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    Don't really care about the result of tomorrow's games, given that all teams have been playing fabulously and given viewers great journeys through the finals.

    Though I said so... still kinda get nervous about the finals' final BRA vs CHN. Gabi, Thaisa, Sheilla, Zhu, heat up the arena! :super:

    :cheesy: Both Japan and Brasil are so fast and stable! Really a great game!

    Ebata is now taken great 'care' by Brazilian blockers. Let's see how Japan is gonna get through in the 3rd set.
    Kinda hope they play 5 sets with superb volleys going on and on and on... :dance4:

    Really happily exhausted watching a day of matches!
    Brasil, China and Japan deserve their victories as they really played good volleyballs. :flower:

    Japan really shocks me today, showing how tipping can destroy a team in the first place. :cheesy:
    Cross everything for tomorrow, in spite of another early morning since 5.30am... :what:

    Thanks, Sheilla13!

    Here is China's roster for Week 3:

    Setters: Shen Jingsi, Yao Di, Mi Yang
    OHs: Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi, Yin Na, Liu Yanhan
    MBs: Xu Yunli, Yang Junjing, Liu Congcong
    Ops: Zeng Chunlei, Liu Dan
    Liberos: Shan Danna, Zhang Xian

    Rosters for EoroVolley 2013

    Setters: Sergey Grankin, Sergey Makarov, Dmitriy Kovalev
    Opposites: Nikolay Pavlov, Maxim Mikhaylov
    OHs: Ilya Zhilin, Evgeny Sivozhelez, Alexey Spiridonov, Dmitriy Ilinykh, Denis Biryukov
    MBs: Nikolay Apalikov, Andrey Ashchev, Artem Volvich, Dmitriy Muserskiy
    Liberos: Alexey Verbov, Artem Ermakov

    (Source: Sportal BG)

    I wanna see the young Zhu Ting manage Turkey.

    It's not sure whether Zhu Ting is about to line up for that game. There are 4 OHs in the roster in Hongkong, and the head coach Jenny is interested in the diversification of the team. So... no one knows.

    But, as you do, I want to see more from Zhu Ting too.

    Shoot. Only wish Bulgaria had won the 3rd set with that big 5-point gap and had added 1 point to the ranking.
    Too many slapsticks really.

    Raylight made a great point, does Bulgarian team ever defend whatsoever?

    Noo, just something is wrong with him lately. He is a great player and I like him a lot, but something is definitely not right at the moment. The last game was great and I liked that both teams played even there was no reason to play at full speed. I was thinking of Penchev-Bratoev as starting OH, but I'm not a world class coach, so what do I know :).

    Yeah, he was my faith, but I don't wanna risk my enthusiasm any more. Sometimes low expectation turns out satisfying somehow. I'd prefer to believe he is not qualified to play the line-up OH in the NT though Bulgaria did get qualified to the finals.

    Thanks for your words anyway.

    It's okay to not have the best shape right now during the World League.

    Polish team is getting better after two battles versus Argentina, and the team is very likely to ascend to another higher level in the upcoming European Championships. Being fully activated on the top gear in the World League is good (especially for fans), but very risky.