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    We actually never saw Aguirre Perdomo playing, she's probably not so bad as some statistics would suggest...even because I often don't give so much trust to statistics. Let's wait and see how she really is on court and then we can have an

    I saw her 2 times and I was not impressed. She wasn't in starting 6 in 3 of the last games. So, I agree about money

    yes, I think she want live with her girlfriend Leyla Chihuan

    OK but there still a problem : she had a last season contract with Beziers...
    So now, Beziers must replace her (find a good setter at the end of july !) and what about financial
    Will Aranda pay back from this season (or a part ?)
    And she even could not participate to next ECH in september !

    Beziers could take Stefania Dall'Igna (1.75m, 29, Urbino) ?

    Thank u! :flower: So she has some experience will be nice to see how she goes in a bigger team though.

    She finished as the best blocker in french Ligue A.
    She had good performances at the end of the season and did reach that non-official title
    but true in statistiques

    She has power and she's quick

    Béziers totally deserved their victory for the 3rd game. It was just the opposite
    of the second game.
    Even if I'm from Mulhouse, Béziers was never in danger.
    Great defense, good attacks and many blocks. And a very stable reception
    Mulhouse was so down, bad. I'm very disappointed about the way Mulhouse's girls
    showed to the puclic :-((
    I told Béziers vice-president (we were basket-ball great fans in Mulhouse... 26 years ago
    to share this next 2 weeks with pleasure.

    And after that, an amazing work to prepare next Champion's League conditions
    it seems in a "book" of 160 pages as "rules" !!! Salary, arena, translater... etc

    And I prefer to go to Italy or so. Mulhouse knows Istanbul so well for 5 years :-))
    But to see Béziers in Zurich (2½ hours from Mulhouse) would be cool

    And Alesha Deesin (1.90m, USA, MB, Béziers) is so cool, cute & she (really) has
    the most beautiful eyes in France !!! sorry Vicca ;-)
    Take care
    Good luck

    I never expected Naz to play this well, she's only 22 yo and already plays like a veteran. Turkish NT and her clubs gave her a lot of chances and now she's giving a shot. she used to be unstable when the her team got screwed or the situation was going to critical, but this season she plays a very consistent and stable volleyball. She's such a gifted setter considering she's had so many experiences already compared to other setters around her age, tall and maybe her beauty as well. a couple of years ago some of turkish fans were saying something negative about her and Ozge should be main setter in stead of Naz, but it looks like right now It's a completed topic already :thumbup: Thanks to Naz, Chris has been having her best season ever :D

    Hi I'm Totally agree with you
    I discovered her when she was 17 or 18 old. So great and now stable as you said.
    She is the best setter in Europe... or as Leo but Leo is my favourite to my heart 'cause her history
    Gözde is the best OH in Europe and the master\heart\soul of Vakiif' + Chris best MB in Europe
    What a fantastic trio !!!

    Best setter naz and best server brinker 8o Naz is getting really better and better thanks to guidetti.And brinker im proud of u,as i said before u have a really good potential and im glad that u started to show it :flower:

    totally agree. Brinker was so good today and she improved this year
    Guidetti must be so happy... Chris' still a great MB, Kozuch is now better that the start of the season
    and now new OH like Maren Brinker. Good news for german N.T

    I hope to meet them (him) in next 2013 European Championship !

    Where did you have this info ? Yes, on the website, Mulhouse and Calais conserve their ranking.
    But, nobody of Mulhouse (that is true !) came for the moment to the lnv in Paris and to explain about financial problems

    But I hope that "my" team from Mulhouse will keep those points.

    And how Beziers can pay 5 National Team players with a budget that is not mentionned in the big 4 ?
    Why Beziers has not some similar financial problems...
    Strange, strange

    Hello everybody
    Can someone tell me why Georgina Soledad Pinedo (1.79m, OH, 31) captain of Argentina N.T
    left from Bursa Buyuksehir Belediyespor for some weeks ago ?

    She just signed with french team Cannet/Rocheville as a medical "joker", to remplace
    both OH Titia Sustring (Netherlands) and Sanja Bursac (Serbia)

    Was she out of shape ? Financial problems in this club ?
    Didn't she arrive to play there (about coach's system)

    Thanks for you answer

    Take care

    Happy New Year !!! :drink: :drink: :win: :win: :heart: :flower:

    Well what can I tell to everyone in this forum
    Many pleasure with great games and high level
    To see the "fighting spirit" in the right sense for each favourite team

    But, of course, happy new year

    health for you, guys and Girls (hope there are some on this forum ;-)
    love for you and your family
    And, at the opposite of all the energy of war's, to use it for good things around the world

    Take care everybody
    Happy New Year

    I might be wrong. But my impression from watching the Cannes team the day when i was in the hall in Basel: they have an amazing team spirit. It may sound a bit like a cliché, but they look a bit like one big "family" (players and staff). I think the Cannes management does a great job with their transfers, they maybe not sign with the biggest stars but with players who "suit" in their team and have a good potential to develop over the long term.

    I agree with you but don't forget that Vicka is a so great great captain and player.
    Don't forget too that there is 4 or 5 players (ex Yougoslavia origin) by the SB-Community agents...
    But, yes, Cannes is something like a family.
    And VakifBank Istanbul, isn't it the same (as I remeber after its fantastic win at F4 2011) ?

    Yan Fang is a great coach to develop young talents
    On the other hand, they take great players like Cardullo last season not to let her free for another team !

    M. Barbolini said after the game:« I newer saw a so long set by more than 40 (points and minutes. It was justincredible » !
    And I saw than an assistan-coach from Sesi didn't give his hand with Cannes staff member (not the coach)Pfuhh !!!! Those Brazilian did not accept this result. Poor poor and uncorrect manBut the girls were nice. I don't want to criticize Brazil's men or women. As often, just the one guy...But what great suspens and emotions !

    It's later but here my stats for the 2 finals :Volero Zurich -
    Galatasaray Istanbul : 1-3.
    By set : 46-48, 24-26,
    25-17, 20-25.

    : 77/173 attacks (44%). Carrillo (45/83, 4 bks), Ninkovic (14/29, 2
    bks), Onyejekwe (11/18, 1 bk), Klaric (7/18, 1 bk), Granvorka
    (7/20),Voitenko (2/5, 1 bk), Marbach (1/3), Unternährer (0/2),
    Hashimoto (0/4). 5 points serve (Carrillo 2, Unternährer 2, Klaric
    1). 12 blocks (Ninkovic 5, Carrillo 3, Klaric 2, Onyejekwe 2). 25
    errors : 19 in attack and 6 serve.

    Starting 6 : Hashimoto (and Marbach), Voitenko (and Grandvorka),
    Klaric (and Unternährer), Carrillo, Ninkovic, Onyejekwe. Libero :
    Rosic. Coach : D. Baltic.

    : 78/172 attacks (45%).
    Rosir Calderon (24/59, 5 bks), Ozsoy (22/47, 2 bks), Gioli (16/30, 1
    bk), Molnar (8/22, 2 bks), Barut (7/15, 2 bks), Konar (0/2). 4 points
    serve (Lo Bianco). 9
    blocks (Gioli 3, Barut 2, Calderon 2, Ozsoy 1, Konar 1). 20 errors :
    13 in attack and 7 serve.
    6 : Lo Bianco (and Konar), Molnar (and Cayirgan), Ozsoy (and
    Alikaya), Barut (and Ilyasoglu), Gioli. Libero : Sano. Coach : M.
    Sesi Sao Paulo – RC
    Cannes : 1-3.
    By sets :19-25, 25-23, 20-25,
    SP : 44/146
    attacks (30%). Caixeta (16/54, 6bks), De Oliveira (9/28, 2bks),
    Claudino (8/15, 3bks), Silva Correa (5/18, 2bks), Gonzaga (1/16,
    1bk), Felix (4/9), Albuquerque (1/1), Lins (0/4, 1bk). 4 points serve (Claudino 3, Caixeta 1).
    13 blocks (Silva Correa
    6, Claudino 2, Lins 2, De Oliveira 2, Caixeta 1). 21 errors : 15 in
    attack and 6 in serve.
    6 : «Dani» Lins (and Albuquerque), Almeida de Oliveira, Gonzaga
    (and Dos Santos Silva), Caixeta (and Felix), Silva Correa, «Fabi»
    Claudino. Libero : Fillipelli. Coach : Curto de Oliveira.
    : 58/148 in attacks (39%). Mihajlovic (15/46, 3bks), Centoni (13/30,
    3 bks), Ravva (11/25, 1 bk), Kozlova (6/17, 2 bks), Rasic (11/25, 3
    bks), Markevich (2/2), Antonijevic (0/2). 4 points serve (Mihajlovic,
    Centoni, Van de Vyver and Markevich). 15 blocks (Ravva 7, Rasic 5,
    Antonijevic 2, Kozlova 1).

    Starting 6 : Antonijevic, Kozlova, Mihajlovic, Centoni (and
    Markevich), Rasic (and Van de Vylver), Ravva. Libero : Arcangeli.
    Coach : A. Gasté.