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    Yosifov's serve has never been consistent. Skrimov's jump serve is the most consistent and doing damage in the team (besides when Sokolov puts his in). Also Skrimov is very decent in attack apart from one game vs USA and he is stable under pressure. His only one big weakness is his short block.

    Bratoev is no De Cecco but he is on the same level with Zhekov. Zhekov couldn't set to the middle and choked. Bratoev makes strange decisions and often makes bad sets.

    Brazil is the best team in the world atm (and probably will be for quite some time), so I don't know why you make the loss a big deal. I even think that our performance was a nice surprise. With Todorov and Nikolov back, we will be even better.

    Skrimov's block is getting better, given he contributed 2 blocks yesterday and 1 today against such a tall opposite Vissotto and experienced hitter Dante.

    In terms of today's game, he could have been more confident about his own reception, where he normally gets activated before he hits and serves like a genius. Still too young maybe, or the injury keepsbothering. Hope that he can learn something and gain more experience for future development.

    Sokolov was too tense or too light-hearted? I couldn't tell...

    Great contribution from Skrimov during set 1-3, when Sokolov and Aleksiev were both not in shape.

    Now both teams added 3 points to the points.

    Still complicated in Pool A.

    Having watched all 8 games of French people, really excited when watching France fighting for this particular victory, and so surprised how good defence could make difference. Lyneel and Ngapeth are so rounded players, and Grebennikov performed superb today. This young team definitely deserves more respect and chances. Cannot wait to see they play European Championships this Sep.

    As for the games in Reno, Bulgaria seemed so light-hearted last night, and I got really concerned about their qualification. I started to regret putting my credit on Skrimov but his injury keeps disappointing me. Hopefully, somebody out there is able to cure him and bring a Wonder Skrimov back to the court soon, or the 6 players played in almost the same dull rhythem.

    I just got home from the hall. I honestly didn't even expect to win like that. I hoped to win, but the way the first set started I just couldn't believe it.

    We still made some stupid errors and didn't play good in defense, but I guess it didn't matter in this game. I expect tougher game tomorrow, but I still hope to witness the win in the hall.

    I'm so jealous of you! Being a part of the win party! Really great atmosphere in the filled arena watching via the stream.

    I mean that Skrimov can play much better. We need him for back field play, for smart play, for technical play. Such type of players were the backbone of USA, Italy and Brazil - Kirally, Papi, Giba

    Indeed. It it a real pity that Skrimov didn't show too much of himself in the first meeting of BUL and ARG.

    Everytime I saw him play, he always starts with brilliant reception, and when things went right, his attacking, serving and protections went sickly contributive. Maybe tonight's Argentinian didn't give too much pressure to the Bulgarian side back from the serving line.

    Really look forward to having a fiercer game tomorrow that activates all aspects of Bulgaria tomorrow! :cup:

    Volleywood posted that Bulgaria is not able to finish World League because of the crisis, according to HERE. Is that true? Can anyone find anything recent about this on Bulgarian websites please?

    Well, compared with Tuomas Sammelvuo, Edwin Benne the coach of Dutch men's NT had a better time in this WL.

    Super happy The Netherlands is playing this week! Really appreciate how Kooistra hits and serves. :super:

    Hi Bella,

    My name is Mu, which goes like a cow: mooooooo... :| Thanks for the warm welcome! I wish to give a squeeze given we are both fans of Bulgarian men's NT, because seldom people in China care about this team, which oddly made feel so superior... 8)

    I swear I am not missing any of their games in the following couple of weeks. But, it is such a shame neither POL nor BUL has no matches this weekend. Anyway, we can have further discussion about this in WL thread for sure.

    Speaking of 2012 Olympics, I regret a lot not being around in that spectacular summer. Still, I agree that London is a super fantastic place. For me, it is more of fun and diversity than Beijing where I stayed for 5 years.

    Hope I make sense. Have only been in London for 8 months, and English is not really where my confidence lies. :( Plus, really excited to see such welcome!

    Monday phobia, Tues phobia... really wish everyday could be Friday, Saturday or Sunday, to watch WL all the time.

    Little curious why there are only 4 teams out of 6 each pool playing this week, though.

    Welcome here and have fun! Skrimov is a good player - very technical and with good jump which compensates the fact that he is not that tall.

    Thanks a lot!
    His performance in Bulgaria's second match against France on 9th June really shocked me. 82.35% excellent reception, that's... nuts!