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    Poland - Bulgaria 3:2 or 2:3, we have better spikers and defense than Russia (they have only Gamova) and the best serve in this championship (see the statistics). If we don't make more mistakes than you the game will have a tiebreak

    Bulgaria - Spain 3:1, with better coach we could be among the favorites, we have the players for that.

    About 25:9 - this happens in women volleyball, bigger amplitudes than in the male game

    Thank you :) This year Bulgaria got the bronze medal in the first editiion of the female's European League, and our youth reached the semi-final in the world championship, losinf for the bronze from Brazil 2:3. Eva Yaneva and Strashimira FIlipova got three titles in France with Cannes, the setter is experienced, Iliyana Petkova is from the team, which got bronze medal in 2001 from the european championship. We were better than Netherland in serve and in reception most of the time, but you have better defense - more accurate for the counter attack (our men's team have the same problem with the defense and this and the errors made the difference against Poland - that's how the best attack in the world was not enough), and with better trainer. You looked more integrated than us.

    The next year our youth players will go in the A team and we expect more medals :)

    Netherlands, Italy - the best so far.

    Yes, I am !
    I saw all the three matches of Bulgaria and I think that they played quite well , at least they win two matches :dance4:
    You are right, Strashimira Filipova is the key player of Bulgaria team,
    but I was more impressed from no. 16 Elitsa Vasileva, I think she is pretty and has potential to be a strong spiker !!! :thumbsup:

    Filipova was not that good today. Our team is not better that Poland or Spain - great players, weak trainer :(

    May be he is born in Argentina, but he is definitely Italian Trainer. Student of Silvano Prandi ;)

    About the best European team - as you can see from FIVB this is Russia, according to their criteria. Most of the time this ranking is subjective, because there is no absolute criteria, except when one team wins all the time everything, so we can argue both sides, but I agree with this ranking. After your title, however, you can climb at the top in Europe if you keep that momentum.

    About fthe favorites - Bulgaria has the same problem as you - we don't play well as favorites. We gave you the match, because of that, otherwise could be 3:2 or 2:3

    The reasons Poland to win are several:

    1. The polish players are complex players - they have all elements from the game above average, like the Brazilian ones. This means good tradition and investments in the youth and also good Italian trainers.

    2. The polish players also have the physics - tall and with good jump.

    3. In this competition, Poland was not favorite for the title and they played without any pressure. Even the polish audience didn't have great expectations about them. This let them win. I've seen matches in 2007, when the expectations were the reason for poor performances and now this burden was gone.

    4. They played with only a few errors - this made the difference in the second set against Bulgaria and this helped them to win against France at the final. This summer, after the World League Poland lost only one match - the first friendly match with Bulgaria - Bulgaria - Poland 3:0. The reason was that this game was under the old rules. The high accuracy is very important in the modern volleyball and they have it.

    5. Italian trainer.

    6. A little bit of luck in key moments of several games in the tournament - but this is the smallest reason and the luck is with the strongest trams. Bulgaria for example had a little bit of luck against Netherlands and that was all - all went for this game :)

    Conclusion: Deserved champions. The next year they will be favorites and this may stop them from replacing Brazil as a super-power in men's volleyball. Poland does not play well as a favorite. I hope we can beat them at the final :)

    Did someone watch their playing, I know that they are not favorites, but I hope at least one more guy/girl has seen the games with Belgium or Belarus and is impressed from Strashimira FIlipova as I am?

    My name is Luchesar and I am very close to Bavaria - Bulgaria.

    I am a fan of volleyball since 1994, and my favorite teams are Bulgaria, Cuba and Brazil. The first two - because of their athletes, the last - because of their creativity

    Players: Lubo Ganev, Huantorena, Simon Aties Roberlandy (The best middle-blocker in the world for me), Andrei Jekov (the best setter for bad balls - from negative reception, his setting from ugly positions is form of art), Strashimira Filipova (one of the best female blockers), Giba, because he is the teacher...

    I have good experience with people from Poland (I was in Orebro in 2007 under Erasmus and I met them there ), and I hope you will have nice chat with me :)