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    Didn't expect the win today. that was a good idea to play with bench players after the Egypt disaster, at least Iran is not going to leave the tournament with 11 defeats :obey: :cup: (no kidding I was really afraid of that after losing to Egypt ^^)

    I’ve read that Sharam Mahmoudi was back to NT training some time ago? Is his form far from playing on court?

    He trained with the team for a while before the OQT (and after VNL) but then left the team because he wasn't in a good shape. I don't know what's the plan with him for the future.

    now i can say Iran is the main favorite for being the worst team of the competition. only Tunisia can stop Iran for not finishing 12th.

    things were OK until 24-22 in 2nd set but then Iran lost 4pts in a row and from then it was Egypt's motivation against Iran's laziness. today was the worst version of Iran in past 10 years. probably even before that when Iran was a 2nd tier Asian team.

    Thumbs down to FIVB for this rejection. They're the culprit to blame -- keeping this World Cup for Japan, making it a non-OG qualifier, and creating all this confusion.

    They wanted to use someone from U19 team. but apparently there is a rule that a player can't play in more than 2 age groups per year and that guy Mehran Feiz already played for U19 and U21. it seems it was Iran's fault.

    but there are so many other reasons to blame FIVB :lol:

    Why Mousavi is out for Iran?

    he asked coach to give him a break. he isn't injured or anything. just didn't want to play only in this tournament.

    therefore Iran has only 13 players , they didn't know they could bring more than 14 players and even Mousavi's late repelacement was rejected by FIVB.

    no drama in the final. Iran stepped up for the final and beat Australia quite easily. (still they gave the MVP award to Edgar !)

    I think that Australia match in the first round was a very good thing for Iran. at least they are not going to China thinking they already have the Olympic quota in their pockets.

    I remember the days when taking a set from top 3 (JPN/KOR/CHN) was mission impossible for Iran. and everybody got crazy in the stadium in Tehran when Iran finally took a set from Japan in 1999 after something like 50 years despite losing the match 3-1.

    so winning the 3rd Asian title is special for me. (even if nobody else cares about it) it could be 5th if our federation wasn't cocky to not send A team in 2015 and 2017.

    no the ref penalized both teams. Ebadipour also received a red card. it went from 19-17 to 20-18. the problem was they didn't know to serve.

    Asian Games was actually somehow understandable. it was supposed to give the host team a free pass into the semifinal. they just blew it. AVC used some weird formats for almost a year (for junior/youth championships and also AVC Cup) and nobody could understand it. I remember Iran had to play Australia 3 times in Women's AVC Cup !!! check this and tell me if anybody can understand the format ! that's really rocket science…_Women%27s_Volleyball_Cup


    as for the stands, i noticed that it was (of course) very segregated, with a small women's section all the way at the top. but it also seemed that there were sections for foreigners, and in those sections, it was mixed.

    as for the empty halls, it's a total shame. why bother to host it if you're not even going to give out free tickets? the women's WCup going on right now at least has some good attendance. i hear many matches of the euro men's Ch right now are also somewhat empty.

    yes that's how it works in Iran. no problem for foreigners but there are separate sections for locals. don't ask me why. women's section is indeed smaller but not that small.

    in Iran this is normal to give out free tickets for national matches but not this time. (and I had to pay to watch some matches where I was almost the only spectator :lol:) as I said the volleyball federation has no president right now. (there will be election soon) and there was nobody to promote the event. I remember 4 years ago Iran B team brought much more people to the stadium for the same competition.

    also the general thinking here is that all Asian teams suck and we are 10 times better than all of them. I know this is stupid. but that makes people less interested in the Asian Championship. still if we bring exactly the same teams and name it the "Olympic Qualifier" what will be a huge deal.

    I don't follow Asian volleyball that much for the pure reason that it is not widely broadcast and/or some of the teams not always play with A squads. The one time I watched Pakistan more closely, though, was when they arrived in Sofia for the last Olympic qualifier in 2012. And believe me, regardless of their results, they showed they can play some volleyball. There were situations in the match against Bulgaria when they did whatever they wanted on the court, especially attacks in the middle. They fought with Egypt till the very end of the three sets and then, despite France being mentally down and still overcoming the disappointing defeat against Stocyhev's Bulgaria back then (different times, right?), Pakistan stole a set against the French. They don't have so much quality as to win, and as mosi emphasized, they will hardly make it all the way even in Asia, but they can be dangerous.

    My experience with Chinese Taipei comes pretty much down to Taichung Bank. They can also play some volleyball :)

    There is another aspect that you will probably have difficulties finding videos and scouting such teams and it must've played a role, but both aren't that bad indeed.

    Iran and Pakistan used to be in the same level, I remember those days, that wasn't 40 years ago, we used to have some Pakistani players in our league but they just can't improve more than this without investing money and without having a pro league. simply impossible. they know volleyball, they can play good sometimes but this is their ceiling right now.

    It was a terrible idea for Iran to host the event, there is absolutely no interest about it here, even for important matches the stadium is half empty, even players don't care, that pissed of Kolakovic few times. I think the problem is Iran federation did nothing to promote the event, there is no proper volleyball federation in Iran right now, there is no president, only a temp guy who doesn't care and doesn't answer to anything.

    the TV coverage is also pretty bad for this tournament, no TV coverage even inside Iran, except for the Iran NT matches, I could watch some matches because the stadium is not that far from me (both stadiums actually, they are right next to each other in the same complex) I really liked Sri Lanka here, nobody takes Sri Lanka serious because they are simply Sri Lanka but they almost took a set from Iran, almost took a set from Australia, they beat Kazakhstan. and I think they could beat some of top 8 teams. (they had beaten Chinese Taipei before though)

    except for Europe where the continental Championship is already important, it seems they have to make to some changes to make other continental Champs interesting. this is a terrible idea to have another tournament between exactly the same teams (well top 8 actually) as the Olympic qualifier.

    and for the tournament itself, that fight in the last set between Iran and Korea was shameful , Kolakovic even apologized for the behavior of his players. (even though it was from the both sides) they even stopped the match for something like 10-15 minutes because after multiple red cards they didn't know which team should serve ! :!:

    based on what I saw in the tournament, Australia will be the favorite for the gold tomorrow but it's just hard to believe Iran will lose twice to Australia at home. I think they will find a way to beat Edgar and co.

    very strange score, did AUS really play badly or is there more parity in the men's division this year? are PAK (and TPE) really improved?

    AUS also struggled against QAT in first round...

    also, was there a limit by AVC on having only 16 teams? it looks like it could have been a tournament with at least 24 teams, as many teams are not here (IRQ, KSA, KGZ, TKM, UZB, AFG, NEP, VIE, MYA, PHI, NZL etc.).

    Yes. there is a limit of 16. even though those teams do not participate all the time. you always have some of them in the tournament. I think we had 20 teams at the Asian Games. it could be more here without that limit.

    PAK and TPE aren't "that" bad. they can surprise top Asian teams in a good day, they never win (at least not yet) though but they can take 1-2 sets. if all teams send their A squad. we usually end up with top 5 (IRN, JPN AUS KOR CHN) in top 5 places.

    Australia survived another tiebreak against a lower ranked team. this time in the knockout round against Pakistan !


    Iran vs South Korea

    Australia vs Japan

    if Iran plays like today, I don't think they can win the title. Chinese Taipei was in the match for all 3 sets. the team looks not motivated at all. even Kolakovic had to tell them "this is the quarterfinal FFS, move yourself"

    the match for 9th place between Qatar and Kazakhstan is also important to qualify the last Asian team for the AOQT. even though I won't be surprised if teams like India and Pakistan later withdraw. but they had close games today in the QF, maybe they think they have a chance in OQT.

    it seems everybody is taking this seriously. AUS, CHN, IRN, KOR all with A teams, even JPN, that's already qualified for olympics...

    from the results, it seems IND upset KAZ, and AUS had a surprisingly hard time against QAT. other than that, not many surprises so far...

    ACV ranking seems so off, that's how AUS and IRN ended in the same group...

    the seeding was based on the 2017 tournament where Australia didn't "shine" . same as Iran with U23 team but that's irreverent, Iran is top seed as the host anyway. Qatar was probably the victim of that. I think they could qualify from any other group. they still have a chance to finish 9th and at least qualify for the AVC Olympic Qualifier.

    I'm surprised Japan is with A team, interesting everybody took this seriously. finally a competitive Asian Championships after a while.

    Iran's roster is the same as the VNL final. they only replaced Manavinejad with World U21 MVP A. H. Esfandiar (no injury. just a technical decision)

    according to the coaches, the only reason Iran is participating with A team is the Olympic Qualification ! top 8 from this tournament qualify for the AVC qualifier in January and being in the same group with Qatar and Australia, they weren't sure if B team can advance from the first round (which is necessary for a top 8 finish)

    I don't know about Japan but it seems the rest are here with A teams. for the same reason as Iran.

    I knew it yesterday though there was also the rumor that the host is Qatar before it.

    thanks but I didn't get it. are u saying it was supposed to be Qatar but now it's confirmed to be in China ? or still not confirmed anything ?

    Maybe I used too harsh words but I heard this plan 2 months ago, to focus on VNL and Asian OG qualies rather than on St. Peters pool from person close to a team.

    Asian OGQ will be in January 2020, how they can focus on that from now !

    but the problem is I don't think they had such plans from the start of this summer. they go tournament by tournament. for example when Vital Heynen was in Iran for VNL he made it clear in one of his press conferences that OGQ is #1 for him. then Euro, then World Cup and finally VNL.and I'm sure all other teams made their priorities before the summer NT season.

    but for Iran, they still don't know what's their plan for the Asian Championship in Tehran. they want to finish this tournament in Russia and they can sit and think about " OK what's next"

    even if they don't care about the continental title, they can't simply ignore it because only top 8 from that will qualify for the Asian OGQ, you may say Iran will finish in top 9 (top 8 + Japan) with any team but they can't take that risk. Iran is in the same group with Qatar and Australia.

    it took two sets for Iran to finally wake up and do something. but obviously they are not that prepared for this competition, they even cancelled friendlies with Bulgaria and came to Russia directly.

    I would be OK with "not taking OGQ seriously" if I knew that's part of a plan but they don't have a plan. their plan is like "let's see what happens today, then we will think about tomorrow" still nobody knows which team they will send to the Asian Championships.