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    Second set 25-23 for Galatasaray

    Sets tied 1-1

    Third set score is 8-14 for Galatasaray

    11-21 for Galatasaray. Setters are very bad today for both teams and Vakifbank is very bad at receiving.

    @ Marieke68

    You need to run the sipru.msi in downloaded zip file. You can see this file if you open the zip that you downloaded before using any decompresser like winzip, winrar or integrated windows zip viewer.

    Vakifbank GSTT - Galatasaray

    First tech. Time-out 16-13

    First set score


    Galatasaray is better today than last week. They made at least 3-4 blocks for now, they were not able to make any block against Fenerbahce.

    After 16-16 Neslihan made 6 services in a row and helped Vakifbank win the set easily. Debby is bad at receiving today and Nikolic is surprisingly very good at receiving.

    Second set, first tech. time-out

    8-7 for Vakifbank. The score was 4-7 for Galatasaray before Bahar's serving row.

    Second time-out

    15-16 for Galatasaray

    @ Alde

    I had registered but where could I download the programm? All I get is a Winzip page,and there is nothing to see?

    Is there another think for the match of Vakifbank?

    If you are Windows Vista user download the program on and if you use Windows XP or 2000 download the file on Exctract the zip file after finished the download and install the software.

    By the way it's not for Vakifbank or Turkish League games it's only Super Cup Final and Turkish Cup games.

    And there is no internet stream for Vakifbank games. You can only watch Vakifbank on the internet when they play against Fenerbahce.

    I wanted to register,but always get: user not registered. Do you know what's the problem?

    I guess there is a connection problem between english page and database but turkish application form is still working well. Try this link

    It's turkish but i translated required fields. You can fill in the form looking at picture below.

    I wrote mistakenly vs. instead of etc. :) As you can see easily it means etc. in turkish.

    Turkish Women Volleyball 1st Division

    Schedule for Matchday 2 (Sunday)

    MKE Ankaragücü - Nilüfer Bld.
    Beylikdüzü - Beşiktaş
    Vakifbank GSTT - Galatasaray (Live on Dspor at 17.30 Local Time)
    Yeşilyurt - Karşıyaka DYO
    Ereğli Bld. - İller Bankası

    No internet streaming but you can watch Vakifbank - Galatasaray game on Satellite free. There is no encoding during the volleyball games. And also you can check out they might stream this game.

    Frequency information for D Spor
    Turksat 3A (42°E)
    10970.00MHz, pol.V (DVB-S SR:30000 FEC:5/6 SID:1805 PID:105/205)

    Other channells broadcasting Volleyball games.


    Eutelsat W3A (7°E), 2008-01-10
    11471.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:7512 PID:2112/2212

    Turksat 3A (42°E), 2008-10-27
    11054.00MHz, pol.H (DVB-S SR:30000 FEC:5/6 SID:3 PID:514/670)

    This channel boradcasts also La Liga, Serie A and NBA games live but these games are encoded on satellite however there is a solution. You can watch NTVSpor using internet connection with free software Sipru. Sipru allows you to watch all these games plus NBA TV and no encoding on Sipru :thumbsup:

    Fenerbahçe TV

    Turksat 2A (42°E)
    11977.00MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:49 PID:491/492

    Eutelsat W3A (7°E)
    11596.00MHz, pol.H SR:30000 FEC:3/4 SID:6410 PID:2111/2211 Turkish.

    And also you can watch FBTV on

    Nihan Yeldan lost her grand father today just before the game I heard it on the post-game interview so it should have been a really hard game for her and she looked very sad in the interview. I am sorry for her and family.

    Traineer Jan De Brant spoke in the post-game interview and he said that the team has many things to be needed to progress but they are training with whole team just for 2 weeks and the players need some more time to know each other better and reach their own real shapes. And he said that he expects the team will be fully ready till December.

    Naz Aydemir said "We are a new team and we are not in full shape now but the more time we have games to play together, the better we play."

    It doensnt work! It says Yayının başlaması 30 saniye sürmektedir. Lütfen bekleyiniz. what does this mean ? I need ip from turkey ?

    It means please wait, the stream will begin in 30 seconds.

    There is no any other stream so nothing to do about quality.

    The first set 25-23 for Fenerbahce Acibadem.

    There are some photos on the following links. That's all i can find for now. It takes time uploading new game photos on the internet for some games like this.…gstt-ankarada-set-vermedi

    And this link is regularly updated and provides new season game photos (both men and women) but not all the games only specific ones. You can bookmark it. So if you visit regularly you can find new game photos. Especially photos of the games played in Istanbul will be very quickly uploaded to the Internet.

    If Fenerbahce serves the way they did in yesterday's match, Eczacibasi game could be easier then most think.

    Well, if it's not Eczacibasi then what opponent will be a test for the team? VGSTT looks weaker than Eczacibasi at defensive abilities on the paper. Fenerbahce has beaten Eczacibasi using service advantage last year and now they are much better at services than last year but i think these games will give us more realistic clues about Fenerbahce's capabilities.

    Results and stats for Aroma Women 1st Division Matchday 1

    İller Bankası - V.Güneş Sigorta 0-3 19-25 18-25 19-25…ller_0_-_vakifgunes_3.pdf
    Nilüfer Bld. Yeşilyurt 3-1 25-18 22-25 25-23 25-20
    Beşiktaş Ereğli Bld. 0-3 19-25 21-25 20-25
    Eczacıbaşı Zentiva MKE Ankaragücü 3-0 25-23 26-24 25-15….10_.09_TL_ECZ_X_ANK_.pdf
    Galatasaray Fenerbahçe Acıbadem 0-3 14-25 14-25 12-25
    Karşıyaka DYO Beylikdüzü 3-1 25-22 25-15 21-25 25-15…f/DYO_-_BEYLIKDUZU_L1.pdf

    Are the games from Turkey league broadcasted on the satellite channels? I could try to record some of them.

    Fenerbahce TV and D-Spor broadcast the Turkish League Games without encoding on satellite but Fenerbahce TV only broadcasts Fenerbahce's games and D-spor broadcasts one or two games in a week. You can find satellite information for these channells on

    no nothing i just search fenerbache on justin..
    then it surfaces so i watch but when i viewed it unfortunately
    it was the end..haha

    did naz? give high balls to gamova?
    and if gamova spikes on open like she did on ECH and WGP

    The game was streamed on justin because it was a clash of Turkey's two biggest clubs and the games between these two clubs always become a big event in every sport competition. I dont think other games will regularly be streamed on justin.

    Galatasaray's blocking was too weak so no needed higher balls for Gamova. She got most points without jumping. I think Eczacibasi games will be very hard test for Gamova and the rest of the team.

    Woow it was a very easier win for Fenerbahce than expected before the game. Galatasaray have a very competitive team but they couldnt resist even just a little. Fenerbahce played minimal performance during the most of the game and Coach Jan de Brandt didnt use time-out even once for 65 minutes. He changed his players wisely, used all options except rookie Merve Tanil and found opportunity to try for some techical ideas on his mind. As i said, the game was like a preseason match and even Gamova played only half of the game. All players did their parts very good at Fenerbahce including substitutes but Osmokroviç was surely the best of the game both defence and offense. Galatasaray took 11 of 40 points due to Fenerbahce's service errors otherwise the score would be much more terrible for them.

    And this is the stats of the game.

    This is the first published photo of Fenerbahce Acibadem 's New Season Team Roster and Stuff

    1 Ipek Soroglu, 11 Ekaterina Gamova, 9 Seda Tokatlioglu, 14 Eda Erdem, 6 Frauke Drickx
    12 Cigdem Rasna, 13 Natasha Osmokrovic, 17 Naz Aydemir, 3 Nihan Yeldan, 4 Songul Dikmen, 18 Merve Tanil, 8 Alice Blom