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    I read somwhere, that it was because of Panathinaikos, but I suppose it could have been some rumours. If Zagumny has some personal problems - it is completely different case.

    Yeah, I've just read an interview with Castellani. It seems that they aren't really problems, just his wife is pregnant and he's got additional responsibilities. I read an interview with Zagumny earlier and he said that there are some personal matters, but he didn't want to elaborate on that.

    6 out of 9 awards go to Korean players and yet they are only 3rd team of the Championships. Mysterious ;).
    I'm a little surprised that neither Korea nor China manage to get tho the final. I was quite impressed by the progress these teams made this year and their matches in World League 2009. I'm very disappointed with Australia too. I can understand them being behind Japan, Iran, Korea, China, even Kazakhstan but Indonesia ? I mean, really, Indonesia !? Shame on you Aussies ;).

    Greeks don't want to let him go I'm very angry with that

    And you probably shouldn't be because it seems it's not their fault. Zagumny said it was for personal reasons that he will be absent, didn't mention that Panathinaikos don't want to let him go. I'm not sure if they even could stop him. It's an official FIVB tournament, and they can't really force him to stay. What can they do, put him on the bench as a punishment ? Terminate his contract ? Let's be serious here, he's their biggest star ;)

    There is also nr 14 Ferreira Daniel, although he's missing from Pamapol squad on the PlusLiga official website.

    By the way, good job from them, snatching that set from "galacticos" ;) .

    Hi, my name is Piotr, 30 years old (well, almost), and i come from Zgierz in central Poland.

    I'm interested in volleyball, of course, since I'm on this forum, but besides that I like pretty much all of the other sports, be it football (soccer), rugby, track and field, biathlon, curling, or any other you can think of :D . By "like" I mean watching and cheering, because I really suck at doing them , although I play football a little (rather poorly) and I swim from time to time (not to good either) ;) .

    About other interests: I am a historian working currently on a doctoral thesis abut a Peace Treaty with Japan after a second world war (well, the topic is little wider but I spare you the details :D ) . So that mean I'm interested in history and The Land of The Rising Sun. Besides that i like stuff like anthropology, physics, genetics, and so on, of course not on a professional level. Generally I can say that i like to know and understand things ;) .

    Coming back to volleyball I can say that i like all the Polish Teams, as for other I'm not constant, my cheering depends on circumstances. For instance i like Finland NT (men) as underdogs, Brazil NT as the best team which is really fun to watch and Germany NT because the are coached by Raul Lozano ;) (Raul, I will never forget Japan '06 :D ). I can feel sympathy towards pretty much all the teams, maybe besides Russia ;) .