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    Serena won. I thought Venus will win,but I wasn't really cheering for neither one of them. I am sad Elena Dementieva didn't win against Serena in semi-final,but she played an awesome match. I wanted her to win Wimbledon..
    Roger.. I mean,what to say! First of all it was an incredible match against Andy Roddick,and a very long one. I thought it will never end
    :pinch: But I am glad Roger won,and now he has 15 Grand Slam titles,and I am sooo happy for him!!

    I'm dissapointed Djokovic didn't make it to the semi finals,but it didn't really surprised me he lost against Haas.. :S

    Okay.. I used to listen to Britney Spears,Eminem,RHCP,Linkin Park.. I listened to all of American music.
    Now I don't listen to it so much,only if I find a nice song.. So now I listen mostofly Serbian music,rock. Some nice songs from Piloti,Poslednja Igra Leptira,EKV.. :)

    These days I've been learning this Russian song,it's from a cartoon called Cheburashka (I think).. So I sing it all the time lately

    Hey,guys! I am Gordana,and I am from Bosnia. I'm 13,5 years old and I like volleyball (of course). I'm not training very long,just for a year and 3-4 months. I hope in here I'll have a nice time,and I'll learn some things about volleyball that I don't know.