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    What a joke this award .. The best player should be Garay .. If Japan likes to reward his players should buy the next time the championship too ..

    Anyway .. A good year for Brazil .. 5 championships players .. 5 championships won .. 36 games with 35 wins ..

    In an interview after the game .. The Brazilian players commented that the motivation to beat Italy was the provocation that the Italians before the game .. Adenizia was hit by a ball on purpose .. Giola and Thaisa exchanged insults the entire game .. I request all opponents of Brazil to do the same thing against our players .. Happens because when provoked what happened on 3 set..

    Are you kidding? World in Italy? Never again ..
    No longer just the example of shame in men?
    ALWAYS home team in the group had fallen easier .. And in Italy .. Also they put the best teams to meet before .. While Italy would only get poor team ..

    Only in Italy who delivered the game comes out as a champion .. Note: The people have short memories .. Nobody will remember this fact, but we were champions ..

    Just got back from gym. And I can say that the USA did not play anything from what they know. Maybe it's fatigue.

    Jaque played .. So I think the injury it should not be serious ..

    Hej friends from Brazil, woul you be so kind and inform me what time today's match BRA-POL starts?

    Our TV will not show the matches, its strange as it ussually does, don't know why not this time ?( ?( ?(

    Anyhow, do you have any website where I can watch the game???? HELP PLEASE!!!

    The next game is at 1 hour (10:00 GMT). The channel that Brazil will be broadcasting the games is the SporTV. I'll try to find some site that streams the game.

    From today's Poland had played three friendlies against the Brazilian team. The host city is Curitiba. City to have many descendants of Polish .. The main adversary for selection will not be the Brazilians but the warmth that is in town .. In this winter with 30C or 86F degrees . Curiosity: the selection demanded in all meals were served in watermelons;; =D

    Hisamitsu Springs [/color]
    2009-10 Elisangela Oliveira -> ?
    [color=#00ff00]2010-11 ?

    Elisangela Oliveira >>> Sollys Osasco (BRA)

    Funny how the Japanese league can not hold foreign players. Each player throws one year and then find another league.

    A curious fact I noticed that the Polish team .. Skowrońska a player is very soft. In all attacked balls in his direction instead of trying to defend them she preferred to protect themselves. To cite just one example opposite. Takeshita against Brazil suffered with three balls in his face and yet never gave up .. This type of scene disrupts the union of the group ..

    Will Caroline Gattaz return to the NT or did she also retire from the NT like Walewska did?

    Carol is still part of the selection. But has suffered many injuries followed. Today she would be the fourth option for the position. Fabiana, Thaisa and Adenizia are the first options. Natalia Martins was part of the work of Ze Roberto.