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    The ref and outdated challenge system created lots of drama . most of them unnecessary, of course the call was terrible on 24-16 in 4th set , Mousavi was one metre away from the ball but that was stupid to lose temper and even fight with his own bench members when you have such a big lead.

    watching the press conference right now and Kolakovic is really pissed of about the questions :lol: I have to say the journalists here are the dumbest in the world.

    only injuries could force Kolakovic to change his starting lineup. :lol: this is stupid if he thinks they can play 5 weeks without a change. when he is going to give rest to Marouf or Ebadipour for example ? I'm sure that won't happen next week in their hometown of Urmia.

    didn't expect such easy 3-0 win without Ghafour and Mousavi . :drink:

    :(:( I think that 4th set will haunt them for a long time. they had 3-4 pts lead almost the entire set, had so many match points. finally lost it to a lucky ace by Alan. and there was a dubious call on Iran's match point, didn't see the replay of Mousavi's set. not sure if that was a foul.

    collapsing in tiebreak was quite predictable. but still that was a very good match against probably the best team of the VNL.

    Yeah, the rumor was going on for a while, but then they signed Rychlicki, so it's not so strange you read about it, I'm just not so sure how much sense would it make at this point.

    once again they didn't say it's a rumor, they say he already signed with Lube. it wasn't just a random fan site, that's an official news agency. they only post 100% confirmed news. but once again "you never know" sometimes even 100% is not enough

    how many players Russia is going to add this first week squad for the Olympic Qualifiers ? Mikhaylov, Volvich, anybody else ? Butko ? anybody else than Zenit Kazan players ? is Muserskiy healthy ?

    I'm just trying to figure out is there any chance for Iran to upset Russia. :lol: I know none of European users here want such a thing but thinking is free :whistle: Russia with Sammelvuo didn't hugely impress me . now I can give something like 5-10% chance to Iran

    Germany was always a tough matchup for Iran, even without some key players. they didn't deserve a 3-0 defeat today.

    good weekend for Iran with 9pts but the next matches will be much harder. the problem is Kolakovic doesn't trust the reserve Opposite even when Ghafour had a bad day like today. I also really hope he gives chances to Karimi because Marouf can't play forever.

    To be honest I've expected much easier win for Iran as this Italy is quite young and unexperienced on this level. IMO class difference was visible in those rare occasions when Iran managed to serve, block and attack well.

    I don't know how other teams are prepared but Iran didn't play any preparation before the VNL. which means the last time some of these players had a real match was 3 months ago in Iranian league . beside that Iran had a history of starting the season very bad. actually this is the first time for Iran winning the opening match in WL/VNL !

    also Iran always struggles against good serving team and there were couple of very good servers in this Italian team.

    Is Seyed really that lazy? He can be a great MB in some other teams.

    of course he is, why do you think he is not leaving Iran despite having several offers from European clubs in past few years ?!

    Didn't expect a win here, even against this Italy, and the first 1.5 set was also disastrous but Fayazi's presence was key from the second set.

    Could you describe a bit more reaction in Iran's media about his words? He hit Iran overall very strong and I'm curious of the reaction.

    well it was on top of the non-football related headlines for couple of days and obviously the reaction was negative. some people here are a bit sensitive to racists comments like that. but it was also on the media that his interview received negative response in Poland as well.

    pity Kubiak is not coming to Iran for the 3rd week. he just made everybody love him here. :lol:

    This is Iran's squad for the 1st week (and most probably the 2nd week)

    S: Marouf, Karimi

    OP: Ghafour, Yali

    OH: Ebadipour, Ghaemi, Fayyazi, Manavinejad, Sharifi

    MB: Mousavi, Shafiei, Mojarrad

    L: Moazzen, Hazratpour

    main libero Marandi is injured and won't play this summer. Shahram Mahmoudi recently changed his mind about retiring from the NT but he will join the team after the VNL. the rest is more or less the same as last year but Kolakovic just replaced some very young bench players with more experienced players. Fayyazi (Kubiak's new love interest) was the MVP of Iranian league last season, I'm more curious to see him in the NT.

    with hosting 2 weekends this time and have a very good schedule this year (not traveling to the American continent) Iran's goal this year is to qualify for the final six. everything looks good for that except one small detail. the team's technical level is not that good anymore :lol:

    Is Kubiak like Iran's biggest public enemy at this point? lmao

    lol I knew he had history with some Iran NT players but this one was interesting because I'm sure he didn't know these players before the tournament. I think he is always like that but the thing is Iranian players always react to these kind of provocation.

    Varamin's reserve libero (also their captain, grandpa Shirkavand) is a master of these kind of fights. when this started I was hoping someone just grab him with two hands ! but surprisingly he was nice today lol

    just to know what kind of animal he is. watch this…7%DB%8C%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%86

    After winning the Iranian league, Shahrdari Varamin just won the Asian Club Championships in a dramatic way. with a depleted squad they weren't really a favorite but still they came back from 2-0 down to beat a very strong Panasonic Panthers team with Kubiak and Shimizu.

    from their original squad, they had some injured players and also some players in the national team camp. Kolakovic only agreed to release their key player (and Iranian league MVP) Pourya Fayazi who joined the team only for the last 3 matches and played a huge role in the final. their last point in tie-break was a great service point from Fayazi, taking that from Kubiak . and Pezeshki's celebration (actually starring at Kubiak) started almost a fight after the match.

    here is a short clip of what happened after the match. that was interesting because Kubiak never played against these players (well except the preliminary round match between these teams) they were starring at each other the whole match and referee was very weak to handle the situation.

    Thanks Mosi, do you know who where the starters?

    those I wrote first, Pezeshki, Jalali, Keshavarzi, Fayyazi, Gholami, Mojarrad and Razavi for Varamin, Hosseini, Hosseinabadi, Zarrini, Gholizad, Shafiei, Babaei and Hazratpour for Saipa

    I already answered your private message but just for others in case


    S: Parviz Pezeshki, Hamid Hamoudi

    OP: Alireza Jalali, Mohammad Mohammadkazem

    OH: Pouria Fayyazi, Arash Keshavarzi, Arash Taghavi

    MB: Masoud Gholami, Ali Asghar Mojarrad, Mohammad Razipour

    L: Amin Razavi, Ahsanollah Shirkavand

    Coach: Rahman Mohammadirad


    S: Amir Hosseini, Amir Mohammad Falahatkhah

    OP: Javad Hosseinabadi, Reza Ghara

    OH: Hamzeh Zarrini, Mojtaba Gholizad, Behnam Hajipour

    MB: Ali Shafiei, Mehrdad Babaei, Amir Hossein Toukhteh

    L: Mohammad Hazratpour, Mostafa Heidari

    Coach: Peiman Akbari

    the next final will be on Sunday and Saipa can finish the job and wins the title for the first time ever (hard to believe an old club like Saipa never won that, they were close so many times)