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    Pool A - Halle
    06-09 Germany - Spain 17:00 3:0
    06-09 Netherlands - Turkey 20:00 1:3
    07-09 Germany - Netherlands 17:003:1
    07-09 Spain - Turkey 20:00 1:3
    08-09 Spain - Netherlands 15:00 1:3
    08-09 Turkey - Germany 18:00 3:2

    Pool B - Zurich
    06-09 Italy - Switzerland 18:00 3:0
    06-09 France - Belgium 20:30 1:3
    07-09 Italy - France 15:00 3:1
    07-09 Switzerland - Belgium 18:00 1:3
    08-09 France - Switzerland 15:30 3:1
    08-09 Belgium - Italy 18:30 2:3

    Pool C - Dresden
    06-09 Azerbaijan - Croatia 17:30 3:1
    06-09 Belarus - Russia 20:30 0:33
    07-09 Azerbaijan - Belarus 17:30 3:1
    07-09 Croatia - Russia 20:30 1:3
    08-09 Belarus - Croatia 15:00 1:3
    08-09 Russia - Azerbaijan 18:00 3:1

    Pool D
    - Schwerin

    06-09 Serbia - Bulgaria 17:00 3:1
    06-09 Czech Republic - Poland 20:00 2:3
    07-09 Serbia - Czech Republic 17:00 3:1
    07-09 Bulgaria - Poland 20:00 3:2
    08-09 Czech Republic - Bulgaria 15:00 1:2
    08-09 Poland - Serbia 18:00 1:3

    The good thing is that recently Okuniewska has shown some good performances. In general i'm not satisfied with the club she is playing. It would be better for her to play in Italy. She is still young and have to develop her skills. Sitting on the bench in a league matches is not a good solution for her. I hope that coach will try to use her in some matches for example instead of Paula...

    I think that next year she will stay here in Fenerbahçe, i'm so happy to see her here ..

    STOP using the name TURKEY for all those absurd things Fener has been doing from fans at that forum to volley match at Fener's home. All those Fener fans chanting soccer chants and swearing during volley match today against Muzsyna are NOW not Fener fans, but, TURKEY fans? Eh, get out of here, I do not care whoever they were, whether they were Turks or any other nationality. For me, all those uncivilized people were FENER fans. And, you show your dirty faces also at your magazine forum today, by banning a guy who said FAKRO, okay, as a revenge or whatever, but, none of you there who chanted BUSTO were banned.. You can not make yourselves reliable anymore. Again, stop using TURKEY name for your sh*tty bheaviours..

    5 minutes ago you were saying Turkey is a third class country and now you are saying stop to use Turkey's name, i won't ask you to say Turkey or not, if one of us should stop using Turkey, it is definitely you .. I don't think that Fenerbahçe cheated, but you can't insult me here, who do you think you are ?? What is your problem with Fenerbahçe ?? I think you found 2 new Polish friens to accuse, and insult Turkey, but we won't let, but you stop to write, stop saying Turkey, because i won't ask you something ABOUT MY COUNTRY !!

    i always liked Berenikas offensive side but Berg couldn't use her effectively poor reception didn't help either to say the truth.. Actually everything was bad so i am not gonna blame Berg also lol Fb needs to act lke a team and for this they need proper coach with a game plan they looked like dysfunctional team today

    Berenika is a great player, i want to see her next year, but can't understand Berg sometimes, today she could play with Berenika much more ..

    Provacative? Go and say this at your biased magazine forum. This forum isn't your forum and this is a forum where truths are spoken, unlike magazine show forum with full of uncivilized people.

    The only uncivilized people in our forum who was trying to provocate everyone, was you ..

    So what? You had written BUSTO 10000000 times when they played against Azerrail. But, none of you were banned.

    And, you are nationalists? LOL.. Italian fans you are... Stop using the name TURKEY as a pot for throwing your blames.

    And, Azerbaijani guy never mentioned Azerbaijan or Turkey. It is you people there who mentioned country names first and now you are coming and giving advices to INSIDE forum here. lol.. Go to your cave, magazin or whatever.

    I won't go to my CAVE and let people like you to lie here; i'm not an italian fan(i live in italy and i love italian people very very much), and if i wrote even 1 time Busto find it and show to me, in Turkey we say "Ağzı olan konuşuyor", and you are the best example, i know who you are talking about but he didn't provocate like you, he just said i'm supporting Busto, and the other i'm supporting them because they are playing better, you know that we were so unhappy when Azerrail Baku lost with golden set, and we told it could be 2 Turkish and 2 Azerbaijani teams in the f4 .. Are you kidding, i won't stop to say Turkey, because i love my country and i won't let people like you talking against my country with no reason and doing racism here ..

    Like that guy from Azerbaijan who was banned on your Turkish forum just because he said CONGRATS FAKRO? You expect this forum too like there? If they do this, I leave this forum. I never became a member of that forum there and won't be a member defintely after what I saw there to what is done to that guy from Azerbaijan.

    Bartek said it truth, with your such behaviours (also at your Turkish forum), Turkey is definitely a Third World Country, if not worse.

    I know what you wrote, you wrote 1000 times FAKRO to provocate us, you found here 2-3 friends and you are trying to assult Turkey, who can not say these things to our forum, we always respect to other teams and everyone said that today Fakro won because they were better, and we congratulated them ..

    If you are from Azerbaijan you can support and i think you should support Rabita against Vakıfbank, but you should be responsible to everyone, when we are unhappy and talking about the match; you can't come and write FAKROOOOOOOO 1000 times, you wrote that to provocate people (as usual), you can say i was supporting Fakro and they won, congatulation girls, it's ok ..
    Everyone supports their country, it's not a surprise, but people like you are the real suprise for us .. Even we support the Azerbaijani teams, maybe not all of us but, i'm ashamed of you, and i don't want to believe that all Azeri friends are not like you, and i know tht they aren't ..

    Because Turkey is wealthy country of Third World.

    Don't do racism here, you should be banned from this forum ..
    Turkey isn't a third class country but you have a third class mentality ..
    I don't know why do you hate Turkey, maybe because of the European Qualification Games in Ankara :D
    Don't say referees always, but why don't you talk abaout the wild cards ..
    Congratulatıon again to the Polish girls ..

    Pool A
    23.10.12 Vakifbank ISTANBUL - Volero ZÜRICH 3-0
    24.10.12 RC CANNES - Uralochka-NTMK EKATERINBURG 3-1

    Pool B
    24.10.12 AsystelCarnaghi VILLACORTESE - Atom Trefl SOPOT 3-1
    24.10.12 Agel PROSTEJOV - Rabita BAKU 0-3

    Pool C
    25.10.12 Galatasaray Daikin ISTANBUL - ASPTT MULHOUSE 3-0
    24.10.12 Dinamo Romprest BUCURESTI - Unendo Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO 1-3

    Pool D
    24.10.12 Azerrail BAKU - DRESDNER SC 3-0
    24.10.12 Tauron MKS DABROWA GORNICZA - Eczacibasi VitrA ISTANBUL 0-3

    Pool E
    23.10.12 Robur Tiboni URBINO - 2004 Tomis CONSTANTA 3-1
    24.10.12 SCHWERINER SC - Dinamo KAZAN 0-3

    Pool F
    24.10.12 Dinamo MOSCOW - Bank BPS Fakro MUSZYNA 3-1
    23.10.12 Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD - Lokomotiv BAKU 1-3