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    Well, Maxim Mikhaylov is only 23, it's not like he is an oldtimer or something. IMO, he is the one that deserves the MVP award the most. Besides, he is a really cool guy- he is neither screaming histerically all the time( Kurek), nor he is walking and looking at the others like he owns the place (Conte)

    Kurek is also 23, the point is who deserve the award the most not who shold get it. As someone wrote before MVP is most voluable player not the one wohos team take 1st place. Who in your opinion should get the award if Brazilia win? Also Maxim?

    Im watching polsat sport and they just said that Maxim must reach min. 27 points to be over Bartek in Best Scorers, so the situation is clear now, Bartek shoul get the award

    He should stay MVP if dont get best scorers award

    OMG, Kurek probably will not be the best scorer, beacuse in the statistics are just points from semifinals and matches from today...
    He will get this score, if Mikhaylov will score today 12 points, not more... ;( ;(

    Ignaczak can be the best libero and digger, if Sergio will play bad today - it's impossible.

    SO UNFAIR! BUT I LOVE THEM! :rose: :rose:

    Wchich matches stat. are being taken into consideration in individual award?

    I have just looked at the FIVB page and they show BEST PLAYERS only for final four matches not final eight

    Is anybody know??????????

    MVP: Maxim/ DeCecco
    Best scorer: Kurek :super:
    Best setter: De Cecco
    Best spiker: Conte
    Best server: Muserskiy/Kurek
    Best libero: Ignaczak
    Best reciever: Murilo
    Best blocker: Maxim
    Best digger: Sokolov.

    Hej Moreira, do you have any statisticks?

    Brasil 3 x 2 Poland (19-25, 25-19, 29-27, 20-25 e 15-13)..It was a nice game...Kurek played in this last game.

    Brazil: Giba, Marlon, Vissotto, Lucas, Rodrigao and Dante
    Poland: Wasly, Kurek, Nowakowski, Zagumny, Bakiewicz, and Mozdzonek.

    Please somebody to provide BRA-POL the score online, please please please!!!!! :obey: :obey: :obey:

    What is starting six in both teams???

    Is anybody watching the game right now???

    Hej friends from Brazil, woul you be so kind and inform me what time today's match BRA-POL starts?

    Our TV will not show the matches, its strange as it ussually does, don't know why not this time ?( ?( ?(

    Anyhow, do you have any website where I can watch the game???? HELP PLEASE!!!

    07 July

    Serbia - Italy 3-1

    Egypt - Finland 3-1

    08 July

    Netherlands - Korea 3-1

    Bulgaria - Brazil 3-1

    Serbia - Italy 3-2

    Egypt - Finland 3-1

    Poland - Germany 1-3

    Argentina - Cuba 0-3

    09 July

    Bulgaria - Brazil 3-1

    Netherlands - Korea 3-2

    China - France 1-3

    USA - Russia 0-3

    Poland - Germany 3-0

    Argentina - Cuba 0-3

    10 July

    China - France 1-3

    USA - Russia 1-3