka's health. Why she didn't enter court today, even for a few points?? Hopefully she will play tomorrow, stating she is not injured again.

    About libera's : unfortunately there is no better one as Schoot and Knip.

    P.S. I really like Drews as a player, but please STOP chewing bubblegum during the is so annoying to see it all the time..

    I think Morrison is a good coach with a lot of knowledge. But during matches I don't like him as a coach. He always sticks to his plan and he can't change it:(

    VNL is not important this summer, like even ECH. The fact Dijkema played almost full match (especially set 3-5) shows Jamie wants to give her a chance during a full match agianst a good opponent. I'm convinced Britt will get the opportunity tomorrow or against Germany. Also Plak and Jasper at OH-position and Koolhaas-Lohuis duo is all in context of trying out things.

    100% this will not happen at OGQT in Catania.

    P.S. Don't forget for some players it is their first match after a few weeks rest. You can't expect a good shape immediately.

    And Belfgium is a decent team!

    Sorry but I don't believe everything he says:D Knowing that every player has 10 days vacation and has to train 10 days in the gym before they are going to play matches, it's highly unlikely that Plak, de Kruijf and Balkestein-Grothues will join the team next week.

    It seems you are right (and the Ziggo Sport guy isn't )..some instagram-posts show Baijens, Meijers, van Aalen, Polder are on the plane to Hong Kong :)

    So, the main players will show up for the first time in Stuttgart.

    I have mixed feelings about the match today.

    About Poland: impressive height and power. First time I saw Stysiak playing, she is a huge prospect. Considering Wolosz was not there, this Polish team has a very bright future !!

    About Dutch team: I think it is good to understand players like Bayens, Timmerman and Meijers only played in Dutch League (very weak level), so the gap to international level is huge for them. Furthermore: until two weeks ago, Bayens only played as a MB. Oude Luttikhuis plays much better than she did in Aachen last seasons, the same for Jasper.

    These players have played the previous two weeks during parts of games above their usual level, but at some parts they played their normal level or even today in 1st set, end of 3rd set and start of 4th set.

    Daalderop and Lohuis played on a decent level, as expected.

    In general: there is certainly potential, but the new girls will need a few years to adapt to international level.

    According to the Dutch TV-host next week in Hong Kong the main players will be in the roster (Sloetjes, Buijs, Plak, Beliën, De Kruijf, Grothues..)

    Knip is the only change that is made by Morrison:down: At least I expected Beliën to be in the roster, because she finished club season a while ago and already was training with the group. With this roster they have no chance against Brazil and probably neither against Poland. I think it's not fair for the supporters. He could at least have said it earlier that he isn't going to play with the best roster.

    In my opinion, Morisson took the right decision. The summer season will be really long..and there are only two really important tournaments: OGQT in Catania and World Cup in Japan.

    VNL is not important this summer. I think the main players will only play in 4th week (Stuttgart) and 5th week (Russia)