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    setter: Ball

    blockers: Volkov, Simon

    outside hitters: Kaziysky, Kurek

    opposite: Miljkovic

    libero: Sérgio

    This team doesn't need any reserves, because these guys will be crushing everything :evil:

    Poland are without Zagumny, but still they are a world class team, no doubt. I'm curious to see whether Cubans improved their reception. If they did, they have very good chances against the slow-starters from Brasil :)

    I don't know how is sounds, but i registered to bet365 and everything was ok, but when i wanted to watch the game, it said i can't watch it from my country, obviously people here watched it from other countries like bulgaria for example, but in my country, ISRAEL I couldn't . I don't want to sound like this, but i can't help but wonder if the organziers from Doha made it so that some people can't watch it, if so, it really is too bed, not many people in the world want to see volleyball and for those who want to, making sure they can't see because of where they live, that sucks

    No mate, it's not the organizers fault. There are some countries where bet 365 livestreams are not available- like Denmark for example.
    Here I found some streams, but the quality is not that good.…Livescore-Volleyball.html

    NOVAsports 7 will broadcast this tournament

    Do you know whether it will be streamed online?
    EDIT: I know bet 365 has the whole thing live, but I hope there would be better ways to watch it.
    EDIT2: Saw Trento-Zamalek game on bet365, afterall the quality wasn't so bad. But those new rules suck big time :down: