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    I knew it yesterday though there was also the rumor that the host is Qatar before it.

    thanks but I didn't get it. are u saying it was supposed to be Qatar but now it's confirmed to be in China ? or still not confirmed anything ?

    Maybe I used too harsh words but I heard this plan 2 months ago, to focus on VNL and Asian OG qualies rather than on St. Peters pool from person close to a team.

    Asian OGQ will be in January 2020, how they can focus on that from now !

    but the problem is I don't think they had such plans from the start of this summer. they go tournament by tournament. for example when Vital Heynen was in Iran for VNL he made it clear in one of his press conferences that OGQ is #1 for him. then Euro, then World Cup and finally VNL.and I'm sure all other teams made their priorities before the summer NT season.

    but for Iran, they still don't know what's their plan for the Asian Championship in Tehran. they want to finish this tournament in Russia and they can sit and think about " OK what's next"

    even if they don't care about the continental title, they can't simply ignore it because only top 8 from that will qualify for the Asian OGQ, you may say Iran will finish in top 9 (top 8 + Japan) with any team but they can't take that risk. Iran is in the same group with Qatar and Australia.

    it took two sets for Iran to finally wake up and do something. but obviously they are not that prepared for this competition, they even cancelled friendlies with Bulgaria and came to Russia directly.

    I would be OK with "not taking OGQ seriously" if I knew that's part of a plan but they don't have a plan. their plan is like "let's see what happens today, then we will think about tomorrow" still nobody knows which team they will send to the Asian Championships.

    Their captain OH is 209cm? If his reception is decent, he can reinforce the OH position of the senior NT, playing opposite Ebadipour, in the future.

    Yali is a bit soft, from what I observed from the final game and his performance at VNL earlier summer. He still has a long way to go to secure a position at the senior NT.

    Sharifi and the libero are already in NT. This libero is really talented!

    yeah soft is the best word to describe Yali. he is good because of his height but I don't think he improves much. he is not even such an important player for his club in the local league. there are better opposites in the league but Kolakovic picked him probably only because of his age. if Mahmoudi is in shape, Yali will lose his spot as second OPP.

    btw that was a very good result for Iranian volleyball. but I didn't like the idea of using Hazratpour for example in this tournament. he was already exhausted after the VNL and there are still lots of tournaments this summer ahead of him.

    This is the defining moment of set 5 Iran-Brazil where the violation clearly was against Brazil but Referee pissed Marouf and caused that drama afterwards.

    that's no excuse . that wasn't on the match point. that was in middle of the set, the score was still 8-8 . that was just "one point" and mistakes happen (usually in favor of bigger teams), unfortunately you can't challenge such decisions. that's it . you can't change the call, focus on the next point.

    If Heynen protests, that's part of his strategy. he does that when his team is playing bad. he wants to make a scene, change the momentum. but Marouf's protests always hurt his own team much more.

    oh man, only if they could shot up and play their game when they had the momentum. ok the ref sucks but what's done is done. just focus on the next point. from 8-5 to 10-15. only Iran led by Marouf is capable of that. Heynen protests to the ref, makes a scene and wins the match for his team, Marouf does exactly the opposite.

    btw what happened at the end of the 3rd set was funny, you can use both your challenges and still get a 3rd one by yelling at the ref !

    A few hours to the Iran's game and i know the possibility of victory for them is extremely low, but the miracle happened last time at the Iran's only participation in 2014 World League Finals in Italy, where they could beat brazil in their last game and advanced to the semi-finals. Just wish they fight till the last point, and we see an interesting match

    but you should know Brazil wanted to lose that match to eliminate Russia. they are good in acting and making you believe "you really beat them"

    I'm not saying there is absolutely no chance for Iran tonight, Brazil also didn't impress in first match but realistically Brazil is huge huge favorite. the best match Iran played in this VNL was against Brazil though (despite the defeat). maybe they can do that again.

    oh man that was a nightmare. it was good until 13-13 in 2nd set (Heynen's red card) but when Poland stepped up, Iran went 3 steps down ! and never came back. hard to blame one player the whole team was bad specially Marouf and Hazratpour the libero.

    I don't know what Kolakovic was thinking. they were hopeless and he started making subs only at the end of 3rd set when it was already late. (even a 3-2 win was equal to 3-1 loss) when you can't play worse than that you have to do something. things just don't get better by themselves.

    congrats to Poland. they were amazing last night and again tonight. at some point they were digging almost everything.

    I doubt Iran can even challenge Brazil tomorrow. I expect a quick 3-0. Brazil won't play two bad matches in a row. that was a good VNL for Iran but when you play the whole tournament with 7 players (and using subs only when the result doesn't matter in couple of matches) you can expect such a collapse when it matters.

    This is exaggeration , this is mostly what happened last year not this year.

    this year it seems they just kept the players for 4 hours and then let them go. still that's not the best way to welcome your guests but we can't expect more from the Americans. while our federation made a story out of it, from what I heard most of team members were fine with that (mostly because they had worse experiences from such trips to USA)

    Some key players of Iran U21 team are already in the senior team and they were not supposed to play here but today it was announced that Yali and Hazratpour will go to Bahrain directly from Chicago !! Sharifi is already with them. this is weird and stupid, I understand Yali is not a key player and will be out of 14 man squad when Mahmoudi returns but Hazratpour is Iran's starting libero right now ! this will be a long summer with lots of NT competitions ! beside that I wonder if these players are motivated to play for U21 team ?!

    but at least on paper with these guys plus Toukhteh and Esfandiar and considering the fact Iran was 2017 U19 World Champion, Iran will be one of the favorites . but even the first round will be tough Russia and Czech Rep were European Championship finalists.

    Seeing Mojarad’s performance makes me recall Faezi, a MB who’s been with NT for a few years. Why is he not selected to NT this year?

    well Faezi had his chances before, Mojarad is much younger and this is his first year in the NT. beside that he was much better in the Iranian league and his club won the championship. I think picking Mojarad over Faezi wasn't a mistake. but I'm not sure about the 4th MB Masoud Gholami.