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    From the Official CEV Communication : The ranking of teams is determined by the points awarded for matches won and lost. Points awarded per match to each team:
    • Winner 3:0 or 3:1 3 points
    • Winner 3:2 2 points
    • Loser 2:3 1 point
    • Loser 1:3 or 0:3 0 point In case of equality in the number of points gained by two or several teams, they will be classified in
    descending order by the number of matches won. If the tie persists, as per number of matches won, they will be classified in descending order by the
    set quotient resulting from the division of the number of all sets won by the number of all sets lost. If the tie persists, as per the set quotient, they will be classified in descending order by the set points
    quotient resulting from the division of all set points scored by the total of set points lost during all sets. If the tie continues, as per the sets points quotient, the teams are ranked according to the result(s) of
    the match(es) they have been disputing between them.

    do u have some statistics? I mean players scoring? or who played? :flower:

    i´m sorry, i have no statistics.
    Starting six
    USC Münster: Jelinkova, Kasperski, Cutura, Bathen, Berg, Hildebrand, Dörendahl. Substitutes: v.Piekartz, Sloetjes, Wiley
    Schweriner SC: Hanke, Esdelle, Topic, Retzlaff, Haugen Aas, Kauffeld, Thomsen. Substitutes: Hakuta
    Dresdener SC: Apitz,Pietersen, Thieme, Matthes, de Kruijf, Karg, Tzscherlich Substitutes: Sperl, Cmaylo
    RR Vilsbiburg: ?( i dont rember me to exactly rooster, they have so many new players: Möllers, Mesa Luaces, Meyer, Schoot, Tood, Dürr, Substitutes: Petrausch, Ittlinger, El-Wassimy

    One week before the season starts in the german volleyball league, four clubs playing this weekend a friendly tournament, the LVM Champions Cup in Münster.

    USC Münster : Schweriner SC 1:3 (25:13, 22:25, 27:29, 19:25)
    Dresdener SC : Rote Raben Vilsbiburg 3:1 (21:25, 25.17, 25:20, 25:20)

    Schweriner SC . Dresdener SC
    USC Münster : Rote Raben Vilsbiburg

    Schweriner SC : Rote Raben Vilsbiburg
    USC Münster : Dresdener SC

    Can anyone tell me how was place 5 to 8 decided ???
    It's strange because place 5 and 6 award direct qualification for 2013 and Poland and Russia got the spot by losing 3-0
    and The Netherland lost 3-1 and they are only 7th ??

    From CEV Official Regulations (Article :
    The teams losing the QUARTER-FINALS matches shall be automatically eliminated from the
    FINAL ROUND and the teams will be classified as 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th following the addition of all
    results in the QUARTER-FINAL match and the matches of the PRELIMINARY POOLS.

    #Volleyball #Münster Friendly Match GER:ITA 0:1 (1.Set: 8:6, 14:16, 18:21, 19:25 )
    GER: Weiß, Kozuch, Burchardt, Brinker, Ssuschke, Fürst, Tzscherlich
    ITA: Anzanello Barcellini Crisanti Rondon Ortolani Bosetti Carocci

    The 2013 CEV European Championship will be played in Germany and Switzerland! The finals are to be played in Berlin, at the splendid Max-Schmeling-Halle!

    These are the host cities:

    1. Round (6.- 8.9.2013)
    Halle/Westf. (GER)
    Schwerin (GER)
    Dresden (GER)
    Zürich (SUI)
    2. Round (10.-11.9.2013)
    Halle/Westf. (GER)
    Zürich (SUI)
    Semifinals and Final (14.-15.9.2013)
    Berlin (GER)