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    I am really interested who will be MVP and will habe other awards . In my opinion Jouantorena or Stokr.

    Juantorena got the MVP Award some minutes ago.

    congrats to Trentino , the best team of the world and congrats to Paykan for winning the bronze medal. yesterday Mousavi was close to win 4 individual awards but finally he won only one of them ;(

    here are some rumors about Paykan's possible withdrawal ! some of their main players already left the team, and some of them are injured, they asked help from other clubs but the answer was no since the Iranian league is ongoing. (started last week)

    yesterday they got another injured player in the warm up so they are strongly thinking about the withdrawal. not sure how much they are serious.

    it's sad to see Iran out from WCh... Japs advanced :aww:

    My heart almost came to my mouth :D , we were really close to reach the second round, we even had 11-9 lead in 5th set but refs did a big mistake ...

    I hate points ratio as a tiebreak :wall: ;(

    I'm still proud of our team though, they played with heart and passion , but I still can't believe what happened in the first match X(

    Congrats to Japan and Italy

    Congratulations to Iran for their first win in World Championship. IMO they will be the only team from Asia who will be in next phase. Japan was a disappointment.

    actually the first win in the preliminary round and 4th win overall ! :lol:

    Iran was more than a disappointment in the first 4 sets of the tournament but finally plan B worked ! Japan still can advance by beating Egypt which will eliminate Iran !

    also Australia is an asian team and they most probably will beat Cameroon !

    No - Japan has a special deal with FIVB. There will be world tournament together with Asian qualification.
    The best team plus the best from Asia will be qualified !


    I know Japan will host all tournaments till eternity but why not 2 separate tournaments ? (both in Japan)
    What's the logic behind this? just because Japan can't play in two tournaments in a short period ?

    Iran 3 X 1 Puerto Rico
    25-15/ 25-21 / 26-28 / 25-19

    RIVERA 15, SOTO 15, FIGUERA 10


    Austria - China 0:3 (22:25, 21:25, 16:25)

    Iran roster

    Adel Gholami (MB)
    Mojtaba Attar (L)
    Saeid Marouf (S)
    Mohammad Mousavi (MB)
    Hamzeh Zarini (OH)
    Alireza Nadi (MB)
    Mohsen Andalib (OP)
    Farhad Nazari Afshar (OH)
    Mehdi Mahdavi (S)
    Arash Keshavarzi (OH)
    Hesam Bakhsheshi (MB)
    Abdolreza Alizadeh (L)
    Mohammad MohammadKazem (OP)
    Arash Kamalvand (OH)

    23-Aug Iran - Cuba 18:00

    Wilfredo Leon 3 - Iran 1

    the Iranian team came to Singapore to win the gold (or maybe silver when they knew Leon is with Cuba) but the first two sets in the first match cost them a lot. they lost badly but at least this team is a real youth team (except maybe one), comparing to 2007 team which won the world youth championship in Mexico with a bunch of overaged players !!

    Iran-China was the best match of the tournament so far, China won the first 2 sets but Iran came back after 2 changes in the roster and won the match. Iran didn't play very well but won the match just because of the fans, the atmosphere of the match was incredible, (in official report they wrote 1500 spectators but it is wrong, the correct number is 7500) Uroumieh is deservingly Iran's volleyball capital.

    I think Korea-India will be the closest quarterfinal, India is a tricky team, they were very unlucky in both 2007 and 2009 Asian Championships.

    Korea win against second Team Japan in tie break? I think this Team will lost place in World League 2011. From this tournamet next year will be Team in first round qualification to World League 2012.

    I checked their roster, this was Korea A vs Japan B. Japanese team is a different team with a different coach.…atch%203_%20kor-jpn11.jpg

    The first match of any tournament is always difficult , today the same Korea beat Australia A 3-2 ! and Japan B lost 3-0 to Kazakhstan !