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    No,because the two principal outside hitters (Molnar and Mahon) are not in Athens this moment because of their national teams.BTW they will visit the island AEK Athens(Koutouxidou,Borovinsec,Kis,Kalaidzieva) and Markopoulo(Simankova,Santos,Tsima).There will be a very nice tournament!

    Panathinaikos and Olympiakos will continue their preparations in Greece.

    i have a source that says that panathinaikos is coming to play with anorthosis (you are from greece you will can read this from dates 30[size=7].09.2010 / 13.08[/size] and [size=7]01.10.2010 / 12.28 [/size])

    VolleyWorld N° 4 / 2010
    - President Wei – Two Years In Office
    Laying the foundations for the next generation
    - The Big Picture : Kings and queens of the sand
    - The FIVB World Championships
    Italy and Japan take centre stage
    - World League review
    Brazil break World League record
    - World Grand Prix review
    USA triumph leaves Brazil seeking recipe for success
    - Youth Olympic Games
    Young Volleyball writers cover every angle
    - FIVB Development
    Thailand opens door to Asian school project
    - Confederations
    AVC / Sandstorm brewing in Bay of Plenty
    CAVB / Sky the limit for Kenya Prisons
    CEV / Safronova putting up the fight of her life
    CSV / Liberos extend hands of friendship
    NORCECA / Grand finale for Costa Rica’s sister act


    FIVB release revolutionary iPhone app

    The FIVB app will allow fans to follow the sport on the go

    Lausanne, Switzerland, September 10, 2010 – The FIVB have taking a further step into the future as the organsation unveiled a new iPhone application on Friday where fans can have access to news, results and team information on the go.

    The new app was officially announced at the 2010 FIVB Congress in Rome on Friday by FIVB Press Commission President Mr. Hiroshi Takeuchi.

    Fans will now be able to keep up to date with all the news and results from the world of Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, the FIVB and its many development projects. All the news and information that is available on the FIVB website is duplicated live, allowing people to keep up to date, on the go.

    To download the official FIVB iPhone app for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad visit


    Actually this is pretty cool :drink:

    This looks really cool. I think Rabita Baku have made really great job in transfers and they have made an amazing team. :box: I can wait to see them in court.
    So Shabovta i begging you to record their first game pls

    This looks really cool. I think Rabita Baku have made really great job in transfers and they have made an amazing team. I can wait to see them in court.
    So Shabovta i begging you to record their first game

    Guiggi is out of WCH. Acording to, she came back home yesterday. After so many time stoped cause a knee injury, MArtina wouldnt be able to recover the shape in time....

    really sad, but happens in volleyball, hope she can come back next year.

    :sos: ;( This is a really big loose for Italy for the WCH. Wising her the best recovery and to have her as soon as possible back in court

    ;( so bad news for Mari. She lost her chance to play in WCH for making a unlucky block during WGP, now she has to stay out for at least 4 months. I wish to our really own ice qween the best and quickest recovery and to see her soon again in court smashing at least for her club :flower:

    About Paula i hope she will be able to play in her best form and i think that her problem is more in technical way right now due to her injury. How long she is staying out anw?

    Congratulations to US. They made great job in this tournament. There is nothing else to say almost everything it's been said before.
    It was the most fascinating WGP and most balanced in the view that any team could beat any team. A huge thanks to all teams who participate giving us those great games with endless action. The greatest week in this month :thumbsup:
    USA leaves with the gold
    Brazil with two injuries and silver
    Italy with bronze and a lot of work till WC
    China with
    Japan leaves with a big suprise
    Poland with a quite good appearance and losing their team spirit (coach)
    Netherlands disappointing
    Dominica Republic doing as good as they could
    Germany had a disaster in this tournament

    Firstly this is a great website thx for the trasletion too. :)

    Secondly the WGP for Brazil is going not good at all. First Mari now Paula... not good. I hope they will be able to play in WC

    Thirdly how much jinx has somobody be to have all this???:p

    2 injuries followed:white:

    Congratulations to the U.S.. but is not yet titled, here comes two very difficult games for them, JPN and CHN :tzz:
    So there are still possibilities for Brazil to be champion :whistle: :cup:

    Let's be realists after this game Brazil has just a few changes to win and be the champions. USA is having a very strong team right now and they have to defend China and Japan, though Brazil still have Italy and China and i don't know how they will manage this games but with two errors in the square due injuries it wont be easy for Ze and for the rest of the team
    But there is a little hope... volleyball is volleyball and the ball plays a lot of tricks

    In two days Brazil lost Mari, Paula and a lot of changes to win the WGP this year :( Although it was a lovely match both of them played in world class level, there was so good points with long duration(i love this sport) but two faults of sheilla in the final set the game was end.
    Definitely the best game until now in WGP
    Congrats to USA :thumbup: