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    When did rules change?
    For example, in WCH2006, Peru played with to nationalized players: Elena Keldibekova and Natalia Romanova.
    Both players borned in Kazakstan and never played in senior team. But they played together on court.

    Brazil wont play the continental tournment. They dont need to play it. Remember, they are already hosts.
    Then, the asian teams have many chances to qualify. First it is written that 5 Continental Championships will be played. 5 means (CSV, Norceca, CEV, AVC and CAVB). Asia already has a qualifier. So OQT in Japan isnt the asian OQT, right?

    Finally, the new system is very tricky. For Norceca and CSV, it is much better finish 3rd than 2nd.

    As far as I remember, according to FIVB, Continental champions means CONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Rusia, USA, Brasil, Tailandia were continental champions last year).
    But, if it is another tournament different of continental championship, then yes, Brasil definetly won't play.That's for sure.

    That's why I'm asking.

    I don't understand.

    -Brazil is going to be definetly continental champion, 2nd place will go to OG?
    -In the first image say: 5 continental champions, and in the next image say "2nd and 3rd place of CONTINENTAL OLYMPIC QUALIFICATION TOURNAMENT. This tournament is the same as continental championship?
    -Why in women interconental OQT will not participate teams from Europe? Not fair!
    and two teams from Africa? sure?

    Thank you so much for such a big explanation.
    Now that I see the names, yes, I remember more than one, specially players of U-18NT because my country played friendly matches against Poland before YWCH.
    Definetly it will not be easy for Peru. Here there are some web pages saying it would be easy, but I don't think so. Peru is facing changes also adding young players and all are under 25 years.

    IMO, it's because of her that Brazil won gold medal in London. She started to set balls very fast.

    I don't recognize anybody.
    I suppose they are young players that have been playing in european league, right?

    Those players will come to Peru to play week 1 and 2. Are they really good players?

    Peru played so bad that even a young girl was the best of their team with 24 points. There are no missing players, the problem is that we don't have many players in senior team.
    Elena is retired, Rueda is injured and Daniela is pregnant. Soto is also injured and retired. Ginna Lopez is studying in USA and no other player from junior NT were call.

    Montaño is from another planet. 43 points! And today she will play the most important match in her career. If it is possible, she will do 75 points to make it real.

    Can anyone explain me what's going on here?

    Why that user from DR has to mention my country in this topic when we didn't play this tournament. That user also did the same in other topic and no administrator did something.
    And BTW why he hate us so much? They lost against China not against Peru.
    When Peru lost against China in U18 WCH I didn't mention DR. I didn't write those kind of words against a whole country.

    But you can keep hating Peru, I DON'T CARE. I care about my players, my NT and my favorite players and teams. I'm not going to spend my words about a country with such an history in volleyball.

    Lies don't last forever.


    Congratulations China!!!

    U rock!!! :super:

    Basically, the idea of having an additional tournament for players that have outgrown Junior age is not that bad, but it should be planned better. First of all, the date of the competition is very bad because it is too close to the start of the domestic leagues. Second, I think there should be a limitation that there can be only a certain amount of players that have already played for the country's Senior NT. What's the use of DOM bringing all their big guns? As far as I remember, the purpose of this tournament was to give a chance to players who have outgrown Junior age but have not made the transition to Senior NT yet...if these goals will be pursued better, I have no problem with an Under 23 tournament...

    You are right Matthias.
    The date is completely bad. Why FIVB do this tournament so quickly? (The answer is in bold).
    The idea is not that bad because I was hoping to see some players from different countries that are not in senior NT because there are better players. For example Brasil, I'm glad to see some players from junior national team 2009 and 2011. The same with Turkey, Italy and Germany (especially the ones who won 2009 world junior championship) but the date is too bad and the qualification system too.

    Miguel, is it official? On FIVB website there is no info about there. During summer there was a piece of news about changes in format and name change, so I think that we should wait until FIVB congress ^^

    Of course it's not official.
    This is a rumor spread in my country. Also a dominican said that.

    IMO is not good. Two african teams? no way. And Perú doesn't have many players to play this tournament.
    I decided create this topic because there are 16 teams qualified, so... it was time.

    2014 FIVB World Grand Prix

    Automatically Qualified



    6.Dominican Republic
    7.Puerto Rico




    14.South Korea



    And the last 4 vacancies will be decided by FIVB. It's been said that it will be according to World ranking (Italy, Turkey, Algeria and Peru would be the teams qualify)