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    Oh, how fun would it be if Ghafour had signed. :rolll: I wonder which Brazilian players they were in contact though.

    Say what? Zaksa was negotiating with Amir? :what: Were they even close to convincing him? :D Well, it was pretty obvious he'd back out anyway.

    What can I say now? ;( ;( I think I still can't believe what we've all just witnessed...

    I'm not gonna talk too much I'll just....bow down to:

    - the best FANS in the history of a mankind (how cliche that sounds, but that's so true, they're unattainable for the rest of the world) :obey:

    - PLAYERS, who've been through hell. Literally hell. Thank you Polish eagles for proving me wrong. Each and every one of you. Such an extraordinary so many different of a kind.

    - COACHES. I'm sorry Stephane for bashing the living sh*t out of you. But honestly...I still can't believe this idea has actually pulled the best possible way. Stephane Antiga & Philippe Blain, amazign effort. Truly.

    - ORGANIZERS & the fans once again - absolutely legendary, epic, insane, unbelievable, I mean...what the hell...Poland really is a volleyball paradise. And will never be surpassed by anyone else. This is a phenomenon. This is freakin' insane. I N S A N E.

    :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey: :obey:

    I'd love to congratulate team Brazil and their fans as well, for making it to the final and being an absolutely unique team, always giving their best. I know it's tough for you guys, this is not what you've wanted, but you're a legendary team regardless and I applaud you for everything you've achieved and left on the court. Bravo! :obey:

    Team Germany! Who would've expected this? :drink: Bravo guys! Congrats on your bronze medals to the team and their fans! Enjoy it! :)

    France! God*amn it. Nevertheless, congrats on showing really incredible game! And Jenia Grebennikov on getting the best libero award! Totally well deserved.

    And...the rest of the teams that have participated in this breathtaking tournament. And players. Who have not been mentioned or awarded, despite deserving it A LOT. You are my heroes.

    Ok, so it's the end. IRI-RUS game wasn't exciting at all, just as expected. Russians having a good day on the serve, Iranians having no day for anything at all. It still was a great overall performance from Iran, though. And I've been saying that forever now, I know. I'm really happy and proud of them, hopefully we'll get to see them playing consistently on a top level regularly from now on :)

    Thank you guys so much! :flower: Now rest as much as you can, if that's even possible :D And congrats Sborna, for a quick victory ;)

    Whoever needs this 5-6 places game in the end of long and exhausting tournament. It's absolutely meaningless and boring. iranians just can't find motivating for it at all.

    Yeah, I sensed that, and I absolutely don't blame them for that. They're already exhausted both physically and mentally, had to travel to freakin' Łódź again just to play a meaningless 5th place match. They're totally resigned and unmotivated. Not long now...

    Hmm, I see Bartek is pissed because we banned his spammer troll friends. Let me tell you a few things and I will close down the ban topic.

    1. I didn't write the full word. It was deliberately chosen and I had my reasons. Yes, maybe it sounds a bit harsh, I am sorry if it is disturbing, but as I said, I had reasons. I know how difficult it is to promote volleyball in a pure football land (Germany, but it's the case in most countries), so when they flood the stream with ads they make you go away. The topic is long, I won't start it here, I would in a separate thread if you want me to. I stay behind my words, the more inappropriate of which I didn't write in full text.
    2. I didn't insult a forum member, a player or a nationality. I didn't provoke racist or minority discussions. It was pointed at the way they treat the chance to watch live streams. How many such posts did you have in Poland? Many, right?
    3. Don't worry, I have a life outside the forum, I don't come here all the time. I do it now more than ever because there is a lot to do. I could disappear for a month, no worries.

    Someone has finally said it! :obey: