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    I hope this tournament was an incident, especially for Schoot, because otherwise I willl get fear for libero-position in NT. van Tienen had to come inside the court stabilizing reception too many times...and since Wijnhoven totally finished her carreer ( I read in Volleybalmagazine) she won't come back even if Selinger would go away..NT could become big troubles on libero-position in the future..

    Wijnhoven is indeed retired. About Schoot, she did not play a great tournament. It can be an incident and otherwise there are enough alternatives. Knip (was also in Basel), Jiminez (Sliedrecht) and another possibility is to use Grotheus as libero. Like Jelte Maan is doing in the man national team. But that is only possible when there will be some great OH in the near future.

    It's really bad that Volero has to play 2 matches in a row now, after already playing 14 sets in the previous 2 days, and all that mostly with the same 7 players. I guess it will be easy for VF, but I hope Volero will keep fighting like in the previous matches.

    When you see the timetable it looks like they didn't expected a final with Volero. At start of the tournament you should say Volei Futoro - Perugia. Zurich played too good and now the final will be even more difficult having a four sets warming-up

    Dutch Allstarteam played a very poor tournament in general. Partly logical, because they trained only a few times together and some players played on a 'wrong' position.

    Biggest disapponitments for me are the 'starters' Blansjaar, Schoot, Koolhaas and - hard to say - Grothues. They all played an awful tournament!

    Positive surprises are Steenbergen and the 'substitutes' Stoltenborg, De Vries and Pietersen.

    I agree on that. Only about Koolhaas I have some doubts ;) The played with Huurman as OH, Koolhaas as OPP and Pietersen as 2nd OPP, but there all MB.

    Alajbeg is very good (only 1,84m) ! Joycina too and Pula didn't play each game. So, we're gonna see it
    in the final. Have fun men ))

    She was good, but I find the setter, Grbac and OH Mihajlovic also very good/important for the team.

    Now the final. Prediction: 3-0 Unilever

    @ Chipp

    Come on...does it matter she made some points??? Did you count how many balls she hitted into the net, outside or in the block? Ok, Blansjaar played an awful tournament, so partly she is to blame, but everybody can see Koolhaas isn't equiped for opposite at all. She is just very tall. She moves like a robot (very slow) and she has got no power. Sorry, that's my objective opinion.

    Oke, no problem. I agree on Blansjaar but i found Koolhaas in the start of the tournament (have seen all matches) not bad as OPP. It looked like she scored 60 or 70 procent. But this is my objective opinion

    btw, Koolhaas as opposite is the worst(!) experiment I ever saw.... :S :S :S

    Koolhaas is a MB from youth team and now at her club in French. She played as OPP during the summer and for this tournament. The first two matches she was really good, scored a lot. It looks like the other teams made their homework and know what will happen in certain combinations.

    @ Chipp

    And what about Kim Staelens...? She has trained in Almere as well last period, right? Will she be there as well, or will Judith Blansjaar be the setter?

    Kim Staelens is also training in Almere but not part of the team for Basel. Judith Blansjaar & Femke Stoltenborg will be the setters in Basel.

    I wasn't there against Alterno, had a birthday in the east. It is not her new position btw, she sometimes plays as opposite as you could have seen saturday.

    Ned: Pietersen is 188 cm

    It's hard to predict, but Sliedrecht might be a little ahead of the other topteams (TVC, Weert, Heutink) because they have the most experienced roster.

    I do not totally agree. Sliedrecht also got several players (Jimenez - libero, Eggermont - setter) Two other players play like their second season in the Dela-leauge. Weert their roster has more experience and the roster of TVC with Steenbergen as international back from WCH and Djuric as a former serbian international. Ofcourse the team is not that good as last year, but who knew Dijkema in november of 2009? She started playing december 2009. I see a lot of potential in for example Ester de Vries. I'm very curious of her growth this season.

    I see your point flyingdutchman, and I undersntad and agree with your point of view :)

    The team is really young, and lost most players from last season, it is natural to take a tie since they can play as much as they can.

    I'm liking following Pietersen though, for me she has a great future :) I hope to see her in Nt. :)

    You're right that they lost a lot of players and they missed Steenbergen because of WCH. I hope you're right about Pietersen!

    I think TVC will improve during the season ofcourse, and the players have talent for sure, but they are still too unexpereinced for A-League, and they aren't simply that talented as the last year's team.. which is very logically...Last year TVC consisted of (current) biggest talents in Dutch Women's volleyball (Meijners, de Kruijf, Buijs, Grothues, Dijkema, Schoot).

    Who do you think will be the champion this year? Almost all teams are not that good as last year. Ofcourse the players of last year were better, but I think they are one of the candidates together with Weert and Sliedrecht.