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    Japanese Roster

    1.Kurihara Megumi(OH) 186cm
    3.Takeshita Yosie(S) 159cm
    4.Inoue Kaori(MB) 182cm
    6.Sano Yuko(L) 159cm
    7.Okano Hiroko(S) 167cm
    9.Ishida Mizuho(OH) 173cm
    10.Shoji Yuki(MB) 182cm
    (C) 11.Araki Erika(MB) 186cm
    12.Kimura Saori(OH) 185cm
    13.Kano Maiko(OP) 184cm
    18.Sakashita Maiko(OP) 180cm
    19.Hamaguchi Kanari(L) 167cm

    Kurihara - Inoue - Kano
    Kimura - Araki - Takeshita

    It's official. Bethania De la cruz and Milagros Cabral which are named as dominican national team players are going to keep playing In korea in the same team as last season. also, Karina Ocasio from Puertorico will be playing in Korea. this news was written in korean as my friend says.

    Italy is obviousy the best team in Europe, no doubt. Lo bianco leads the team very well also her toss skill is amazingly good, and italy has awesome middle blockers. Gioli,Barazza and Guiggi for instance. I hope Barbolini makes Guiggi asone of the starting players though. the unique thing I'm worried of italian team is the wing spikers are getting old (though they're still good players,and there's no doubt about it) Piccinini,Aguero and another one? it will be Del core or Rinieri i guess? they both are surely good players,but italy needs some young players who are able to replace of Piccinini and stuff. ah yes, italy has a good player who is named 'ortolani'. she can be a good replace of aguero.
    by the way, is cardullo joined already?

    If I'm right It would be
    Rinieri or Del core-Gioli-Lo bianco

    And Poland...

    I'm seriously disappointed about skowronska can't be in this tournerment neither. I miss Glinka,Skowronska,Rosner,Dziekiewicz,Liktoras,Podolec and Skorupa as hell. but there's Kaczor and Baranska in the polish team. I'll support them surely. Kaczor got much better than last year. she made load of attack mistakes last year,but she got much better and i could see she's really talanted. well, I wish the polish main coach would think more and more that, Bednarek and Gajgal should be the main middle blockers if dziekiewicz is still injuried or she isn't in the team. Pykosz is a good player,but she's too short to be a middle blocker and Bednarek/Gajgal have a better attack skill, also block skill. on the other hands, poland also needs a tall player. Baranska and Jagielo are quite good, but they need a big player like Glinka or Podolec.


    I don't know. I'm just hoping Spasojevic will join to the team,but i know it's not possible. I think It's up to Maja ognejnovic. she has to use middle more.

    The netherlands...
    dutch team played very well till now. Staelens and Flier...they're really good players, and there's no doubt about Wensink,Huurman and Visser. but Kim staelens seemed so nervous when she dutch team had a crisis. I also think K.Staelens is the key of dutch team as Ognejovic is.

    van tienen

    personally this is my favourite team. but germany needs a better spiker than heike beier. she's talanted at recieving and digging. but she was truly bad at attacking in the grand-prix. well, katleen weiss doesnt seem a good setter neither, i think denise hanke will be better. well. Kozuch plays really well as well, but she has to reduce her mistakes when she's nervous. and Furst/Susschke! they played much better than i thought =/ Furst is being one of the best middle blockers(well,i dont mean she was bad before,but she got much better than before as u know!)

    Go Germany!