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    I hope Mirkovic can do some wonders at the ECH.

    As a fan only started following the team this summer, I don't know much details about the team but I think the OH lineup is weak. I wish Busa and Malesevic would step up their game in offense to share Mihajlovic's responsiblities. SInce they are not the powerhouse hitter type, they should work on developing their skills in attacks.

    It seems Mihaljlovic is not in great form due to her injury ;(

    I saw the three of them sitting in the stands and wondered where Haruka was. So this "National Sports Event" is a club thing? And Okayama insists Miyashita fulfill some contract obligation or something?

    Do you have any news on Arisa Sato?

    I read somewhere that Nakada said her rotations and such were not based at all on any injuries. She was just giving everyone a chance to play at an international level for experience, and everyone would get a chance. Where's Arisa? ;( She's just out, not picked for the team at all?

    About the "National Sports Event", which is "国体" in Japanese as I'm not sure if my translation is correct or not, I guess you can say it's a club thing - the clubs representing their perfectures to compete for the title. But it's only the qualification round at the moment, Seagulls could have enlisted the second setter to play, like they did in the Summer League.

    I don't know much about the contract situation of the Japanese League, but I somehow I do feel like the players have to stick to a certain club for a long time or maybe till their career ends. But there are also some who can have a say on their wish for transfer. Maybe someone on here know more about this issue.

    I don't have any information Arisa Sato's situation. The worst is to think she is out alongside with the two Tanaka's from JT and Takahashi Saori :S
    For more of her information, you can check out her official website (, which was published about a month ago :)

    While Ishii Yuki, Horikawa and Matsumoto are in Manila with the team, Miyashita is back in Okayama. She is the roster for the qualification of the National Sports Event on August 20. I'm not sure if she will train with the team for the Grand Champions Cup after that.

    Does that mean she is already done? :S I hate that Okayama Seagulls is not letting her go.

    I think I read somewhere that Miyashita started out as an outside hitter and was transitioned to setter by ... Manabe? Maybe she'll transition back and fill in at setter if/when needed.

    She was transitioned to setter by Kawamoto, coach of Okayama Seagulls, when she was scouted and joined the team.

    Miyashita is also my favourite. I hope she will perform better this weekend.

    Japan gets to play them twice!

    I thought someone posted the roster here but all I can find is the 18

    For the roster of the WGP each week. JVA usually updates the roster on this page…017/worldgrandprix/member on Thursday or Friday morning.

    I think Tominaga will become the main setter in this Olympic cycle. She is Nakada's favourite out of the three. Her performance during the first weekend lived up to the expectations.

    As for Miyashita, I don't know if she will be given any more chances after the WGP. After all these years, she shows no signs of improvements. As a setter, her skills are still lacking - precison, connections with MBs and the control of rhythm. If she wants to stay competitive. the first thing she needs to do is to leave Okayama Seagulls to see if things will work out better for her in a new environment, a better team. Otherwise, it is probably not worth investing in her since she is not going to get better anyway. Hisamitsu Springs is saying Hi to her :teach: with Nakaoji leaving the team and the coming of Akinradewo is a bonus. [however, I know it is very unlikely to for her to go for a transfer as she still believes she can polish her skills with Okayama Seagulls and so does the coach of Okayama Seagulls :whistle: ]

    I believe Sato Miya will play in the coming weeks. Nakada praised the quality of her sets in an interview earlier. She has the best connections with the MBs amd can play at a faster pace, but she can also be quite shaky at times. I guess we will see how she performs when she plays against the strong opponents.

    Iwasaka is the new captain.
    Nagaoka (undergoing recovery), Ohno (elbow injury), Araki, Inoue and Kurogo haven't joined the training camp yet.
    Torigoe is retired.

    As much as i love Miyashita and think she has the potentials, I think it's better for her to stay away from the NT if she decides to stay with Okayama Seagulls.
    With the current coach(es) and old-schooled volleyball framework of Okayama Seagulls, she is not going to get any further, both tactically and technically. It's sad to see the team get relegated, but I'm not surprised based on their performance the past two seasons