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    And if we take the last 8 editions

    1984 semifinalists: China, USA, Japan, Peru
    1988 semifinalists: URSS, Peru, China, Japan

    Only URSS / Russia

    The last time European teams were in top four: 1980 semifinalists URSS, East Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary

    Remember: this is OG, the best teams of each continent, not the best European teams.

    I think Megan Easy should perform much better than this. She is here mainly because of attack and she is not delivering. Her reception is too bad that with her receiving the ball, USA can never be in system. I hope she picks up her game, although I fear she won't because this fast balls doesn't suit her.. she wants the ball to be fast but high too.. that way she can hit over and this was she can only do block outs.. also i noticed balls are too much inside for her.. Vansant should've been here.

    I agree with you.
    It could've been a big opportunity to prove the attack of Vansant against CHN, RUS, JAP, SER.
    Anyway, I hope this is the last time we see Megan in USA team A.

    Kenya 0 x 3 Dominican Republic (26 - 28, 24 - 26, 17 - 25)

    Wait... what? DR almost lost two sets? The caribbean queens -who has been playing long time together cannot win in that way.
    Or is it Kenya getting better and better after win pool 3 of GP?

    Oh, I see now. Final positions in that tournament: Argentina 3rd, Colombia 8th :rolll: But sureeeee one odd match in a crappy B class tournament -which Colombia lost- means they are favorite now :lol:

    So now peruvians gave up on their team and cheer for Colombia to beat Argentina? that's a new thing :roll:

    What are you talking about?
    Cheering Colombia? :aww:
    Never mind. Keep trying to change the date of COQT, maybe you can ensure Montano will not participate, that's your main fear. :whistling:

    Panamerican Cup 2015

    Colombia 2-3 Argentina

    25–20, 19–25, 25–20, 18–25, 12–15…match%2016_%20COL-ARG.pdf

    Opp. error

    Colombia 36
    Argentina 19

    That was a bad match for Colombia.

    Anyway, Argentina tried to organize COQT this year, but CSV and FIVB said "No!". Pity. Next year is for sure.

    lol no Argentina still destroyed Colombia last time Montaño played. In fact, it will make things easier for ARG since they will know 95% of the balls go to her and Argentina, unlike Peru, has tall enough players to block her.

    I mean, Colombia can win, but there is no reason to believe they are favorites. I think they will be 2nd though, and Peru 3rd (which is good for Peru since that will send them to the easier world qualifier).

    That game was two years ago!
    Last match without Montano

    Argentina 3-2 Colombia

    Imagine WITH Montano.

    Kenya and Argentina are favorites to win their continental spots, so you won't likely see them in world qualifiers.

    Only the 1st World Tournament will have asian (and european) teams, the 2nd tournament will be one team from NORCECA, one from CSV and two african teams and will give one spot. So probably you will see one of Algeria/Tunisia/Colombia/Puerto Rico qualifying.

    Montano will play CQT. Colombia is favorite to win CQT.

    I think Colombia will be in OG. :olympia:

    And she's been used as MB since last year and has always played on that position in her club. If I were the setter of the opponent team and reception comes well, I would use the middle all the time, Japanese middle is kind of a joke this year.

    Such strong attackers like Harmotto, Akinradewo and Rasic would score a lot more than their average...

    Do you know why Nana Iwasaka is not longer consider in NT?
    She is tall. I thought she could be the MB Japan needs.

    Italy played as a Junior team. Congrats to Italy.
    USA played so bad that nobody could watch their true game.

    Egony is awesome. She hit all the balls; high, fast, bad set. No matter what USA tried to stop her, it was impossible.

    Well, this tournamente is over, and we saw new young players as raising stars. Italy likes Peru, in 2011 they were junior champions, now they are youth champions. :cup:

    I saw Argentina-Turkey friendship match played in Argentina, and Turkey was defeated easily due to their own errors. Passing is not their strongest and their attack is very weak.
    I think the setter is good but without any score leader is very difficult to win.

    Today starts the last day of preliminary round

    Pool B:
    Germany vs Serbia: If Germany wins, will be on the top!
    China for sure will defeat Poland.

    Pool C:
    Russia vs Dominican Rep.: DR needs to win, 3-0, no more. If they don't, they are out.
    Belgium vs USA: Belgium is not weak, but USA has a great team-play.