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    Congratulations to Germany! They prepared for this tournament, played professionally in every match and got what deserved. Bulgaria had the invidiual players to beat them, but not the level of preparedness. The task of the coach is not only to select good tactics, but also to prepare the players to produce consistent and quality performance in every match and so far we are failing this task on both fronts. I am not optimistc about our chances to go to the Olympics with this level of amateurism. I miss the days of Prandi and Stoychev.

    Btw, who is your list of best players for the tournament? I think both Nikolov and Gotsev should be the MB's, but apart from that most of the others could be from Germany or Poland.

    While Russians repeat our last year failure /life imitates art/ we won third match vs Cuba, but made a total domination look like equal game / You can't spike over the block of Todorov, this is pure fantasy/ thanks to 32 unforced errors. Skrimov was on fire today :)

    Dont mind raylight. He is just a bit biased and over-patriotic :gone:

    Yes, extremely biased person dealing 24/7 with exact science, much more predisposed to subjective and irrational thinking than some volleyball player or coach some levels bellow in the food chain of education.

    Bulgaria send a team with 7th and 8th choices for opposite, 3rd choice for setter and two bench players /for OH -Penchev and Skrimov are the main players for Konstantinov/. Furthermore, all of our OH have bad reception, this levels the difference in experience, since Poland is a balanced team /with Woicki, Konarski and Kosok it is not exactly that B team/ without weak elements.

    The behavior of Iranianian players was really awful today.
    They behave very similar to Bulgarian players today
    during match against Poland in European Games.
    It is pathetic that they are not able to behave properly. :down:

    And how exactly did Bulgarian players behave? I didn't see anything special.

    In the last 5 games between Bulgaria and Poland Bulgaria won all of them, and the last 4 are all won 3:2 :)

    Poland played better tactically and technically, but this time we didn't do many errors /Plamen Konstantinov should ask Nikolay Zhelyazkov how it is done/ and despite the lack of Nikolay Nikolov superpowering the match, our unbalanced team /all four OH are spikers, not receivers despite Aleksiev's progress/ won over the more balanced and better prepared, but less powerful opponent in the face of Poland.

    Edit: If you wonder How I write such lengthy sentences, it is because I read a lot of Russian classical literature as a young boy :D

    PS. Valentin Bratoev was unstoppable vs the triple block

    Strength can be improve with training up to 400% naturally, no excuses for athletes to be unprepared for their sports because of natural condition, btw someone who has high standing vertical jump is well suited genetically to improve from strength training //all top weight lisfters have high SVJ/

    Our bad luck, it's confirmed Kurek has back injury and won't play in Iran. I think this injury will decide we will lose soon our 2nd position in group and will not go to finals. Sorry, but I can't imagine us with weak, scared Jarosz, especially in such hell like Iran. Next even 2 wins against USA in Poland won't help. We must get even one point in Iran so... Also blaming Antiga Kurek is injured is so stupid because Kurek became so sensitive player, totally opposite how his health looked like in last years. It's so disappointing because Anderson is playing regularly like Bartosz, Anderson is even one year older than Kurek and Anderson hasn't such problems with health like Kurek. So disappointing...

    USA players have better strength training programs and are more resistant to the workload.

    Btw, I thought N. Penchev has improved this year, but his performance at WL has been awful so far. It's very common for him to have 30% attack efficiency in a match.

    I wouldn't blame him, he alone covers reception area for two, sometimes for three people. You can't spike after so much reception if you are not NBA material :bump:

    Today Velasco started a team with better players (Gauna in Crer out, Filardi in Zornetta out, Closter in Garrocq out) and as a result Argentina sweeped Bulgaria! (25-19, -19, -16) :white:

    Now I'm getting really hopeful about the future. This team, when Conte and Quiroga play, will make everyone talk about us again, you'll see 8)

    This time you completely deserved the victory, full destruction in 2nd and 3rd set! In the first we made all time record with 14 unforced errors. I watch every match of our NT since 2006 and I can assure you that with Prandi and Stoychev we did 5 errors per set, not 10. This is not risky game, it is unprofessional. The first match and the first set of the second showed that we are not progressing towards any goal, therefore we do not have a system. Only Skrimov played yesterday, the only world class spiker in the abscence of Aleksiev, Kaziyski and Sokolov.

    Yes, and If my mom had a dick she would be my dad :rolleyes: We play a style of low error, Bulgaria has a more risky game, it's perfectly natural for you to have more errors (and even then we made 35, not that good either).

    BTW we made more block than you :lol:

    That's because you have better spiking technique

    LDVolley, you didn't deserve more than 1 set in this game. We made 48 errors.

    It was really funny to me to wach Plamen Kontantinov to explain we need to lower the errors on serve /as someone who was very accurate shooter in backetball in school and university/. You don't get accuracy by telling, but by practicing and they are either not practicing or getting nothing out from practicing /which will land them in the very unlikely group of people who can not learn/.

    Btw, impressive reception of Argentina, it's like they have been training for years to became volleyball players, not like the opponent.

    Meaningless? Are you kidding me? Trentino are at the one end of the spectrum, and Bulgaria on the other. Don't give me the sweet talk how this is a club, they can select players, bla, bla,. bla. The only difference is the way they train. IF you want more relevant comparison, let's compare to USA NT. Some work hard, others dream.

    Germany - unforced errors: 17
    Bulgaria - unforced errors: 26

    Bulgaria with the main team would still lose. They don't train. Trentino makes an average of 12 errors in 3 sets, Bulgaria makes an average of 24. Keep dreaming of medals, instead of working for them

    "If you trust in yourself. . .and believe in your dreams. . .and follow your star. . . you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.


    Terry Pratchet