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    IRIVF was lazy this year to publish the full list of all teams in the Iranian league. even though this is late but I made a list of foreign players in the current season. the list is actually very short. only 4 relatively unknown players

    Rajko Strugar (MNE) - Khatam Ardakan

    Bruno Godoy (BRA) - Hoorsun Ramsar

    Alexsandro Nascimento (BRA) - Hoorsun Ramsar

    Victor Araujo (BRA) - Shahdab Yazd

    some sources in Iran claim that Iran Volleyball Federation reached agreement with Vladimir Alekno and he will coach Iran NT at the Olympics. even though IRIVF strongly denies that.

    IRIVF also announced the next coach will be a foreigner. they claim they are talking to some big names

    I've read that Alekno is nominated as the head coach of Iran NT. Does anyone how likely he will become Iran NT head coach for real?

    one or two websites mentioned that in Iran but IRIVF didn't deny it. didn't confirm it neither. nobody knows what's their real plan, a month ago everybody was convinced they are going to appoint a local Iranian coach. but now it seems they are talking to some big names, Bernardinho too !

    btw if IRIVF changes its long time policy of only accepting full time coaches, that will open the door to hire whoever they want ( at least financially speaking). but I don't think they can afford a full time high level coach anymore.

    indeed I don’t find Kolakovic is an effective coach. His record when leading the Serbian NT is not impressive neither.

    but is there a chance Velasco is back to leading Iran NT again? Is he on the market now?

    Personally I find Kovac not bad, at least better than Kolakovic and Lozano.

    personally I think Kolakovic did OK, he wasn't great but he was also not that bad. but the general atmosphere in volleyball community was against him. we have to consider he had to deal with so many things, I think in 3 years he had to deal with 4 different presidents in volleyball federation and if I'm not wrong the federation was without anybody in charge for almost a year.there was never a clear plan ahead of him, when he came he was told to change the generation and do NOT care about the results in first couple of years. he brought so many under 20 players to the squad and obviously the results weren't great but then the new guy told him to change the plan. during the VNL last year he played almost the entire tournament with his main squad. and he was forced twice to change his decision, Iran was supposed to send B team to the 2018 Asian Games while A team preparing for the WCH. a last minute change resulted in Iran's disappointing performance in Bulgaria. you can't prepare yourself to challenge Poland by playing Mongolia and Pakistan 10 days before the World Championships.

    Velasco is retired as a coach, he is now working with Italian federation as manager or something like that (monitoring age group teams) but IVF claims they are trying to convince him to come back only for the Olympics. even though I have my doubts that's even true. it's possible they are just playing with his name (knowing he is still popular) to finally appoint a local coach.

    Thanks for providing this context. That makes sense considering the current economic and health situation in Iran. In this case, I believe there's still a possibility that Kolakovic will appear in the Olympic Games as Iran's head coach. It depends on whether Kolakovic's club commitment allows him to do so, and the progress of finding a new head coach from the Iranian Volleyball federation.

    oh absolutely not, my chance to be the head coach is probably higher than Kolakovic :rolll:

    they wanted to fire him for a very long time, first after 2018 World Championship (didn't have the money to pay 2-3 years of his contract) and then next year after the World Cup, (nobody was in charge of the federation and when the new guy came he thought that's stupid to change the coach right before the Olympic Qualifiers) this virus thing just gave them an opportunity to terminate the contract with mutual agreement. they are happy to not pay him for another 5-6 months.

    believe it or not they are after Velasco to lead the team only for the Olympics, in case that plan fails Iran will probably participate with a local coach. there are 3 candidates already. I don't think they hire a completely new guy right now, on paper we have one year left for the Olympics but NTs will be inactive in most of it.

    Can I just say that Iran's numbers are so annoying and I can't imagine how the people living there are feeling right now with 1500 numbers and about 100 deaths being the numbers now for like months..? Who believes that... It must be so frustrating seeing the exact same numbers pop up daily for ur country. like I predicted now for like 3 weeks their numbers and was right each times tomorrows numbers will be once again 1000-2000 with something between 70-150 deaths...

    They are by far not the only shady government though, what we have learned is to only rely on your own.

    oh so you are an expert on Iran related matters, and all of a sudden you are caring about people living there, exactly in the same day the numbers in Turkey surpassed Iran ? how thoughtful, I'm really sorry the number of deaths in Iran is not what you were hoping to see. you can add two zero to that to make it what you want. is 500k deaths enough for you ? then let's say 500,000 deaths,

    40 days ago I read in the very same thread that per some reports there are 2 million cases in Iran right now. 2 millions 40 days ago probably means 80 millions right now and 1 million deaths. good enough ? does it make you feel better (to forget your own coronavirus problem), it's always easy to talk about things you know absolutely nothing about.

    also let me tell you 40 days ago people living there were also amazed how come Turkey has zero cases. absolutely zero, null, zip, nada, nil. but then I prefer to not talk about things I know nothing about, things like Turkey healthcare system.

    and next time take a better look at the numbers, there were days with more than 3000 cases even though that's irrelevant as everybody knows because Iran's policy is not to test everybody (because of some obvious limitations) people with mild symptoms were always told to stay at home and therefore not being tested.

    PS: this doesn't mean I trust what I hear from the Iranian government, they had a long history of not telling the truth. but I believe in what I see in daily life and if I question the numbers (which I do and I have my doubts about some parts of those statistics), that won't be just an ignorant claim. I could give a more serious and detailed answer if it was a serious post.

    and to so called admins, I don't know what is inflammatory or not, but if anybody wants to delete or edit my post or give me a warning or anything like that, it's just better to close my account. I'm here for more than a decade, that's probably enough. recently I only see childish discussions and nonsense uninformed posts like this one. doesn't worth it anymore. Goodbye

    I also just read an article says that Iran probably has about 500000 to 2000000 infected people, just insane.

    wow and that was 10 days ago, what's the number now in new articles ? 15 millions ? I guess in next 10 days it will be 80 millions, unfortunately the total population is 80m and they can't go higher when they guess

    the situation is of course very bad though

    well unfortunately mismanagement is a common thing in Iran. (obviously not only in sports) they get hot and cold about things. once they use exactly the same team for so many years and then all of a sudden they decide to change the whole team ! both are stupid. because changes should happen slowly and all the time.

    and you are right that coaches should not believe such promises . when Zoran Gajic came to Iran in 2007 they told him the same, he completely changed the team, if I'm not wrong he invited only 2 players from 2006 WCH squad and instead tried to invite new players like young Marouf and Mousavi. at the time Iran was 3rd/4th team in Asia but then with all those changes Iran had to battle Thailand and Indonesia for 6th/7th place ! and they fired him !

    after the Rio Olympics the general idea was this group of players can't achieve more and if Iran wants to go one level higher we need some revolutionary changes !! turned out to be a terrible idea. yes it's easy to improve when you are weak, but when you reach certain level, improving from there is really hard and won't happen overnight.

    and you are exactly right about Slobodan Kovac, replacing him was a mistake (another reason why they don't replace Kolakovic now and few months before the Olympics) but the same group of "experts" said exactly the same thing about him and somehow lowered his position in eyes of the players. and then when Kovac won the Euro with Serbia they were like "see, Kovac is doing great but we have this shit guy" and it's more like whoever is NOT coaching Iran is better than our current coach. they were even criticizing Velasco when he had the job. they consider him a great coach now because he is gone.

    and it's kind of amazing Kolakovic still has the respect of his players after all this. or maybe these players are also getting matured !?

    Good grace. And you wonder why team Iran is so full of diva attitudes.

    I hope he sends Iran federation a middle finger the day after the Olympic tournament is over. At this point his only reason to stay is to go to the games, after that he can let the entire place rot.

    well they didn't fire him already (specially after the 2018 WCH) only because they don't have the money to pay him and hire another coach. there is no way they want to renew his contract after the Olympics. (unless he pulls of a miracle and win a medal or something) while I said he wasn't bad, he wasn't great either. yes he is a nice guy and apparently players like him but it's not like anybody is going to miss him. he is no Julio Velasco.

    actually Iran had 4 different volleyball federation presidents in past 3 years. almost nobody in charge for a year until couple months ago. I don't know where the current guy stands who is actually the same guy who hired Kolakovic in first place.

    What’s that gesture for?

    That's a long story but he was treated like a very very bad coach here by media and some so called "experts"

    I know he probably didn't do anything super great with Iran but he wasn't that bad. I totally understand his reaction. some of those bad results weren't really his fault, when he came 3 years ago he was told to change the generation and use younger players without being worried about the results, he did that and used so many under 20 players but then the head of volleyball federation changed and told him to go another path. beside that he was told to completely change his plans for 2018 World Championship and send the A team to the Asian Games only few days before the WCH.

    just to give you a better idea, according to those experts whenever Iran wins, that's because our players are good and whenever we lose, that's because our coach is bad ! the first thing TV commentator said before the final was "we beat Korea yesterday only because of that smart move from Marouf, our coach did nothing"

    I wonder if the crowd knows Chile is already eliminated ?!

    I didn't see the first match between VEN-CHI. but watched the rest from what I saw both Chile and Colombia are better than Venezuela. it will be funny if Venezuela qualifies at the end.

    well that was too easy, but I was expecting only "one tough match" which happened yesterday. I knew they will play 100% today.

    I think if you consider the whole Olympic cycle, Iran was better than other Asian teams and deserved the quota without any doubt.

    but I hope Ghafour fully recovers for the Olympics, the opposite position was the weak link in this tournament, even though I really can't understand why Kolakovic played with Mahmoudi in last 2 matches, he used to be a very good player, but he is overweight and out of shape, I know experience matters in crucial matches but he was really bad, Yali couldn't be any worse.

    pfff, Korea took risks on serves and it paid off for them most of the time. yes they had lots of serve errors but that was their only option.

    I knew there will be at least one "tough" match for Iran here, I was hoping for preliminary round match vs China but then it happened here. hopefully they learned their lesson.

    it was a bad idea to play with Mahmoudi, he is far from his best days but beside that I really can't say Iran had a bad day, it was mostly Korea playing really good.