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    There is no certain desicion about 2+1 clubs are putting very big pressure on federation so it's not wrong desicion and Seda isn't effective as Gamova even when she plays as OP.

    Seda has proved her capability as an OPP in national team and Fenerbahce before. She was the best scorer and MVP of the last year including the best scorer award in CEV CUP. She cannot and will not be an OH after all. Its because they force her to become OH she lost her many abilities this season. She doesnt almost get any point from backrow anymore and she will become an ordinary spiker in a near future unless a miracle happens. To me the main problem is that Fenerbahce has no real OH but Osmokrovic. I dont count Alice Blom as they cannot use her enough due to her lacking on block and attack. If they want to keep Gamova, they have to find a top-class libero or OH that can take more responsiblity in receving and tolarate lackings of libero or Seda which means Seda or Nihan will get herself in the bench or leave the team. There is no any other option as long as Gamova and Seda will stay together. Fenerbahce supporters are behaving so emotional about Gamova and reflect so offensively if you crticizice Gamova but in fact Fenerbahce doesnt need her as much as most people think. What is that matters for the team? to be balanced team without Gamova or unbalanced team with Gamova?

    I have just heard from a conversation on Fenerbahce TV (Cengiz Çandar's informal knowledge within the Fenerbahce Acibadem) that Gamova asks the club managers about the next year's setters. Because Turkish Volleball Federation wants to limit the number of foreign players in the Turkish leauge (2 in the field and 2 in the bench). So, If Natasha Osmokrovic and Gamova stay next year's team, the setter will be Naz, which i do not think Gamova prefers. Cengiz Candar's comments that Gamova is a world-class player and she wants to be in the final four next year.

    My opinion is (if these comments are true) Gamova has every right to think like that because what moved the championship cup from Fenerbahce to Bergamo is the quality difference between Merlo and Nihan, and Bianco and Drixx (or Naz).

    Gamova lost with Krillova too. If Fenerbahce sets the team as Gamova's wishes then we must rename the team as Fenerbahce Gamova not Fenerbahce Acibadem. You cannot outperform the teams like Bergamo as long as you depend on only one player's performance. If Gamova leaves, Fenerbahce would have a chance to use Seda in her real place and can make a combined OH or libero transfer.

    If Naz was better she would play.
    Naz did not use her chances.

    It's no use to argue with you about any volleyball topic including this one because I know very well what kind of personality you have and you show it every time just as your last message that doesnt depend any real basis but simple logic inferences. Your chauvinistic mind keeps you away from realities that you dindt want to hear so you like to believe only rumors you want to hear just like the bullshit that you said before on a Turkish forum Fenerbahce wanted to keep Oksana but she didnt. Although you dont have any relation with the club you think you are the only person that you know the secret truth behind the doors and you can dare to say these lies as if they really happened.

    I am telling you the facts why Dirickx is not excellent as you and people like you think but only thing you can reply back is Naz didnt use her chance. Because you dont have any other basis as always. Naz lost her place not because she didnt use her chance it's because she got injuried and then Jan De Brandt has not choicen her because he wants to play with a setter transferred by himself even if Dirickx plays bad. I wont bother to spend my time giving examples taken from many world-wide volleyball specialists write about what kind of skills Naz has as a setter. Naz proved many times in many levels she is better than Dirickx and your world-class setter Oksana in your own mind. Dirickx and Oksana can only dream what Naz made so far even if she is just 19. And she will prove again when she will become the first setter of the team in the next year. But I am sure you will find new excuses when your pathetic predictions will false. Till then, I leave you in your own dreams.

    Actually,the player of the champion team is awarded as MVP and I think the sweetest Picci deserved it with her amazing game and motivation.She is ral leader,captain. I love her too much. YEs,Nati played amazing but it does not mean that she had to receive MVP award.
    Evereybody saw her,because only she was playing on the high level on Fener`s side. Gamova played awful,Seda and Eda were the anti-heroes of that match. Dirickx played normal,but I think either she does not count on her middle-blockers or she does not like to do that. Anyway she plays better than Naz. Naz is younder and is not so speedy as Dirickx. I liked only Cigdem among the Turkish players.Nihan is not also high level libero.
    I congratulate Bergamo.They did what I told everytime.

    Most people here in Turkey say the same argument when they compare Naz and Dirickx

    "Diricxk sets faster and is more experienced than Naz"

    Is that fast setting to use the same spiker in the same attack after and after until she was killed by block in the end? Is that fast setting to play in a way that is so predictable by opponent's blockers? Is that fast setting to pasifize a middle blocker like Eda who scores like a hitter when she is organized a setter like Naz? This is really what you understand the words experience and fast sets when you watch both players? I saw many people that believes Drickx is better and faster than Naz but I didnt see anyone that just explains what makes Dirickx so excellent except her left hand advantage. You think Gamova plays better with Dirickx? Whenever I see Gamova on the court even when she got a point, she tells Dirickx up, up and up! Also this team is not only Gamova. Where are the other scorers Eda and Seda that played most important role in the last year's championship? Eda was the best scorer after Neslihan in EuroVolley but she is now nothing more than just an ordinary middle blocker. If you cannot use alternatives you have when Gamova stucks you cannot beat a top-class defensive team like Bergamo that really knows how to stop classical attacking trikcs as we saw yesterday. So all your so-arguments of people like you have nothing to do with the realities, just your personal illusion or something else and I call it ignorance.

    If Fenerbahce would have a chance to play in Serie A, the players could play much more different especially in the crucial moments today. Only Osmokrovic who experienced this level many times before had the required resistance to win this game but one player wasnt enough of course. Whatever, it's the reality. Serie A is bigger than Turkish League or any other in Europe. So it's the most important advantage of Italian teams and they use it very efficently against foreign teams in all competitions, either club or national. Anyway well done both teams and as for us, maybe next year.

    Eczacibasi had a chance to win first two sets.Eczaci had 4-5 points advance in 1&2 sets.Gülden played amazing :drink: and Nihan was awful yesterday :thumbdown: .Why Alle doesnt invite Gülden to NT? I cant understand really.Nihan bring only mistakes to Turkish NT.

    To my understanding and what I heard around the problem between Ale and Gulden is not only about her playing style. I guess Ale has problems with Gulden's character on and off the pitch.

    Turkish Cup Semi Final First Game Results:

    Nilufer Belediyesi 0 Vakifbank GSTT 3
    (17-25, 18-25, 16-25)

    Eczacibasi Zentiva 0 Fenerbahce Acibadem 3
    (24-26, 24-26, 21-25)

    It's almost impossible Eczacibasi and Nilufer to beat Fenerbahce and Vakifbank and winning four sets in the second games. So it's not very hard to guess Fenerbahce and Vakifbank will meet to win the title in the final game. But i must say that Fenerbahce has big trouble in receptions and it seems that this is not a kind of problem they might solve before F4 in Cannes. So i wonder how far we could make it against though teams like Cannes and Bergamo with such an awfull receiving performance.

    Fenerbahçe ensured regular season leadership though one more week remains but I dont think standings will be changed in the last week. It seems all games will be very easy for favorite teams except Galatasaray - SGK game that might change standings of 7 and 8th places.

    I guess the final standings will be as following

    1. Fenerbahce
    2. IBB
    3. Ziraat
    4. Arkas
    5. Halk Bankasi
    6. Galatasaray
    7. SGK
    8. Maliye
    9. Besiktas
    10. Diltas
    11. Bozkurt
    12. Plevne

    Bozkurt and Plevne will be relegated.

    So play-off first round games are

    Fenerbahce - Maliye (or SGK)
    IBB - SGK (or Maliye)
    Ziraat - Galatasaray
    Arkas - Halk Bankasi

    Well if you want to learn ratings of female volleyball in Turkey I can give some facts.

    Volleyball is the most popular sport here after football, basketball and formula 1. But dont get "the popular" wrong. It doesnt mean there are a lot of fans or press coverage interested in volleyball. It's very hard to find any article or news about volley on regular sport journals, tv channells, magazines, blogs or big sport portals. For example last summer National Team's WCH qualifying games in Poland were not broadcasted or even recapped. Turkey is basically a football country and football always takes all the ratings by itself and then basketball gets the rest and sometimes like during big games or tournaments basketball becomes more popular than football. Only big successes or important tournaments take media and people's notices to volleyball but it's not enough to make it the most popular only enough to allow it above average and that duration is always temporal not pernament. Domestic league games are usually played with empty seats even in important games. Only teams like Fenerbahce, Eregli, Nilufer, Ankaragucu and sometimes Karsiyaka have outstanding crowds in the halls in most games.

    In Turkey big and popular sport clubs that have so many fans over the country only concantrate on football and a little basketball. But for some years one of these clubs Fenerbahce has started to invest on volleyball consistently and the team has reached the title the first time ever. So the club's fans began to interested in volleyball besides football and basketball. Whenever other big sport clubs who challenge Fenerbahce in other competitions start to invest on volleyball and then ratings will be higher so press and TV channells will begin to care about volleyball and sponsors will invest money. Otherwise it's impossible to make volleyball a popular sport in Turkey.

    Turkish Cup Last 8
    First Round Results

    Nilüfer Belediyesi 3 İller Bankası 1
    (25-23, 14-25, 28-26, 31-29)

    Eczacıbaşı Zentiva 3 MKE Ankaragücü 0
    (25-17, 25-20, 25-17)

    Galatasaray 0 Fenerbahçe Acıbadem 3 No stats available yet
    (19-25, 20-25, 20-25)

    Vakıfbank GSTT - Yeşilyurt game will be played tomorrow and live on Sipru at 18.30 (Local Time)

    And a short video after Galatasaray-Fenerbahce Acibadem game. Fenerbahce players sing the song that they wrote for fans.

    I saw it too. That was great!

    Question for Turkey fans: "Do they do that after every game?"

    Actually they cheer with fans after almost every game and they sing some short passages from various songs but that was their best performance ever :) The song they sing looks like a popular pop song in Turkey but they might change the lyric to adopt for fans. Soon there will be more detailed videos taken by fans in the hall. Then we can comment easily.

    It is not that i'm definding Blom, only putting that stats are not always a good representation. I've seen also several matches and she was not playing well indeed.

    She is so unlucky nowadays. In Vakifbank game Poljak's spike hit her face when she was trying to block it without raising her one hand over the net. And then in training she injured her fingers. So far she and Stam are not used to Istanbul I guess. It's not an easy city to live :) Anyway fans love her so much and I am happy that she is playing for my club. I think she will progress in next stages. There is a long way to run and it's early yet to talk.