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    Guys, something that I don"t understand is that I saw the CEV Champion's league match between Vakifbank Istanbul & Volero Zurich, and I was really surprised to see Nancy Carrillo in Volero's roster ! Thought she was loaned to Uralochka Ekaterinbourg ?!

    well having Mihajlovic in the team will make Cannes less dependent on middles but theres a need for a good reciever beside Mihajlovic for sure. I don't think they can go far with Mihajlovic&Spasojevic duo at recieving but who knows anyway ^^

    Right ! Mihajlovic and Spasojevic would be a great duo at spike, but reception would be terrible indeed ;-) ! It's now up to Yan Fang to find a good receiver for next season ... I'm sure he will !
    I know that players are currently tested in Cannes ! Has anybody heard of names ?

    Mihajlovic is OH. I think she is a good choice for Cannes, she is a better attacker than all OHs they had this season.

    Mihajlović is a good choice as an OH ! She has such strength, and such a shoulder !! Hoping Spasojevic is not leaving, 'cause despite of her weakness in reception, she brings good agressiveness at spike on court , and the two of them as OH would be really nice ;-) I guess Tina Samec's contract won't be renewed (??). Ravva, Centoni, Antonijevic, Rasic et Kozlova are still under contract. I hope Cardullo is staying, she's a great libéro :-) Well, I can't wait to hear from the complete team !

    Hi everybody !

    Could anyone upload the Final Four of the 2002 and/or 2003 IECL Champion's League please ? I'm a huge fan of RC Cannes, and I'd like to see how their team played at that time and what made them win the title by twice. Because RC Cannes has really difficulty to reach the Final Four now in this competition ! I hope anyone will be able to help me !

    Thanks in advance :-)

    As I watch women volleyball mainly, I will only vote for the best female volleyball player :

    1/ Ekaterina Gamova (high, powerful, and impressive, I just love her :cheesy: !)

    2/ Destinee Hooker (what can I say, she's just incredibly talented, she has everything to be one of the best volleyball player as she's only 23 years old and has really few selections in USA national team :cup: !!!)

    3/ Serena Ortolani (a true talent, promising debut, then up and downs with Volley Bergamo, but when I look at her now in Italy national team, she's awesome, the best italian female player for me at the moment :thumbsup: !)

    Coach : ... Masayoshi Manabe (great work done with Japan female national team, they finally reached a semi final in a WCH, they totally deserved it, brave women as thay are ^^ )

    Salut à toi !!

    Je me suis inscrit récemment sur ce forum !

    Le volley marche bien en Guadeloupe ?? Moi je viens d'une région perdue de métropole (le limousin :( ) où le volley ne marche pas très bien ! Maintenant je vis dans le sud de la France, et j'ai l'embarras du choix pour aller voir des matchs de haut niveau : Montpellier, Cannes, Sète, Nice ...

    See you and enjoy !

    Hey !!
    Sorry for only answering now :-s
    How was the match ?? I saw they easily won ;) !
    If Cannes ever reaches the final four, or if Cannes organizes it, i'll do my best to go to watch them play, no matter what !!!

    Hi everyone !
    I'd like to know if anyone would have the final match of Women Indesit European Champion's League of both 2002 and 2003, when the RC Cannes became European champion by twice (the greatest hours of the club ^^ ) or at least one of them ??
    Lookin' forward to hearing from the one who will be able to help me !!

    Hi you piccolafede !

    Actually, volleyball is getting more and more fans all around
    France (you should have seen the popularity of volleyball like 5 years
    ago when i first discovered volleyball on tv...). To watch high level
    volleyball matches, you should go to Montpellier, Cannes, and Nice...
    as far as the south of France is concerned at least. Yeah, I'd like to
    see one of the match of the RC Cannes for instance, especially in their
    campaign in the Indesit Champion's League ( defenitely ^^ ), but my schedule is full... Hope i'll find a day to do it !!
    See ya !!

    Hi Justyna !

    Well, eventhough soccer is more popular than volleyball in Poland, the least i can say is that you Polish people know how to support your national VB teams !! Each time i see the male or female VB Polish teams on tv, the audience is well-present and you guys make SOME noise ^^ I wish French people could do the same with our national VB teams !! Going to Great Britain to support them if they 'll qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games is besides on my mind ^^ . Moreover, you have well-known VB players or players on the way to becoming famous: Malgorzata Glinka, Dorota Swieniewicz,Milena Rosner, Ana Baranska, Katarzyna Skowronska, ... I really like the spirit which reigns in Poland, and more generally in the countries of Eastern Europe concerning volleyball !!

    You're right concerning the french national soccer team record, no one can go against that, but looking at the recent results of the French VB male team, there are some things we can be proud of : silver medal at the European Championship and a qualification for the World Championship ! Fine :) , i must confess i'm defending the VB team because i'm done seeing other sports catching all the attention in the media ;) , volleyball deserves to be more recognized,don't you think ? But i'm quite surprized to see how tremendous the new generation of French male VB player is, compared to that of the female VB player, there are incontestably great talents in the team (Rybacewski, Bauer ...), maybe a good leader is missing, as Victoria Ravva was during the 2007 European Championship... I will be so glad to see the girls reaching the top of the European Elite and finally getting a qualification to a big world championship !

    It's always a pleasure to share my opinions with other, people come and write, any suggestion is welcome !!

    Message to all the volleyball addicts all over the world : how is seen the French VB team (male and female) in the media of your country ?

    Hi everyone !

    I'm Mickael, I come from the south of France and I'm a huge volleyball addict' !

    I know this website dedicated to volleyball thanks to a friend of mine, and I decided to submit here to share my passion with other people !

    I started liking this wonderful sport when I was 14, at the age of 15, I started watching volleyball on French satellite tv, and from that moment, I try not to miss a single match (hard, isn't it ?! lol).

    Volleyball isn't the n°1 national sport in France, unfortunately (damned soccer ^^ ), which is quite a pity when we see the results of the French male volleyball team compared with those of the French male soccer team !!

    My favourite volleyball players are the well-known (strong charactered ^^ ) Jacqueline Carvalho, French player Victoria Ravva (hope you all know her !), Nadia Centoni, Sheila, Rosir Calderon, Manon Flier, Maggy Glinka, Natalya Mamodova ... for females and Gibba (of course!), Clayton Stanley, Ivan Miljkovic, Stephane Antiga... for males.

    I like beach volleyball too, the Avp tour as well as the World tour, by the way, the Henkel Grand Slam of Paris is really nice, I really hope beach volley will take place in Paris another time next summer (not like this year :( ).

    Well, any suggestion or comment is obviously welcome !!

    Bye guys, volleyball is our n°1 !!