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    Yes, that's why I said we will see after sokolova and merkulova back in the national team. It's actually awful that only 2 players (safronova and kabeshova) take receptions and the stuff players focus on attacking. at least it will be needing 2 wing spikers who can be able to dig and help libero up. well, murtazaeva and sedova took some parts of receptions on the Grandprix of 2009. But on this european championship, the didn't. It's a sure thing that Russia has a big problem of reception. because there's a certain reason. honestly, I can't understand the Russian coach somehow.

    sadly these young russian wing spikers don't seem to be talanted at recieving and digging after all, kosheleva,fateeva,Naumova and makarova for instance. Russia will need sokolova until even London, if russia keeps going like that. hopefully they're gonna find a good way to solve this problem(even though I ain't a big fan of russian team)
    anyways, Thanks mathias. But I know that volleyball ain't a popular sport in Germany like in sweden(perhaps in Sweden is even less popular) :) so, there's a diffucultness to see apitz and german league via online.

    Imagine, If Fofao or Lo bianco was from Russia. I bet no one would bet russia up. I mean Sokolova is the best player amongst the world as a spiker,as a receiver or digger.(she's experienced and skilled) and Gamova also Godina. but sheshenina wasn't able to use them rightly. neither marina akulova could.
    It sounds great that Sokolova may back to the national team,but russia has to find a new setter who can give balls correctly and share balls to all the players. and I agree about how bad russian reception is. but when Merkulova and Sokolva are back,probably it will be solved and we will see =/

    by the way,where does apitz play now? I'd like to see her in the german team again. but germany already has weiss,hanke and mollers. hard!

    I think there's no setter who can set as good as Lo bianco in europe. Katleen weiss and Kim staelens have the same problem when they need to set correctly. staelens's toss seems to be really slow,especially tosses for flier. also Germany needs a better setter than Weiss. I suppose Hanke and Apitz played well in 2007 and last year. but they weren't in the tournerment,and I think Mollers is a setter for blocking.(she is too tall as a setter,hehe)

    also Russia seriously needs to change the main setter. sheshenina hasn't been changed anything since the athnee olympics. when she's with Gamova,she gives all the balls to Gamova.

    there's no doubt about Gamova is an amazing player,but she ain't god. therefore sheshenina had to share balls to the middle blockers(although Merkulova was injuried,but somehow Borodakova and Sedova ain't that bad at attacking) and Kosheleva.

    Italy has the best setter amongst the world, but I would like to see Rondon as the main setter. I watched her sets on the monterux. she played quite well,and she is really tall. so,she could be a good replace player of Lo bianco in future(Ferretti has to compete with her)

    Korea? :P here's an obvious reason, not to wonder. Japan can beat korea up easily (Korea seems to be much weaker than Japan) and If japan invited a team from europe or cuba, they would be rather beaten up. no one bets to japan win against them.
    anyway,it seriously sucks. Japan,Thailand,Korea. ugh, asian championship again?
    thought they would invite an european team like Russia or Germany for instance. oops, no one will be interested.

    on the other hands, it's great to see ITALY vs BRAZIL. this may be the unique match which is really really exciting and deserve.

    I really wonder why the hell italy was suddenly beaten up by usa in the olympics of 2008. Del core wasn't called because of her injury and Aguero wasn't able to show all of her abilities though. It was a shame anyway :( italian team is just perfect at the moment. i bet there's no one who can stop them so far.

    BTW, has lucia crisanti entered the italian team? I haven't seen her in this tournement. I remember that Valentina Arrighetti was a replace of Barazza and Gioli. on the other hadns, too bad guiggi isn't on the team. although she was one of the members of 2007.

    Haha, I also thought Gioli or Lo bianco would be MVP.
    anyway, Lo bianco won best setter, no doubts. there are no setter that are better than lo bianco :D

    Congratulations, Poland :) It was a wonderful match. I bet If poland was the champion, Joanna kaczor would be the MVP player(although, Baranska and Gajgal were also great) and sorry for Deutschland. but they're too young and also talanted,(Kozuch,Brinker,Furst and the stuff) they might beat anyone up soon.

    and now Azzurri and Orange. I like both of them, but I guess Italy's gonna beat the netherlands up about 3-1 or 3-2 ^^

    Kopf hoch Mädels.

    Fürst! what an amazing middle-blocker :D Glückwünsche,christiane :win: BTW, It's too bad that Baranska isn't in the list of best server. She is one of the best servers among Flier,Carillo and the stuff.

    I am talking about this kind of tuning horns.Wake up.It is a closed sport hall.You can support a team in other ways.With this kind of mechanical noise the only think that you can do it's to break the balls of the opponents and the other spectactors.

    Come to Sweden and see how's crowd going :thumbup:no one cares about volleyball, and we won't be noticed which teams play volleyball in the tournerment exactly.(except me :P) thus, you will be watching volleyball without any noise, unless if it's a game of Swedish team :roll:

    Germany Poland The netherlands Italy on the WGP 2010, perfect :P this is was my expectation. actually WGP 2009 was basicially boring without Cuba and Italy(on the other hands it was gr8 to see another new teams and stuff though)

    Hopefully Guiggi will be playing on the next WGP :) Forza Martina !