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    If I correctly understand (translate) the article in the Dutch press, Robin will not participate in VNL, she’ll recovery for the World Championship

    Could you give the link to the article :win:

    Edit: I found it. It is on the federation's website. Your statement about Robin de Kruijf is correct, she will focus on WCH. Daalderop will be part of the roster again in 2nd week (in Japan).…ns-league-toernooi-bekend

    21-roster for VNL/Summer

    Setters: Dijkema (Firenze), Bongaerts (?), Stoltenborg (?), van Aalen (Junior NT)

    Opp: Sloetjes (?) Plak (Novara)

    OHs: Buijs (Monza?), Balkestein-Grothues (?), Daalderop (Firenze), M.Jasper (?), H. Jasper (Sneek), Oude Luttikhuis (Aachen),

    Beliën(?), De Kruijf (?), Polder(?), Lohuis (Münster), Koolhaas (?), Korevaar (Junior NT)

    L: Schoot(?), Knip (Aachen), Kos (Junior NT)

    Ankle injury

    Indeed. I think she is still recovering from her ankle-injury..or at least not ready yet for a match.

    The same for Robin de Kruijf, after her knee-sugery.

    Bongaerts arrived earlier than Stoltenborg at NT Camp, so that could be the reason why Femke is not in the roster.

    I hope to see Polder and Lohuis on court :win:

    Yesterday I read that the injury happened more than a week before the first final, so if it was just a minor injured she might be at least recovered to a point where she still feels some pain but isn't really limited by it...but still, I think they should be careful :!:

    EDIT: Sandor and Mlejnkova are starting as expected.

    Could you give me the link to the article?

    Surprisingly, Daalderop is today listed in the team roster on the electronic scoresheet. However I seriously doubt that she'll least I hope they won't stubbornly risk her health :roll:

    30 minutes to go...

    I totally agree. I can't imagine she has already fully recovered..(an ankle-injury at least takes 2-3 weeks)...

    She has a long summer with Dutch NT in front of her..

    At least the remaining two to three outside hitters can survive in good shape the final series opposed to the last three seasons now, but of course losing the strong "the currently best 2 out of 3 strong OHs" system collapses without her, which is a clear disadvantage for Stuttgart again.

    In my opinion, Sandor and Mlljenkova are quite the same type of player. Technically strong, fast, quite good reception, but not that strong in high balls. Daalderop is certainly weaker in reception and technically , but she has more power and is strong in high balls.
    During the season, the line-up was mostly Daalderop-Sandor or Daalderop-Mljenkova. I think for the reason I just mentioned.

    Very sad this match is decided by the referee in the end.

    The serve might have touched the line, but there was 100 % no block-touch in the following situation.

    What about Daalderop and Pusic? Will they be able to play in next matches?

    Really unfortunate for Stuttgart.

    Dutch NT started preparations for the summerseason at National Sports Centre Papendal last week, according to Jamie Morrison's instagram-account.

    So far I only saw pictures of Dijkema and Grothues being there :lol:

    Daalderop, Stoltenborg, Plak and Sloetjes are still competing in play-offs. De Kruijf is recovering from her knee-injury.

    Especially the first set was a lousy performance by Stuttgart, and nevertheless a very lucky set win by Aachen, which clearly performed above their standards in first set. Stuttgart had no rhythm in beginning, especially not in service, with 6 service faults in the both first sets each. This referee should be suspended by VBL, beause he isn't able to count to four, both wrong decisions in this regard against Stuttgart (first fourth contact of Aachen was not decided as error, and later a third contact action by Stuttgart was decided as four times contact - I have never witnessed such a nonsense and incompetence at all).

    Anyway, a typical underdog nothing to lose approach match - remember, that Aachen was new in first league 10 years ago now together with Stuttgart and is still not having a rule conforming hall. Wiesbaden had to bear much harder pressure in the past regarding hall, and was nearly excluded from the first league a few years ago for this reason. The extreme patience of the VBL with Aachen can only be understood by the lack of first league license applications. In other words, IMHO Aachen doesn't have any right to go to finals under these circumstances, but this is in the eye of the beholder of course.

    Aachen has a very good image in Bundesliga because of the friendly atmosphere; all teams really like to play in Neuköllner Strasse. According tot the budget-ranking, Aachen is punching above their weight. This performance is recognised by many bundesweit.

    Why should Aachen be punished for not having a modern gym? The games are played in Maaseik, so there is no single reason to complain.