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    We are all with you Leo. You odd to come back as soon as possible volleyball will be orphan without you
    Hoping you to have the fastest recovery :flower: :flower:

    What a game :cheesy:

    I am so happy for brazil. In the end they played like real champions. Fabiana show that she deserves to be the captain :super: . Sheilla was the solution for the most tricky situations and most of the time able to stop Japan is straight points. Natalia made a wonderful game she got 23 points! Sassa straight it down when Jaqueline couldn't but both had a good game. As for Fabi, i believe that she wanted this most, she was there from the first point and make it though great defence she is a worrior :box: . Fabiola stand in the court as she should be and work it out. I believe that this team have good chemistry. Although in the end of the third set brazil had double errors the japan!!!
    something that i noticed today and i like it is the small brazilian flag in the back of their trousers it's pretty nice but i still prefer the old uniform

    Great job from Japan which was a awake nightmare for Brazil. I didn't watch any of their games before in this tournament. This one was the first and i have to say that i am impressed. Ebata and Yamamoto are fantastic players. Their defense is just undead from sano and all the others. They deserved to be in semis

    The difference between the two teams was only 5 points that means that main role had the details. Probably the best game till now in my opinion. Looking forward for the final against Russia it is a very promising game.

    @ NeslihanD.Fan beutiful work. :thumbsup: i really like them i thing FIVB should have a person like you doing all this pictures it will be great.

    Due to school i am lot able to watch any of the mathces because is early in the morning here :thumbdown:
    But i am looking fowrward for BRA vs USA it may be a really graet game. Brazil is obviously finishing first it the f pool but both teams they will play for the win.
    Russia is on fire no doubt.
    I so sad about holland. They could do so much in this tournament but they don't. As i can see they have some troubles not technical but mainly trouble with team spirit? or something.
    Almost the same with polish girls but they have played some really good games too!
    Japan just impresive. Really good performance by Czech :box:

    2nd Round
    Pool E
    6th Nov-Peru-Russia 0:3
    6th Nov-Poland-South Korea 3:1
    6th Nov-Serbia-Turkey 1:3
    6th Nov-Japan-China 3:0
    7th Nov-Peru-South Korea 0:3
    7th Nov-Poland-Russia 0:3
    7th Nov-Serbia-China 3:1
    7th Nov-Japan-Turkey 3:1
    9th Nov-Peru-Turkey 0:3
    9th Nov-Poland-China 1:3
    9th Nov-Serbia-Russia 0:3
    9th Nov-Japan-South Korea 3:2
    10th Nov-Peru-China 0:3
    10th Nov-Poland-Turkey 2:3
    10th Nov-Serbia-South Korea 3:2
    10th Nov-Japan-Russia 0:3

    Pool F

    6th Nov-Brazil-Thailand 3:0
    6th Nov-Netherlands-Cuba 1:3
    6th Nov-Italy-Germany 1:3
    6th Nov-Czech Republic-United States 1:3
    7th Nov-Brazil-Cuba 3:0
    7th Nov-Netherlands-Thailand 3:0
    7th Nov-Italy-United States 0:3
    7th Nov-Czech Republic-Germany 1:3
    9th Nov-Brazil-Germany 3:0
    9th Nov-Netherlands-United States 1:3
    9th Nov-Italy-Thailand 3:1
    9th Nov-Czech Republic-Cuba 2:3
    10th Nov-Brazil-United States 3:2
    10th Nov-Netherlands-Germany 2:3
    10th Nov-Italy-Cuba 3:2
    10th Nov-Czech Republic-Thailand 3:1

    Today Francesca is in bench :thumbup:

    :white: Can we have any mercy form all this injuries in several palyers? Small or serious?
    Thank god picci have a not serious one. Hope to see her again in court in WCH:box:

    About the real leader i believe that every team is unique and the leader of this team knows how to treat to his teammates without making troubles. Kozuch and Flier are responting perfect for the needs of their teams as leaders

    I know that this is a little bit early for asking but i come up wiht this question in WCH thread and i though that will be more suitable if i opene a new thread about this so it won't be offtopic. So i am asking you this question without deminishing Barazza. I belive that most corect anwser will be at the end of the tournament but i would like to read some opinions

    Thank you in advance

    What is the official report on Picci's absence? Barcelinni did a good job, but I don't think she is good enough for Italy to legitimately be a contender for the title. She's not consistent enough and against a better blocking team she doesn't put the ball down. Bosetti is too small to be effective against bigger teams as well. I'm so glad that Arrighetti is getting the chance to play and doing well. I think following this tournament she will be a mainstay on the Italian NT.

    Arrighetti's performance in this tournament is absolutely great, but is that enough so she will be mainstay on Italian roster after barazza's come back? This is a thing that i hope to happen because i just love Valentina's play and her character in the field. I am saying that without pulling down Barazza. I would like to have some of your opinions in other thread.

    What a great game! Beutiful game by Manon, just great. :love: Congratulations to Italy I belive that they desevre it. Congratulation to Netherlands too they played really good. Italy played more like a team. Ortolani had a bad game Barcelini some kind fullfil the gap. This game is one of my favourite.

    Italy collected 40 points from their middle blockers.(Arighetti 19. Gioli 21) :obey:

    Wow this is really impresive. That shows the talent and the hard work :obey:

    It's Lucia Bosetti's sister...Caterina Bosetti! 16 years old, OH, 180 cm, Gold medal and MVP in the last Junior European Championships :thumbsup: She is the next future of Italian volleyball :cheesy:

    Waiting for her!!! Hope she will be the next future of italian volleyball

    what a weird topic, actually.
    You could have called it also TV vs. Love Interest / Car vs. Love Interest..... I mean whenever you try to compare a 'thing' to a person, it's already a bad sign.
    Those are two absolutely different things, u can love both, without downgrading one or another.
    But if you (generally speaking) wonder what might be more important, then you shouldn't be surprised that you'll be left alone with volleyball in the end.

    Hey Nastja! Its been a long to see you around.
    I agree with you compering a thing to a person .... no bad thing. I belive that at this point between volleyball and any important person to you is about priority. Who comes first and who is next? For me right now i am so in love with volleyball and i think that i will always be

    Interesting link. I also find WCH banner at the top interesting. It cycles through players from several different countries. Who for Poland?

    I know Skowrońska is popular, but you think they could find photo of someone actually on team. 8|

    Good question who thought about this? someone who is logical? Once again FIVB :thumbdown: in details