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    that is not what I meant. ;) I didnt say Sportv one was not truth. I just thought it was cheesy..ESPN has a better production.

    Actually, you did.

    The documentary (if we can call that) was very cheesy indeed..If they only had said half the truth there.. :whistle: But It was Sportv doing it I couldn't expect different...If it was ESPN doing it..than I think we would have had a great history being told.

    And now I'm curious to know what the truth is.

    OMG I saw that just now, how cuuuuuuuuuute :heart:

    I've never seen a player being so happy about an individual award, and that it's a Russian player makes it even funnier. Imagine Tishchenko reacting like this 15 years ago :lol: :lol: :lol: Absolutely unthinkable!

    I think it was VERY disrespectful with the others middle-blockers who could've had won the prize. C'mom, it's just a friendly tournament, there's no need to be jumping and screaming and laughing that much. It made me nauseous just to look at her.

    Of course I don't think ANY of that, but that's what we would be reading here if it was a brazilian player celebrating in that way. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Well, well, well... :cup:

    Good to see these "young" Brazilians players doing so well! This is not our main team but people don't seem to talk about it here. Strange.

    I just wish Dominican Republic had made it to the finals. I mean, it's sunday and I woke up earlier than I'm used to, so at least I was expecting a more interesting match.

    Anyway, go Brasil!! Well deserved title :)

    According to Bruno Voloch , here's what Harry Bollmann, Unilever's supervisior, had to say about Tom:

    "She didn't adapt to the group and had some relationship difficulties. She wasn't very friendly and was often not well educated too. If it is just a matter of culture or personality, we do not know, but I believe that this has contributed to the team's decision"

    Strange to hear it, since everybody had good memories from when she played here first, back in 2003. But this time around, she was visibly uncomfortable and didn't try to be nice at all.

    I'm so late but damn I'm sooooo happy! We paid our dues!!! It was a GREAT way to finish this generation started in 2005. Next year there will be some younger players joining Brazil's NT and I wish them the best in the next cycle! WOW! :cup:
    Jaque made the game of her life, she was playing really well in her club but never really showed off in NT. YET! WOW again.
    I love these girls so much, they deserved every bit of this victory.

    As for USA team, I was wanting, wishing, praying and hoping for this (sorry, but that's true lol). They've been so focused all these years, I was claiming for some crack that could put the whole thing down. For me, USA is the best team in the world right now, and it'd be impossible for us to beat them if they played at their best. Happily (for us, of course), something happened and they were intimidated. It reminded me of the Cuba's NT. It's an unstoppable team if they're winning, but they lose control when losing and just can't reach the game. Not only me, but I'm sure a lot of brazilians are sad for Scott and Tom. Scott is BELOVED here, and she sure deserved a gold medal. I'm not a big fan of Tom, but i recognize the talent she is and she deserved it also. But that's sports :S

    And congrats to Japan! And Kim for her MVP! So deserving. And Brenda Castillo best libero :love:

    Anyway, congratulations Brazil for putting the heart on the line ALWAYS! And for celebrating effusively cuz you can change what you are :dance4: :dance4:

    Brazil, classy or not, olympic champion. Twice in a row. :cup: :cup:

    Why does Thaisa has to publicly say she dislike a player?

    What Thaisa said exactly was "I don't like seeing anyone cries. Even though she said she hates Brazil, I DON'T HATE THEM." (Não gosto de ver ninguém chorar. Mesmo com ela dizendo que odeia o Brasil, não odeio elas).
    Funny thing is even I don't like Thaisa that much, but this time she said nothing offensive. And even if she had, "it's up to the person (...) and everyone has their opinion", so does Gamova and Thaisa.

    I don't understand why you got upset.. I was asking you politely.. I haven't seen it so I asked someone to tell me.. what was she saying and stuff like that, but I see you are nervous for no reason

    YES, I'M SORRY! I read again and saw I had no reason to reply you like that. YOU (and only you lol) were nice. My apologizes again :white: :rose:

    I'm done here, for the sake of everybody. There ain't much left to discuss. We won today: YES. We celebrate our points: YES. You like it: NO.

    Asian players laughs and yells ALL THE TIME, let alone the freaking running-in-circles thing they used to do (thank God it stopped). But they're cute, because they're not brazilian and aren't winning YOUR teams very often in the last 8 years.

    I've never heard of Heather teasing.. I want to know about it :)

    you need to HEAR from someone to have an opinion?? WATCH the f****** game and you'll see it. but that's ok, I don't wanna attack USA players, because I absolutely love them! Just wanna show things are not like you all like t paint. Brazilians the disrespectful ones and anyone else are examples.

    I want Paula, Jaque, thaisa, fabiana, fabi to retire, they are quitr arrogant to their opponents.

    All these players probably will retire from NT anyway. But that's ok, they're already Olympic Champions. And it's so ironic to talk about arrogant players. Russians have a terrible attitude since ever, and the others players around the world are not quite nice. In the last olympic final, Heather Bown was RIDICULOUS at teasing us, just to remember.

    The only reason Ze Roberto said that is because she always puts Brazil in trouble, of course. He's not wishing her bad or anything, propably he said that with a smile on his face, because he knows if she retires, our matches against Russia will be a little easier in the future. But obviously, you guys are ALWAYS so busy looking for reasons to scorn the brazilian players. And that's so classy, for sure.