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    I still insist the supposed home advantage was anything but and they might have as well played anywhere else. They would have probably even been better off.

    I feel like playing at home gives Terzic more pressure than anyone else lol Didn't he say something in the post-match interview like after Russia he wanted to rest the key players after they secured the first place in the group, but because of the crowd, he was "forced" to keep them on the court. I wonder if that was also the case that he didn't make any substitutions in the final ...

    Serbia desperately needs a better OH duo. I hope things will turn out better next year. I am amazed at how Boskovic has been playing so consistently and amazingly throughout all these years.

    I'm disappointed that Terzic didn't give the young players more play time where there was the chance to during the group phase. Doesn't he want to improve the team and develop the young players?! After the Olympics, there doesn't seem to have any improvements from the OH side, and yet Terzic still has no plans to try out other OH duos to see how things work and they are still playing Boskobal l:wall:which doesn't work when playing against stronger teams ....

    Anyway, I hope Serbia will make it to the final.....

    Unfortunatelly not on this competition. Caric is really good and player with potential, but her body doesn't cooperate. She is so injury prone and with just 20yo her injury history list is long.

    injury is a complicated issue. I hope she will find a way to overcome it.

    btw, do you know where she is going to play next season?

    I read that Lazovic is going to miss the remaining matches in the VNL, is this also same for Caric?

    This young team looked very promising in the first week and the game against China. I thought they could have won a few more matches than they have had. But they played like amateurs in the last few matches. Defence was messy. Offence seems to be a major problem for this team -they have a hard time scoring with attacks . Lazovic undeniably plays an important role in the team. Her absence affects a lot, I think the coach needs to find something to hold the team together, but it seems he is not doing much to help.

    As much as I like the Serbia NT, people need to stop making excuses for them. Playing your backup players is one thing, trying to lose deliberately is another. Their acting skills are just not convincing, all those silly mistakes, there's no justifying for it.

    MTE!! They could have won the match or even dragged the match to the 5th set, but oh well....:rolleyes:

    I'm hoping Japan will "pick" Serbia in the next round instead of the Netherlands. I want to see a rematch between two teams .

    I don't why serbia doesn't try to fight for the first place in this pool, knowing that Italy will be probably the first injthe other. The disruption of the winning mentality with such a "deliberate" loss might cost them in the end.

    it is reportedly said Antonijevic and Veljkovic have minor injuries which require prescribed treatmentsl so they are not travelling this time. I hope this won't affect their chances of going to WCH.

    Terzic is not with the team for these friendlies too as he has to travel to his new club team for some obligations.

    Unfortunately he will sticky with her until Tokyo.... good thing that you guys think the ECH is such a big deal because that is the only tournament Serbia might have a chance in winning ......This floppy game they are running won`t get them anywhere.

    Remember when Terzic said during the WCH qualification tournament that he wanted to win it quickly and the way to do was to ride with Boskovic??? so yeah even against those super weak teams they would only set her....and here were are 2 years later and nothing has changed yet. :wall:

    This elimination is absolutely embarrassing. :gone:

    If Serbia still stick with Zivkovic until Tokyo. I'm not sure if Serbia would even qualify for the OG. Maybe I'm wrong, but looking at her performances on the court, she just doesn't seem like a highly motivated person to me. After all these matches in the preliminary round, her connections are still terrible. Rasic could rarely hit the balls hard...and she still hasn't improved the quality of her sets...I'm curious to know how Terzic train the setters.....

    Boskovic seems to have more down times this year, making lots of errors especially during crucial points. It reminds me of her rookie days. She needs to find ways to control her nerves and play smarter . I can't fully blamed her though looking at the terrible balls set to her :wall:

    I hope Terzic will make some tactical changes after VNL. WIth Boskovic/Mihajlovic have already been well-studied by other teams, you need a plan B or C to win the games. (I won't get my hopes up the changes though) They need to work on their defence, reception and passing, like I have always said. They are probably the weakest in all these elements among the top tier teams.

    Bošković, Veljković, Silvija Popović and Antonijević won't be going to Argentina, as well as Terzić.
    Mirković, Buša, Lozo, Jovičić and Lazović join the team.

    Glad to know Bošković can take some rest and recompose herself. The number of swings and errors she made this week is terrifying (135 swings , 21 errors amd gpt blocked 17 times against Italy and NED combined). It is frustrating to see they could have won the games but couldn't take them cos the setter always went to Bošković even though there were better options that could score. How Bošković smashes almost every ball so hard worries me....

    And the team needs to work on the defense and passing. I find them having a hard time digging those tips from their opponents.

    Brankica Mihajlović has been dealing with a knee injury for the last two weeks and it got worse in the match against Turkey. She's stayed in Belgrade to do some additional medical check-ups and get some more therapy and will be travelling to the Netherlands tomorrow. She'll be with the team, but it's not sure how much she'll play.

    Mihajlović won't be playing this week due to injury. Who will be added to the roster to replace her?

    Pretty much a one-sided match today between Chemik and Developres. Chemik committed too many errors and were quite slow in their defence. Even if they picked up the ball, the connections were terrible to score points from counterattacks.

    I hope the coach tries putting Smarzek as OPP and Busa/Medrzyk as OHs together on the court for once to see how it works....

    Still Chemik Police is far from being that superior as last season, they lost even a set at home against Muszyna, both first and second set were extremely close and lengthened, only in third set the favourite won convincingly so far.

    They had a 7-point lead (18-11) in the first set and they were leading 24-21 in the second set, not sure what happened especially in the first set. I guess reception is a big concern for them this season and setter is another issue.

    I wonder why Maret is not playing. She wasn't even on the bench in the previous two matches.