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    Japan is a great team and they proved it once again against the Olympic Champion. that serve error by Ishikawa at 15-14 was the key. I feel France was ready to make another mistake but Ishikawa simply saved them.

    Sekita is a good setter in general but yes he had some questionable decisions tonight.

    it was funny to see American reserve players dancing in middle of the 5th set when the score was tied. they were supposed to be nervous in such an important match.

    I believe Americans didn't really realize they are in danger of elimination until 11-11 in 5th set.

    Great job by Turkey, they were just inches away from a big win.

    our coach completely blew up everything in the 4th set. Iran was leading 13-6 but lost it 18-25 !!! Piazza should seriously thank him for those subs. Ataei completely ignored the problem (which was the reception) and subbed the players who were actually doing OK. I mean Esmaeilnejad was terrible the whole tournament but he got subbed right when he was doing good !

    it's easy to control the team in normal situations but today match was different, he simply lost his control over the bench and the players weren't listening to him at some point.

    I had no hope on this coach to be honest but those VNL results changed my mind, now I know my original thought was correct. they weren't under pressure during VNL but that 4th set meltdown under pressure clearly shows this guy is not right for the job.

    Does anyone know why one of the Egyptian players has “L3BA” on his jersey?

    that's probably his nickname, that means "Game" in Arabic

    on the internet (and never officially) people sometimes use numbers when they transliterate some Arabic letters into English. I believe his nickname should be written as Lo'ba in a proper transliteration

    wow Korea losing 3-0 to Bahrain, I never thought I would see that

    this is probably the lowest point of Korean male NT :aww:

    Congrats to Bahrain btw, this bronze is their biggest achievement. they were quite good actually

    and also Iran U20 team did great by finishing 5th. much better than my expectations, they took a set from China (and Bahrain)

    So, it was reported Milad gave the captainship role to Seyed today but now it is said Seyed decided not to participate due to poor conditions. He also said he will rejoin should the conditions improved. I don’t think it is possible to replace him, by the way, as they sent the official roster.

    I have read some things but I feel like somethings are lost in translation. Could you please explain the situation? mosi

    yeah this is more or less the same as you said. only few hours after announcing the 14-man roster for Wagner tournament in Poland (and later the Wch) Mousavi announced he withdrew from the team because of the situation in the camp! (to me that's utter nonsense)

    speaking of possible rejoin, he was talking about future events, he is not returning for this World Championship. but I still wait to hear something from the coach, he didn't say anything yet after Mousavi's circus. some people think he is withdrawing because his favorite team's manager/director got fired few days ago. (he, Marouf and Mahmoudi boycotted 2016 Olympics opening ceremony to show their support for the same guy)

    and Meysam Salehi is officially out of WCh squad. ;( remove Mousavi and Salehi from that 16-man list I wrote earlier and the remaining 14 players are traveling to Poland (actually 13 of them, Shahrouz Homayounfarmanesh is in Turkey with the B team and will join the team later)

    according to the latest press conference (which was couple hours before Mousavi's announcement) Mojarrad is ready to play but Karimi is something like 80% ready. Salehi didn't make it

    I dont think it really happened. Those teams didn't lose points last year

    oh no, that really happened
    Kazakhstan got the WCh quota because of its ranking but look where are they now, ranked 38 !

    they had 157 pts in 2020 , now they have just 103 ! (they lost 3.5 more after losing to Croatia in Challenger Cup)

    to find another AVC team in the ranking you have to go very down. TPE is #58 with just 64pts, they had 114 in January 2020 when they played their last official match

    Australia has 64 now but they had 114 in January 2020. you can check all AVC teams and will get the same answer and if FIVB doesn't count the this 2022 AVC Cup almost all of them (except Kazakhstan) will lose another 50pts.

    It's said that this version of AVC Cup is the last version of AVC Cup.

    AVC will launch new competition to replace AVC Cup which as a qualifier to FIVB Challenger Cup. That means teams already qualified to VNL can't participate in new competition.

    Do we know if this competition results will be counted in the world ranking ? that will be a bad news for Iran because these kids are going to lose , maybe even to Pakistan!

    but with this new ranking formula, teams will be punished 50 points if they don't play at least one match in a year. AVC needs a ranking competition in even years to make it fair.

    all female teams in Asia (except VNL teams CHN, JPN, THA and KOR) were penalized 50 points for not playing a match in 2021 and that wasn't even their fault when someone cancelled the Asian Championships.

    IRIVF just announced the roster for Islamic Solidarity Games in Turkey and most of the guys those were cut from the main team will play there including Saadat.

    6 players from 22-man World Championship preliminary list are here too, Homayounfar, Daneshdoust, Pajouman, Ramezani, Gholipour and Yali

    not a bad team but no way they can beat Turkey A team (if Turkey brings A team) Iran is grouped with Turkey, Qatar and Pakistan.

    I forgot AVC Cup but I'm also not sure if it counts for the ranking. it fits the criteria though

    Iran will send a junior team not even the B team. B team is going to participate in Islamic Solidarity Games in Turkey.

    looks like we won't see South Korea and specially Australia in FIVB competitions for a while. considering their current very poor ranking (34 and 39) they won't qualify for FIVB tournaments anytime soon. (even for 2023 Challenger Cup unless they host it)

    they have to wait until Asian Championships in 2023 to play a ranking tournament !

    with these Olympic qualification formats. both of them had no chance to qualify from the beginning. but now it's officially over for them.

    now we know iran 22-man wide list for the World Championship. Saadat isn't there too, surprised to see Yali ahead of him!

    those 16 players listed before + Daneshdoust (OH), Pajouman and Ramezani (S), Abedini (MB) and Gholipour (L) and Yali (OP)

    Sensible choice. The depth of the squad is much improved upon the return of the injured players. Why is Sadat cut so soon?

    well looks like the coach didn't trust him that much from the beginning. (even though Esmaeilnejad was superb and probably he never had to change the OP to give a chance to Saadat)

    personally I'm surprised that his list is this short. but looks like he already knew his team and the only question mark is in OH position. Salehi is still doubtful and Manavinejad is also recovering from an injury. I won't be surprised if he brings 3 MBs and 5 OHs to the Worlds though.

    coach Ataei called up 16 players for the World Championship,

    Setter: Karimi, Vadi

    Libero: Hazratpour, Moazzen

    OP: Esmaeilnejad, Kazemi

    MB: Mousavi, Mojarrad, Jelveh, Toukhteh

    OH: Ebadipour, Esfandiar, Sharifi, Salehi, Manavinejad, Homayounfar

    I don't know if this list is final or not. this is a bit early to cut your list to just 16 players. specially because we are not sure about some of those injured players, only Mojarrad is cleared to play. Salehi and Karimi are still doubtful

    good to see Mousavi back. he was surely missed in VNL. and I'm surprised Abedini is not here, he was the starting MB before the VNL and those two guys (Toukhteh and Jelveh) didn't shine in VNL to grab his spot. I wonder what happened.

    Mousavi is definitely missed, hope he’ll back for the WCH.

    sure, interesting nobody talks about this. he was interviewed something like 10 times but nobody asked this obvious question.

    personally I think he will be called for the WCH but that's just my guess. Ghafour can still rest , he is not missed :D

    Iran also missed Mojarrad and Abedini. I believe both of them will start playing soon. Jelveh and Toukhteh tried their best but that was just not good enough.