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    How they gave the MVP award to Buti is beyond me. There was unstoppable trio , Juantorena-Zaytsev-Lanza, all hitting +60%.There was the young Giannelli playing without any mistake.
    Maybe Buti got it because he is the captain but strange choise.

    You see the results of low quality education in exact sciences :)

    Great Juantorena, great game! Let's hope and pray the ranking to stay the same until the end if it is possible.

    Sir, do you know, by chance, the meaning of the five olympic rings? The olympics aren't supposed to be meritocratic (at least not in the primary sense), it's about being democratic, to have participation from all the regions of the world. To have 14 european teams we already have the World Championship.

    Sport by definition is competition, the best teams should get there and best of the best should win. All else makes no sense. It is not sport per se.

    We have national holiday in Bulgaria on Monday and Tuesday /22.09.2015 is the Independence Day/, so at least some working people will be able to watch it :)

    How will USA benefits from less European teams in the Olympics? This it not a question, it's an answer.

    Mousavi is the most consistent MB in the tournament so far, not disappointing! Velasco with Bulgarian tactics - send everything to Conte, he can handle it. I am very sad that such a [put offensive word here] is president of FIVB and is sacking Europe, but this will backfire, USA will benefit, not Brazil.

    There is a difference between growing a game and having a game. Sabotage over sport rules /may the best team win/ via quotas and ever-changing schemes for the highest bidder is not helping volleyball. The management, compared to basketball or soccer is ridiculous.

    I said it before, I still believe it, Kurek is going to be huge as opposite, even if he fails all next matches at this world cup. He seems reborn on this new position, more suitable for his physique.

    Giannelli is selected as the MVP of the match (6 aces,3 blocks) but I think his setting was below average. Zaytsev was clearly not happy with the setting.
    Lanza suddenly emerged as the weak link in the reception which Australia couldn't convert to its advantage.
    And Osmany needs to lose weight because he looks overweight,like the second coming of Luiz Diaz :lol: Also he needs to stop screaming so loudly 'haydi', Turkish word for 'come on'
    I don't think anybody listens Blengini at the time-outs.He looks like a little child next to players :P
    For me Italy was below expectations, the score was mostly determined by Australian mistakes,yesterday USA looked much better than them against the same opponent.
    Australia must be the tournament's worst team along with Tunusia

    We say "hayde" for come on in Bulgarian :) He may have catched from years with Stoychev and Kaziyski too

    Every NT has own main aims in this season. Teams like France, Bulgaria won't participate in World Cup that gives Olympics qualification so your main aim is ECH.
    From Polish side their 1st aim is World Cup and they wanna be in the best shape there, not at ECH but it doesn't mean ECH will be not important.

    The point is that if they didn't get place on the Olympics /the worst olympic volleyball tournament ever it will be with the stupid quotas/ they will want to win final here, and after so many matches they will be more prone to injuries and tired.

    Dear Bartek,

    I stated some facts that are measurable and can be proven with stats. You stated 0 facts other than the 13th place which can not disprove my facts and the statistics. What are you laughing at? You inadequacy ?

    I don't know why I am leading yet another discussion with you, it's like listening to a broken gramophone, but let me do it once more very briefly. Every post of yours is linked to Stoychev, either with some weird, off-topic comparison or a quote and it has started to get embarrassing long time ago. I feel like you won't come here and write about stuff unless you have had a dose of Stoychev for the day. For God's sake, he is a great coach, but he is not almighty (and he is well-known for his self-confidence which would never allow him to be the underdog in any situation, regardless of what he says in interviews or how he treats Trento as a lesser title contender). In this interview he also claims that the number of different opinions equals the number of people there are, but you didn't quote that one. Yes, right now I can give you and Stoychev at least 7-8 teams that are better than Bulgaria, so we have no business shortly after top 3, but rather fight with top 10 teams. As we were discussing with Bartek and bella though, things could change dramatically, but I seriously doubt already that Konstantinov is the man to alter this situation. Stoychev mentions the absence of Sokolov and Kaziyski, but these are all big IFs. We don't know if we would beat France with them either, you can't compare two matches in a span of three years. Also, Stoychev, albeit an extremely successful club coach, couldn't in any way handle our NT and had no remarkable results (meaning no semis and no medals) even with Kaziyski, Sokolov, and whoever else he wanted to have. This should make you think that your mentor Stoychev might be wrong sometimes as well. I also enjoyed some games of the NT back then, but nothing more. So he is equally responsible for the missed opportunities by this generation. Sure, he wasn't left by the federation to stay an entire Olympic cycle, we all know most of the things he wanted to develop were great, but he had no results to earn himself more time.

    Last, to be patriotic and to be objective are two different things. And you should acknowledge when your opponent gave you little chance to counter simply because they were much better and had spent these last three years working instead of leading internal fights.

    Just like Stoychev, I can also have my own opinion.

    If you try to talk only with arguments and not getting personal would be very good. It will be sign not only of well formed reasoning, but also proof of having manners.

    If you try to be objective you will recognize that Stoychev did what he promised - delivered the team to the Olympics where they got 4th thanks to his work and Camillo's. We beat almost the same looking France with much better game than we displayed in Varna, overall we played on another level which was very easy to see. Winning huge trophies with lack of full squad /Salparov missing 2011, Zhekov 2012/ and with Argentina deliberatly falling from Poland and Poland from Slovakia also had some part of the lack of medals. Btw, with Placi we didn't get medals too, or with Plamen so far. Don't forget Stoychev won most club trophies with full squad in Trentino, he didn't have the same luck in our NT. You are may be right he is overconfident /or me/ but with the same probability you, rugby and Plamen could be underconfident in our team. /or with higher probabillity, to say diplomatically/.

    Talking about Stoychev is not so much from patriotism as is from perfectionism. He, Resende and some USA coaches show what it means to make a team play music with their game.

    Valentin Bratoev had huge role in getting the silver in Baku, good attack vs the block + on of the best serves in the world. Not strong in reception, but played in France last year. Gotsev played good season in Monza last year, served well /he actually decided some games with his float/, blocked ok, spiked good. He has some bursts for the NT /one time when we made 6 blocks in a row vs Italy in WL finals 2013 as I recall/ vs Germany on the final in Baku he made 7 blocks, most of them against their MBs.

    Well, since they liked my previous post, I'll give them better sources. Straight from Berruto's words. :D :rolll:

    They should look at THIS. It comes from Berruto's personal blog. It is a post where he tells how much his capitan will be missed. Expecially because of the great person he is. And the best memory he has about him comes from the olympic medal cerimony, when Savani received his bronze medal and opened the suit, showing Bovolenta's shirt number 16.

    Go writing how good the NT was and how bad is now. Good work, mates. :wavy:

    That's so qute :lol:

    Bartek - since 1970 is clear that our players don't want to win titles and are satisfied going on final or beating the future champion. I am not satisfied but I don't play or train them for strength. Just poor mentality and lack of will for victory. Not my fault.