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    There are some strong rumors (almost official news) here that Earvin Ngapeth and Nimir Abdelaziz will play for the Iranian club "Paykan" in upcoming Asian Club Championship (starting in 2 weeks). Mohammad Mousavi is already there training with them and apparently Saeid Marouf will join the team too after finishing his season in Turkey.

    that team looks too strong for such an average (or low level) competition :lol:

    Paykan once won that title with only 7 or 8 players available and forcing to use Mousavi as opposite :D things have changed since then apparently

    Where is Ali Shafiei? He is out of roster for a while. I think he's pretty good middle blocker.

    I believe his NT career is over, Alekno dropped him from the squad before the OG and the new coach didn't invite him back

    interestingly he played last season for the same coach's club and obviously didn't satisfy him to get the call.

    Where did the new coach come from? Who did he handle prior to the NT?

    he is a well known coach in the local league but not one of my favorites. his club which finish 2nd in the regular season got eliminated in the QF (losing twice to the 7th seed) and his assistant in the NT won the league with his club!

    he also used to coach the U21 team in past few years. had mixed results. 5th, 9th and a 1st place finish which actually made people think he is a great coach. but most players (Yali, Sharifi, Hazratpour, Esfandiar, Toukhteh) in that U21 team in 2019 which won the World title were in the senior team already, I wouldn't give huge credit to the coach for winning the gold medal with that team. those players won the 2017 World U19 title with another coach as well.

    btw he already coached the senior team at the Asian Championship and beat a non-full squad Japan in the final. (the same team that eliminated Iran at the Olympics) his friends in media made it sound like a huge huge success. so his job is safe for now.

    The new coach Ataei announced his wide list of 25 players for 2022 season (at least for 2022 VNL)

    Setter: Javad Karimi, Ali Ramezani, Taher Vadi, Fazel Pajouman

    Libero: Mohammad Reza Hazratpour, Abolfazl Gholipour, Mohammad Reza Moazzen

    OP: Saber Kazemi, Amin Esmaeilnejad, Pourya Yali, Bardia Saadat

    MB: Ali Asghar Mojarrad, Amir Hossein Tokhteh, Reza Abedini, Mehrab Maleki, Mehdi Jelveh, Amir Reza Sarlak
    OH: Milad Ebadipour, Amir Hossein Esfandiar, Esmaeil Mosafer, Mojtaba Mirzajanpour, Amir Hassan Farhadi, Morteza Sharifi, Meysam Salehi, Ehsan Daneshdoust

    lots of new names, no sign of Ghafour, Mousavi and of course Marouf. Marouf retired from the NT after the Olympics (even though I wasn't and still isn't sure if it's real) and coach claims Mousavi and Ghafour are big players and they only should play in big matches! that's a weird explanation. does it mean they will come back for the World Championship? I don't know

    from this list, Javad Karimi, Meysam Salehi and Asghar Mojarrad (all starters in last year's Asian Championship) are recovering from knee or shoulder surgeries and most probably will miss the VNL.

    new coach, new team. it will be a tough year

    not sure if people noticed but the Iranian coach did an Alekno :lol: yesterday, after 2 sets when his team was completely helpless he moved the MB Toukhteh to the opposite position (nobody knew he can play as OP) and almost had a comeback but I guess Belgian defenders read our very predictable setter easily in the 5th set and blocked Toukhteh so many times to win the match

    actually Belgium deserved a 3-0 win, they had something like 7 pts lead in the 3rd set but somehow lost it.

    Saadat joined the team last night and I guess he will play today. (which is do or die game for Iran) not sure how useful he will be, arriving very late and without training with these setters.

    Iran in a wide squad submitted for a tournament had Bartia Saadat listed, and he can be a real killer on this level with his size and strength. Iran plays at least on solid level in most of these tournaments past few years, so I guess it will be a case as well here if Saadat plays there, although I know that he had some disciplinary issues after he signed a contract in Korea, and honestly I didn't check out any updates of their friendly games and preparations.

    the Iranian team arrived in Italy with 13 players, they left one spot open for Saadat but as of now it's not clear if he goes to Italy or not. he was supposed to come to Japan and train with the senior team during the Asian Championships but he didn't. based on the official statement even if he shows up it's still up to the coach to let him join the team or not. but I guess that's just an statement to show they are tough guys :lol: he will play if he comes.

    the biggest problem for Iran is that they never trained together, even their coach was in Japan coaching the senior team!! (kind of stupid to have one coach for two teams :aww:) he brought two players from the senior team too, two MBs, Toukhteh and Jelveh.

    it will be a very hard first round for this team with Belgium and Argentina in the same group

    that was a tough match, all 3 sets were close but Iran somehow managed to win all 3 sets.

    I think we somehow got lucky at the end, Kazemi got injured on the match point and things could be different if we had to continue without him (Esmaeilnejad the reserve OP sucks big time) Kazemi deserved the MVP award without doubt. what a great tournament he had.

    while winning the 4th continental title is great but this also means we will continue with this "Behrouz the emperor" :rolll:guy as coach, :aww: we will see what he can do against world level teams.

    also I'm glad that we will see 4 Asian teams in the World Championship. China and Qatar alongside Iran and Japan

    so we will have the most expected final at the end, Iran vs Japan

    Japan really struggled against TPE but won the match eventually 3-1

    Iran also dropped a set for the first time, Mehdi Jelveh made it a bit harder than expected for Iran, and who is this guy ? the reserve MB who didn't play in this tournament but played a major role here by almost breaking Saber Kazemi's noose in prematch training :rolll: forcing Kazemi to sit out for first 2 sets. things got much easier for Iran when he finally came to the court for the 3rd set.

    I believe Qatar and China will qualify for the WCh if they win their matches tomorrow. I don't think TPE can beat China and even if they do they probably need a convincing 3-0 win to qualify.

    Pakistan ruined Korea's World Championship chance completely. they are now 29th in the WR. I don't think this weak military team is capable of beating any team from the other group. they need two convincing wins to stand a chance. anything else won't be enough

    what the hell they were thinking sending this team. they should simply withdraw

    Korea most probably will regret sending this team to the Asian Championship. they would qualify for the WCh by simply withdrawing from this tournament (if their main team is not available)

    I wish Iran was on the other side of the draw, playing back to back very easy matches doesn't help at all. they had something like +20 service errors today :aww: making the scoreline closer than what it really was.

    China missed a big chance today, they were leading Australia 2-1 and 24-22 in the 4th set. now they have to beat Japan to stand a chance OR count on Qatar to beat Australia again. (QAT did that in Asian OQT in 2020) otherwise they will miss the World Championship for the first time since 1990 :what:

    as far Iran, things look easy until the semifinal which will be the big game for the Emperor :rolll: that's the nickname of our not-so-good coach, he knows he has to win the whole thing here (and specifically beat Japan) to have a chance to keep this job. since 2010 Asian Games this is the first time we have a local coach and this is kind of a test.