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    There's an interview where Ze says that he is worry about Mari and her performance. He wants to see Mari of OG2008, and not Mari of World Cup 2011.

    I heard from anton1989 that Nelly alisheva will be joining the team as backup opp to Gamova and Goncharova will switch to OH. as much as I like Nataliya, I think she would put a huge risk to Russia's reception. I'm thinking that instead of calling alisheva, why not an OH with good reception? Don't know when will Makhno recover, but if she did before the olympics, she's the best alternative.

    Kosheleva is important to the team so I'm hoping for her fast recovery and rise to form before the olympics. I think the team is good enough to secure the olympic qualification in Japan without her, but it will be more difficult for the team when they play in London.

    What do you guys think?

    Nelly Alisheva is a MB player, and she is not so young.
    I agree with you, Russia NT needs an OH with excellent reception. What happen with Kosheleva? I think she's and outstanding player, but her nerves are playing against her. It happened at WCH final, and it's happening again.

    Tomorrow, Peru NT will play with IHF Volley Forsinone (A2 Italy) and some other teams.
    After that, they will play with Great Britain NT.

    The team is expecting our first setter Elena Keldibekova (Volley Matera Club).


    Fabíola (Sollys/Nestlé); Fernandinha (Azerbaijão); Dani Lins (Unilever)

    Opposite hitters
    Sheilla (Unilever) and Tandara (Sollys/Nestlé)

    Outside hitters
    Mari and Natália (Unilever); Jaqueline (Sollys/Nestlé); Sassá (Sesi-SP), Fernanda Garay and Paula Pequeno (Volei Futuro)

    Middle blockers
    Thaisa, Adenízia (Sollys/Nestlé), Juciely (Unilever), and Fabiana (Fenerbahce);

    Fabi (Unilever) and Camila Brait (Sollys/Nestlé).

    The new one is Fernandinha. 17 players, just like Russia.

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    Muchas gracias mi estimado.
    ¡Y que viva la madre patria! Yo también apoyo a España, me gustaron los partidos que hicieron en el Campeonato Europeo Femenino.
    Espero sigan mejorando.

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    First things, which come to my mind when I think of Peru are: Mario Vargas Llosa, Teofilo Cubillas, Hernan Rengifo, Cuzco and great female volleyball in the past, of course :thumbsup:
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    That's right! We had a great volleyball team in the past ( olympic silver medallist 1988 ) and right now we are trying to go back stronger than before... I hope so.

    Hi everybody, I'm MiguelNR and I live in Lima, Peru.

    I've been reading this forum since 2007 but today I decided submit here. I didn't do it long time ago because I speak spanish and my english is no so good as I wish, that is the reason why I submit today. ^^

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