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    Brook Billings finally signed in UAE and he won't come to Iran ! I don't know who canceled the deal, Billings or the Iranian Club !!??

    so, he won't be the first american volleyball player to play in Iran !

    Mosi, is volleyball popular in Iran or not ??? how many teams the league has???

    I think I can say yes, Volleyball is almost popular in Iran, especially in the north of iran volleyball is very popular. but Football is still number 1 here by a very big margin.

    The Iranian SuperLeague has 15 teams this year and I think 5 of them (Damash, Saipa, Kaleh, Paykan and Petrochimi) are favourites to win the title.

    Iran got World title for under 21 in 2003

    oh no ! Iran was the host of this tournament but the team lost in quarterfinal to Brazil.

    US national team Opposite Brook Billings (played in Czestochowa, fenerbache) signed to play in Iran for the remaining of the season

    he is the first american volleyball player, many american basketballers are playing in Iran.
    he will play for Petrochimi (currently 5th in the table)

    We have Gradinarov, Evgeni Ivanov (210 cm, our midfield in 2006, 2007 and 2008, played for Viegel, Metodi Ananiev, Smilen Mlyakov( Czestochowa) and couple more in Iran. They are developing their volleyball, the youths are very strong, but men's volleyball need improvement. You saw Peykan in Doha :)

    I think that US players will not allow others to have more glory for being brave, so...


    currently 15 foriegn players are playing in Iran, (Bulgaria 5, Serbia 3, Brazil 2, Pakistan 2, Kazakhstan 1, India 1, Venezuela 1) also 2 players from Argentina and Slovenia began this season in iran but their clubs released them.



    I can't believe we lost to Japan once again ! :wall: :wall: Japan is a very good team but today We were the better side and we deserved a 3-0 win ! :wall: Iran had a secure 4 pts (at least) lead in the first 4 sets but Japaneses were more professional and they won 1st and 3rd set despite our early big lead !

    I think the Iranian team had a good tournament so far despite their lack of preparation !

    I'm a little bit surprised with Iranian victory over Egypt.

    why ? Egypt is not a world class team.

    Iranian players were very nervous today but finally they took their revenge.

    Tomorrow's match is mission impossible to Iran , I just hope we play our best and really show ourselves and everyone else that we are not a weak team.

    hi everybody, hello from iran

    Paykan had an unbelievable start in this tournament , What happend in the first match was just an accident but the other results were normal.

    Paykan played very bad in the last 2 matches and I am sorry because of this bad volleyball you saw ! we knew it before the tournament but Iranian teams are not usually that bad :D Paykan won the asian championship with another roster they had 7 NT players + 3 former NT players. but currently they only have 3 NT playrers (libero, #4 and #18 ) + 1 former NT player (setter). and they had nothing on the bench. unfortunately our lebiro got injured in the semifinal match and he missed the WGCC because of that !